Laravel vs Codeigniter, Which is Better PHP Framework?

Over time, though we realized that perhaps a PHP framework that is modern with a lot more flexibility in terms of a structured coding pattern with scope for applications that we deliver to perform better is required.

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework based on MVC architecture. The framework was created and maintained by Taylor Otwell since June 2011. The security feature of Laravel is prompt in taking appropriate action as and when there is a breach in security. The syntax patterns of Laravel are expressive and elegant. The reasons behind the rapid emergence of Laravel development are:

  • Modular packaging with composer

Most developers separate huge and complex web applications into various little modules to streamline and accelerate the development procedure. Laravel is planned with worked in seclusion highlights. It empowers developers to separate a task into little modules through the package. They can additionally reuse the modules over different activities. However, CodeIgniter isn’t outlined with worked in measured quality highlights. It requires CodeIgniter developers to make and keep up modules by utilizing Modular Extension moreover.

  • Eloquent ORM

Not at all like CodeIgniter, Laravel empowers developers to exploit Eloquent ORM. They can utilize the protest social mapper (ORM) framework to work with an assortment of databases all the more effectively by ActiveRecord execution. Persuasive ORM additionally enables clients to collaborate with databases specifically through the particular model of individual database tables. They can even utilize the model to achieve normal undertakings like embeddings new records and running database inquiries.

  • Database Scheme Development

Notwithstanding supporting numerous prominent databases, CodeIgniter does not give particular highlights to streamline database pattern relocation. Yet, the database skeptic relocations highlight gave by Laravel makes it less demanding for application developers to alter and share the database mapping of the application without composing complex code. The developer can additionally create a database outline of the application effortlessly by joining the database skeptic movement with the mapping manufacturer gave by Laravel.

  • Support of database

Both PHP systems bolster a variety of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Bi, and MongoDB. In any case, CodeIgniter, not at all like Laravel, furthermore bolsters various databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, orientdb, and JDBC good. Henceforth, CodeIgniter bolsters a higher number of databases that Laravel.

  • RESTFul state control over controller methods.

The RESTful Controllers gave by Laravel empowers Laravel developers to manufacture an assortment of REST APIs without putting additional time and exertion. They can just set the $restful property as valid in the RESTful Controller to manufacture custom REST APIs without composing extra code. Be that as it may, CodeIgniter does not give particular highlights to streamline development of REST APIs. The clients need to compose extra code to make custom REST APIs while creating web applications with CodeIgniter.

  • Unit testing support

Laravel scores over other PHP structures in the classification of unit testing. It empowers developers to check the application code altogether and persistently with PHPUnit. Notwithstanding being a broadly utilized unit testing apparatus, PHPUnit accompanies an assortment of out-of-box augmentations. In any case, CodeIgniter does not accompany any inherent unit testing apparatuses. Subsequently, software developers need to utilize extra unit testing devices to survey the nature of the application code amid the development procedure.

  • Community Support

Both Laravel and CodeIgniter are open source PHP structure. Every system is likewise bolstered by a substantial network. Yet, numerous web developers have expressed that individuals from the Laravel people group are more dynamic than individuals from CodeIgniter people group. The developers frequently think that it’s less demanding to profit from online help and incite arrangements while creating web applications with Laravel.


Comparison between Laravel and Codeigniter

Laravel vs Codeigniter, which is better?

This is the Google Trends report about Laravel and Codeigniter evolutions over the last year.

Ultimately, Laravel is a better framework than CodeIgniter majorly due to the coding pattern which is the most favored for its elegant look. Along with this, it also supports robust application development in no time.

Here are the Experts views on the Laravel vs Codeigniter:

1. Christiaan Huynen | Chief Executive Officer at DesignBro says:

Codeigniter is a better framework for 2022.Following are the features of Codeigniter:Codeigniter is lightweight.

  • It has a Controller-Based System.
  • Includes Full Featured database classes with long-term support.
  • Further database support with query builder
  • Form and Data Validation.
  • Security and XSS Filtering.
  • Session Management.

These are the benefits of Codeigniter:

  • It displays error messages without any extra hassle
  • It also offers custom website development
  • Enhanced security features that ensure reliability

Following are the features of Laravel:

  • It contains an in-built authentication system
  • Provides improved template engine for better construction of the website
  • The migration process of Laravel is highly secure
  • Unit testing is available in every version
  • Offers an authenticated library

These are the benefits of Laravel:

  • Laravel is easy to use and has a simple interface
  • It supports caching for the website to boost your website speed
  • Websites requests can be handled efficiently if you use Laravel

2. Aqsa Tabassam | Head of Growth & Outreach at Apps UK says:

Here are the benefits of Laravel:

  • It’s quick and simple. It has advanced security protocols. It’s incredible for traffic handling. It has numerous third-party integrations
  • The most impressive feature of Laravel is its MVC architecture support. This provides a faster development process as one programmer can work on the view while another manages the controller to create the business logic for a web application.

The benefits of Codeigniter are as follows:

  • Customizability Tremendous error handling capability user-friendly interfaceHassle-free migration
  • Codeigniter’s best feature is its ability to generate SEO-friendly URLs. Rather than using a standard query, the framework employs a segment-based approach. This provides developers a greater opportunity to attract more traffic.

Both frameworks are tremendous in their own right. Codeigniter is better for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, while Laravel is better for professionals due to its more advanced coding capabilities.3. Carl Panepinto | IT Specialist at CloudTech24 says:Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is based on MVC architecture. Laravel has an extensive security framework that has a proactive approach to breaches. Furthermore, it has a unique syntax pattern contributing to its hype. CodeIgniter has an open-source PHP, based on the MVC framework as well. It is a fast, reliable, and lightweight framework that allows you to develop web applications. The only thing that sets them apart is the elegant syntax structure of Laravel.Their benefits include the following:

  • Laravel allows the user to develop little modules of tasks and separates them from the main composer while this feature is not available in CodeIgniter
  • Laravel will enable users to exploit the ORM framework, allowing them to work with various databases
  • Laravel offers RESTful controllers that allow users to create REST APIs without significant time and effort. While CodeIgniter does not provide highlights such as these

Laravel is deemed better among the two frameworks due to its unique and elegant coding and thought-out design.4. Gary Taylor | CEO at Bookyourdata says:The benefits and features of Laravel are: Benefits:

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Advanced security features
  • Better web performance
  • More flexible
  • Reduced costs


  • MVC architecture support
  • Authorization for coding
  • Built-in lightweight templates
  • Secure migration system

The benefits and features of Codeigniter are:

  • Better error handling
  • Easier customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quicker development
  • Better SEO


  • MVC Pattern
  • Built-in libraries
  • Zip encoding class
  • Localization

Laravel vs Codeigniter: Which framework is good for 2022?Both PHP frameworks have their own set of benefits, but it really depends on the individual needs of the user that determine which framework proves to be better. Still, Laravel does prove to be better because of its advanced features.

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