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Know the Best Insights to Drive 150% Pre-leads for the GYM with Elsner!


We focused on making our clients visible in the digital world. Earlier, their brand lacked online presence people were not aware that this Gym would be launching soon in the market. Our team is focused on working on the current website and optimize it for a better user experience and brand awareness. 


Our client did not have an active website that was SEO-friendly and gave relevant information to the users. The Gym will be opening soon, and they wanted to spread the word about this launch using the digital world. Their targets were high and missed the essential strategies that would lead to brand awareness in the market. 


To begin with, we focused on improving the current website to provide smooth navigation and a user-friendly environment. The main challenge was that they wanted to rank using their brand keywords that never showed up earlier. This will increase their chances of gaining customers for their Gym through higher rankings. So, their main aim was to increase their online presence and brand awareness. 

How Elsner’s Strategies Made Strong Digital Footprint for GYM?

Some methods we have applied to enhance online presence by being professional SEO services providers are:

Search Engine Optimization is vital to increase brand exposure. This means search engines should be able to view your content and rank accordingly. Here are some techniques we used are:

  • Perform deep research of keywords in the industry. We looked at their competition and target audience to know how our client can make a difference. We found the informational keywords which will help you grow in the market.
  • Build content around the targeted keyword list. If anyone is looking for a Gym in that area, they will get to see the website on the first page of the search engines. 
  • We have added the content in the body, image titles, and headlines to ensure they get better rankings.


2. Maximize Organic traffic

We have tried different methods to increase the rankings of the website for the client. We have focused on improving the quality of content to connect with the users. Now when anyone searches “Gym in (Location),” “(Location) Gym,” and many such keywords, you will see our client’s Gym appear on the first page. seo-case-study-channel-acquisition

3. Content Marketing 

It is not limited to add keywords, but it gives a fantastic opportunity to express a story. People love to connect with brands that have a better presence on the SERPs. When you have potential, it will be displayed through the website. As being the best content marketing services, we already have gained registration for the customers before the Gym is opened in the market. Within a few time in the market, you can see we have made quite a big impression on the client.seo-case-study-search-console

4. Brand Recognition 

We know that simply having a brand is not enough. It is essential to maintain consistency for your customers and regular visitors. The more familiar your visitors will be with your brand, the more trust we will gain for the brand. Being experts in digital marketing services, we ensure that our client has received:

  • Customer recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Consistency
  • Brand Awareness
  • Attract Customers 
  • Credibility

We have successfully helped our client from having no online presence to getting members’ registration before the actual launch. You can see in the above image how drastically the website is growing after we took charge. 

5. Generate Leads and Better Conversions  

We have done SEO research to ensure that our client achieves better online visibility and gets potential leads. As experts, we know people won’t put effort into going past a few search engine result pages. We have focused on particular keywords and attained better rankings on each one of them on the search engines. This ensures that the gym has higher visibility and chances of converting potential customers. seo-case-study-leads-data

6. Being Informative and Relevant 

As industry experts, we know that you do not need to be a robot and give your platform a human touch for a better user experience. We have added categories like group training, timetable, personal trainers, and more for better information about the Gym. We paid attention to the way people interacted with the website and tracked the progress accordingly. 

What were the Outcomes? 

From having no existence in the market, we have brought them to ranking on the top for multiple keywords. Our client is now in the top ranks on the search engines. We have maintained this consistency and bringing customers regularly before the launch. We are still growing and so should your online platforms and increase brand awareness. Get hassle-free quotes and solutions for your queries. Reach us now!

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