How WooCommerce is Bringing an Effective Change in the Fashion Industry?


There are over 100,000 fashion brands globally, which brings a great challenge to grow in the fashion industry. Building a

new WooCommerce store should be affordable, SEO-friendly, and provide seamless features.

You might have heard this from the Black Hawk Down, 

It’s what you do right now that makes a difference!

So, this might be the right moment to invest in a reputed WooCommerce Development Companyto spark your ideas. The pressure grows to evolve your online presence, which can be difficult in some scenarios. 

Why is the Fashion Industry Investing in WooCommerce Development Company?

A fashion-based firm needs various techniques to stay strong around the glove and generate better returns. The business owner plans to open more and more stores to make themselves more accessible to the customers. The Internet has made the globe a smaller place. People now prefer a process that is easier, faster, and cost-effective. It helps the fashion industry to engage a global audience without investing any larger amounts. Developing a new fashion eCommerce storewill help to promote your business and sell products effortlessly. Some noticeable features of having a

WooCommerce Clothing store are:

  • It has a collection of open-source plugins and extensions which can be integrated as per your business requirements 
  • The platform allows building user-friendly stores without getting deep into the technical sector of development. 
  • Being in the digital world for a long, you get great assistance from WooCommerce company. 
  • It has a wide range of WooCommerce fashion themes, which helps to match your brand name and expectations.

Customers can make a successful purchase from their comfort places. Fashion businesses also showcase their products on multiple social media platforms through their

WooCommerce clothing store. The fashion e-commerce market is expected to grow by $672.71 Billion by 2023.  This might provoke you to make a strong online presence and target potential customers for your business. 

How to Start a New WooCommerce Store for the Fashion Industry?

Stepping into the digital world might sometimes be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. We will take a walk with you through the whole procedure to set up your online store with WooCommerce. Let us Go Through the Step-by-Step Procedure:

1. Choose a WooCommerce Fashion Theme and Customize your Website 

After you have finished the installation process of WordPress, redirect towards the dashboard and choose the perfect

WooCommerce fashion theme. Certain things you need to track while selecting a theme:

  • It must integrate with WooCommerce seamlessly. This will make the customization process easier and faster. The store has a great collection of storefront themes that might be specifically built for your services and products. 
  • Ensure that you select a WooCommerce fashion theme from the WordPress repository or a legitimate resource. Perform research and go through the reviews before selecting the theme. 
  • Sometimes people make mistakes and avoid checking the loading speed and hope to improve it later. But if you have chosen the theme that is already optimized for page load speed, you start on the right track. 
  • Make sure that the WooCommerce fashion theme is responsive to multiple mobile devices. This will help you to engage with more audiences and generate better rankings on the search engines. 
  • Some WordPress themes are SEO-friendly. Try to choose them to boost your performance on the Search Engine Result Pages. 
  • Build a checklist of features and functionalities you want to add to your new WooCommerce store. This helps to know the progress and keep track of your website development. 

Then click on Appearance > Customize. You will see settings that allow you to change colors, fonts, layouts, add custom CSS, and much more. You must have an ideal design beforehand to make your

new WooCommerce store website unique and attractive.

2. Select the Pages for your Website 

The number of pages might vary based on your audience and business targets. Some common pages that are used:

  • About Us: This section will include your story and goal behind engaging with this sector of fashion. 
  • Collection: You get a chance to display your products to the customers and gain their attention. This can be based on season, style, gender, and more. 
  • Fit Guide: This will describe the fitting of your items and how customers can measure to get the right product accordingly. 
  • Stores: Some business owners might want to sell products in retail locations. This page will have a collection of those stores, with a detailed description. 
  • FAQs: Provide answers to the customer queries to provide a better experience on your WooCommerce store.
  • Contact: Add a clear and concise method to let the audience reach you with minimal effort. 
  • Lookbook: This feature will show real-life people carrying your products and things they can be paired with. 
  • Policies: This section deals with the return policies, refund policies, exchange policies, and more to protect customer information. 

If you already have an online platform, then go through your web pages. Decode the information that is harder to find or missing from the website. This helps to provide a better customer experience.

3. Extend your Store Functionality 

Give a thought about what else your WooCommerce store needs to make it more engaging to the customers. Do you want to customize your store? What payment methods will you integrate to handle transactions for your WooCommerce store? How will you sell the products and services? 

  • Allow different vendors to sell their products on your platform and handle the commissions easily. Make your platform a multi vendor marketplace. 
  • Create, list, and assign product brands. Let the customer add brand filters to your products. 
  • Introduce subscription services and sell themed products. You need to have the best WooCommerce payment gateway to handle recurring payments.  
  • Make your visuals attractive and interactive for the visitors. This will help in decreasing the bounce rate and engage them for a longer interval. 
  • Add smart coupons or deals for the customers that are highly customizable for the users. 

4. Add Effective Product Descriptions on your WooCommerce Fashion Website 

Online platforms do not allow customers to touch or try your products, so it is vital to add the right product description. You can begin by considering the target audience and address what they will be missing. Mention the reasons that make them different from your competitors. Like if you have a

WooCommerce clothing store, it is necessary to define the product’s color, size, gender, and more features to the buyer. This convinces users to make a successful purchase from your new WooCommerce store and gain brand loyalty

To cut it short, do not just list your product features. Let them showcase your brand personality and benefits. This is the right opportunity to stand out from the crowd and positively impact the consumers. Some information you might want to add to the products are:

  • Does your product run true, large, or small to the size? It would be best if you worked on the fit guide for the customers to select the perfect size for the product. 
  • Suppose you add pictures of the model, then mention their height and what size of product they are wearing. This helps the customers to know the exact look of the product.
  • Always mention the materials used to build the product. This helps customers to know if they want to make a purchase. 

5. Select Engaging Product Images 

In the digital world, images are the only method to display your quality products. You might want to engage with the

WooCommerce Development Company to add a unique WooCommerce fashion theme that highlights your products. Make sure that you have an accurate representation of your products.

You might need to click pictures from a variety of angles for the customers. Focus on adding the front, back, side, and more angles applicable to your product. Also, add pairings of products, which makes it easier for the customers to purchase multiple products. 

6. Add a Blog Section 

Blogging has been in demand for marketing campaigns and gaining top ranks on the search engines. Your creative content pieces will be used in email marketing, digital advertisements, social media marketing, and many such things. This is also a great method to engage the customer on your WooCommerce platform. It will educate customers about your products and services. Maintaining consistency and high-quality content will help in making it SEO-friendly. You might want to work on the below content for your

new WooCommerce store:

  • Provide answers to the questions you get through social media, phone calls, or email 
  • Add content related to seasons and events, which will help customers to get the personalized experience
  • Capitalize on the recent trends and demands in the market. Various online tools are available to get your hands on such products and display them to your target audience. 
  • Research on the top bloggers in the fashion industry and use them for your inspiration. 
  • Add a section to share your story and events that take place
  • Engage with your audience on multiple social media platforms

7. Work on Search Engine Optimization 

Search engines focus on user experience, which means they want to display high-quality content. So, ensure that your website has quality content that is search engine friendly. Add the right keywords used in your niche and find the ones with lower competition but higher search volume. The main components of on-page optimization are:

  • Product or Page Title: This must include keywords naturally and make it compelling to the readers. It should convince people to click on the products and make a purchase.
  • Meta Descriptions: Make it short and informative. This is a snippet about your web page content, and this means it should be interesting and make the visitor curious to read more.
  • Alt Tags: These are methods that help search engines to read images. Avoid keyword stuffing, instead keep it simple and describe the image. 
  • URL: These must-have keywords and describes the clear picture. 

8. Focus on Marketing your WooCommerce Fashion Store

Now that you have completed building your WooCommerce store, it’s time to reach the target audience. There are different marketing strategies sin the market, but you need to apply the right one to see results. Some effective techniques you need to manage are:

  • Cart Abandonment Emails: Once you get notified, it will help you to reconnect with the visitors and solve the issue they have faced earlier while making a purchase. 
  • Social Media Marketing: You might want to focus on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profiles. As they are gaining the most traffic in the digital world. These can be a medium to share your products and achievements.  
  • Influencer Marketing: This is an endorsement of your products from a celebrity or social media influencer.
  • Giveaways: This helps to appreciate customer actions on your WooCommerce fashion store. It motivates them to make more purchases from you and enjoy the benefits. 

How to Make your WooCommerce Platform Effective Globally? 

Building an e-commerce store does not end your journey. It is crucial to keep growing in the market to generate revenue. There should not be any limits for targeting customer base in different cities, states, or countries. 

  • Multiple Language Support: You will be capable of reaching a wider audience by providing support to native languages. This helps your products directly talk with the customers. 
  • Interactive Infrastructure: There must be a smooth flow in the processes of your online store. You can focus on the WooCommerce fashion theme, which maintains security and reliability for the customers. 
  • Payment Gateways: There is an enormous number of payment gateways available in the WooCommerce store. Choose wisely to ensure they protect sensitive information and accept payments in multiple methods. 
  • Build International Contacts: Ensure that the process to connect with you is smooth and effortless globally. Make use of the website, social media, and newsletter to make important announcements about your business. 

You might want to look at the effective strategies that work for your WooCommerce store!

What are the Benefits of Having a WooCommerce Fashion Store?

Ease of Usage 

WooCommerce is an open-source platform that needs installation, management, updates, and optimization to run a business successfully. It needs a certain level of skills and knowledge to make an effective website with WooCommerce. 

Access to themes 

Choosing a

WooCommerce fashion theme can be a struggle, as it needs to be unique and represent your brand in the market. Your theme must have stunning design and performance to increase your brand value. 

E-Commerce features support

The WooCommerce inventory management feature will help in monitoring and tracking your store inventory. It gives you the freedom to remove, add, and manage products. The WooCommerce Shipping helps mark the Flat rate shipping, local pickup, and free shipping features for your store. 

WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions 

WooCommerce Plugins focus on improving the website’s functionality and features. WooCommerce has over 400 plugins in store, which makes the developer’s journey easier. You can reach efficient developers to integrate the best plugins and increase the conversion rate. There are multiple plugins to boost your online sales in WooCommerce

Drop-shipping Support

This platform is the best to run a drop-shipping business as:

  • You need to pay for a domain name, hosting, add-ons, and themes. 
  • Being an open-source platform, you get full control over customization and make your platform user-friendly. 
  • It offers great flexibility from development to managing the online platform. 


This plays a significant role in the way your platform appears in the search results. Gaining top ranks makes it easier for people to surf through your products. This will also boost your conversion rates and profit margin. WooCommerce has built-in features which will optimize your web pages as per search engines. Finally, to make your website complete and ready for search engines, make sure to pick a good WooCommerce hosting and implement it into your eCommerce strategy.


There are high chances of security threats in this hustle and bustle of introducing a new WooCommerce fashion store. Always select a host and domain that have great security measures. WooCommerce supports two-step authentication, which keeps the data safe. 

Final Outcomes!

You got to know some best insights of developing a WooCommerce fashion store and how it can benefit your business. There is a lot more, as the fashion industry and customer demands are always evolving. Want to have the best features and functionalities on your WooCommerce store? Well, we have all the resources, strategies, and solutions with us! Reach us now! And never miss a single thing when it comes to running a WooCommerce store.

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