Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways Plugins for Your Store

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What is WooCommerce Plugins Development?

Want to move your WordPress website to the next level and start selling? Well, WooCommerce is a plugin that makes your website into a fully functional e-commerce store in just a few clicks. It has hundreds of functionalities available at free cost in the WooCommerce Plugin repository or WordPress dashboard. This is designed to make everything easy and so whether its installation, setup, or integration everything just needs simple steps.

Why do we need WooCommerce Payment Plugins?

Wouldn’t it be a difficult task if an e-commerce site provided a limited number of options for payments? But nothing to worry about using a WooCommerce plugin there are tons of free and paid WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugins. It takes care of different modes of transactions using various methods of payments.

Handling an online store means giving efforts to make each task easier to access. The visitors won’t be interested much if your e-commerce site could not provide the payment methods they want. They would be relaxed if your store provided choices and easy options for payment.

Let’s See the Top WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins

1) Offline Credit Card Payment Method for WooCommerce

Offline Credit Card Payment

Want a secure platform to save details and use it afterward? This WooCommerce Plugin allows users to store their card details on your e-commerce store and process it manually. Below are this WooCommerce Payment Gateway features:


  • Accepts various cards like Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club, American Express.
  • Data is saved securely with encryption and decryption
  • Validate Card details
  • Checks are SSL is enabled
  • Automatically detects the type of card

All you need is a secure transaction method for the users. This provides them with the effortless method of payment, where the details are entered securely can be used whenever the user wants.

2) e-path Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

E-Path Payment

A basic MOTO merchant account is required for the e-path payment processes. The e-path service charges a certain amount depending on individual circumstances. The charge on the MOTO merchant can be lower than the online merchant account. Moreover, this WooCommerce Plugin takes annual charges, not on single transactions.


  • A secure method for payment
  • SSL certificate is not required for the merchant website.
  • A unique transaction ID can be saved and used for future transactions.
  • All card details are handled by PCI compliant.
  • Accepts major credit and debit cards.

Online e-commerce store owners are benefited by the new level of security and protection with this method of transaction. E-path payment gateway is a safe method to avoid online card thefts.

3) Ingenico (Ogone Platform) – WooCommerce

Ingenico WooCmmerce Img

With Ingenico (Ogone platform) the transaction is done on Ingenico’s secured server. This means that your e-commerce website won’t be handling any sensitive data if you using this WooCommerce Plugin.


  • Refunds are processed in the WooCommerce admin panel
  • Usage of Dynamic templates
  • Stores sensitive API details on different database
  • Secure Customer’s transaction details
  • The transaction ID can be used for a future transaction

Providing customer satisfaction by accepting international and local methods of payments. The Ingenico (Ogone Platform) is committed to providing preferable transaction modes for the customers.

4) GoCardless Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This stands out because of its transparent pricing, no charge for the application process, and no fee for setup. The GoCardless Payment gateways allow customers to pay with their bank accounts. The customer is required to enter bank details on a secure payment page hosted by GoCardless.


  • Transparent charges
  • Supports GoCardless pro and plus
  • Provides support for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  • No API integration required
  • Secured mode of transaction

Create a GoCardless account in your WooCommerce plugin or connect to an existing account and you are ready to go. During the checkout process safely navigate to the Customer’s bank account and return to your website after the transaction is completed.

5) MyGate Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

MyGate Payment

This WooCommerce payment gateway Plugin provides a web console that handles all the transactions that are done by credit card gateway. MyGate payment gateway allows merchants to accept credit card payments online.


  • Trusted and safe mode of payment
  • Payments can be done using various credit and debit cards
  • The unique transaction ID can be used for future transactions
  • Easy to install
  • Payments can be accepted globally by merchants

This payment gateway enables customers to complete the transaction without leaving the domain. MyGate makes it simple to accept and manage a wide range of transactions.

6) Checkout.fi (Finland) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Checkout.fi Payment

This WooCommerce payment gateway allows customers to complete their transactions using credit cards or directly from bank accounts. It is suitable for small business and large traders.


  • Enables the use of credit cards and bank accounts through your site.
  • A reliable and affordable method of payment
  • Safe mode of transaction
  • No contracts or different accounts for each of your bank account
  • In some cases, the minimum and maximum amount can be applied for payments

Avoid redirection to other websites for payments and take an easy way to check out your products. It helps with automatic refunds using easy steps.

7) FirstData Payeezy Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

First Data Payeezy Payment

Starting a new business or increasing the scope of your business? FirstData Payeezy payment gateway is PCI compliant and integrates the transaction procedure to your website.


  • Safe and secured transactions online
  • A merchant account and SSL certificate keeps your data safe
  • Your sensitive details are stored in FirstData server
  • Admins and Merchants can handle their transactions in the admin panel
  • Transactions can be configured

Use Payeezy woo-commerce Payment Gateway, legacy Global Gateway, or Payeezy payment services provided by FirstData. It provides a quicker and easy method of checkout.

8) WooCommerce NAB Transact Payment Gateway

NAB Transact Payment

This method gives you hands-on experience and gives the easiest method for the checkout process. This extension uses NAB transact for credit card processing.


  • Customers can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, Diners Club, and JCB.
  • Subscription functionality available
  • Get full or partial refunds
  •  Offers risk management
  • Supports Direct Post and XML API integration
  • Trusted SSL certificate

Just get your merchant ID or EPS merchant or transaction ID and password, that’s all you require to start with your payments using NAB transact payment gateway. Keeping the data safe by storing it using tokens.

9) Elavon Converge Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Elavon Converge Payment

Each customer needs a hassle-free method of payment, with this WooCommerce payment gateway the customer never leaves your site.


  • Cards can be saved for future transactions
  • Multi Currency support by Elavon
  • Captures payment
  • Easy refunds
  • SSL certificate to protect sensitive details

All you need is a Merchant Account ID and a user ID for the integration of Elavon Converge. This WooCommerce payment gateway allows the customers to do the transaction through credit cards directly.

10) MobiKwik (Zaakpay) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

MobiKwik (Zaakpay) Payment

A customized gateway for your online business store. Customers are redirected to a mobile-friendly hosted page by MobiKwik.


  • Payments can be done by UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and wallets.
  • EMI payment schemes are available for major banks.
  • It’s a PCI DSS certified payment gateway.
  •  Lets faster checkout from the vault
  • Adapts your industry and sales volume

Easy integration and experience for the customers with international banking cards. This WooCommerce plugin is a customized payment gateway that provides a unique transaction ID for future transactions.

11) Network Merchants Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Network Merchant Inc. (NMI) is a WordPress plugin that allows WooCommerce to accept credit card payments while keeping the details safe. It offers businesses to process online payment in real-time anywhere.


  • Easily add a custom title and description for the gateway.
  • Refunds can be processed from the edit order page
  • Asks for the CVV code for authentication.
  • No redirection to outside pages is required for payment.
  • SSL certification required
  • Subscribe and Pre-Orders are supported

This WooCommerce plugin gives various options for payments like e-Checks, saved cards, credit cards with secured card processing. WooCommerce powered WordPress website provides a user-friendly method to perform transactions.

12) Paytm Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Paytm Payment

This WooCommerce payment gateway plugin offers the customer using UPI, Debit and Credit cards, Paytm wallet, and more than 50 Net Banking options.


  • Fast Bank account access
  • Secured mode of payment
  • Checkout using saved cards
  • Business growth can be tracked
  • Automatic refunds can be done

A customized WooCommerce payment gateway that can be integrated into your e-commerce store. It can increase sales volume and adapt to market trends. The Paytm payment gateway plugin redirects the customer to a Paytm hosted page for the transactions.

13) PayTrace Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Paytrace Payment

The payment processing company offers you an efficient means of online payments. It gives you control over the look and feel of the checkout process, which helps in giving your customers a good experience.


  • Pre-Order product payments
  • Encryption is done to the sensitive data
  • Order refunds can be initiated automatically
  • Credit or debit card and eCheck(ACH) payments available
  • Reuse your stored card details during future orders
  • Managed stored details where you can add, delete, and make default payment methods.

This WooCommerce plugin requires an SSL certificate to keep your customer’s details safe and secured. It connects WooCommerce website to PayTrace card processing services to make the process easy and fast.

14) WooCommerce SecurePay Payment Gateway

Woocommerce Securepay Payment Gateway

A quick process for credit card payment can be done using SecurePay payment gateway. The payments are done on your e-commerce store and not indulging in any third-party sites for the process.


  • Not leaving your e-commerce store for payments
  • Payments are done using SecurePay XML API
  • Open Source software
  • Quickest gateway to set up and integrate.
  • Provides easy refunds

It is a popular payment gateway where everything takes place on your website. The SecurePay provides an effortless mode of transactions for the website and its customers.

15) JUSPAY Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


This WooCommerce plugin enables instant and secure transaction of money between the customer and sellers. The customers with a JUSPAY account can access to all the supported payment methods available on the site.


  • PCI DSS compliant stores cards with safety
  • Easy and fast integration
  • Reliable design to handle traffic
  • Real-time insights available
  • Flexible API to create custom interfaces

Customers need to have JUSHPAY’s Merchant ID and API key for online payments. This WooCommerce plugin performs basic data validation before submission to JUSHPAY to make your data valid and secure.

16) WooCommerce Pesapal Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Pesapal Payment Gateway

A handy payment gateway to do payments through your e-wallets, visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, and mobile wallets. It supports wallets like Airtel Money, mVisa, M-Pesa, and many more.


  • Supports different e-wallets
  • Can be accessed through various countries
  • Sets a default currency as per customers location
  • Instant payments
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Gives transactions log

It extends the WooCommerce payment gateway to enable the usage of e-wallets through the Pesapal payment gateway. It’s a perfect solution for an e-commerce business to accept mobile, online, or in-store payments.

17) WooCommerce Cardstream Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Cardstream Payment Gateway

This WooCommerce payment gateway is focusing on end-to-end white level payment to modular solutions. It is an independent provider for solutions for payments.


  • Independent Payment Gateway
  • White label where partners can rebrand the transaction platform completely.
  • A secure cloud payment platform
  • Integration is easy using API and SKD’s.
  • Provides a global network.

With the WooCommerce Cardstream payment gateway plugin, own the journey with a customized payment platform.

18) WooCommerce PayPal Payments Pro Payment Gateway


Accept credit card payments directly to your eCommerce store. It gives full control of the checkout process from start to end.


  • Checkout process on-site
  • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal payments
  • Charges and transaction fees are affordable
  • No extra hidden charges
  • Cancellation fee is not charged
  • Measures to prevent frauds are taken

The WooCommerce PayPal payments pro payment gateway helps in managing the business and measures the sales regularly. The online reports generated help you to track the growth of your business.

19) WooCommerce Payplug Payment Gateway


This WooCommerce payment gateway allows credit card payments to be completed on their third-party site to complete the transaction.


  • Easy Customization available
  • Validation of data before submitting to Payplug
  • Unique Payplug ID for future transactions
  • It has Payplug refund policy
  • Flexibility in doing payments online

The WooCommerce Payplug payment gateway plugin makes your credit card payments more fluid. Be it subscription, payments, bank transfers, security, or set up this gateway eases it all.

20) PayFast Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


The PayFast payment gateway gives you options to make deposits, order ahead, or make payments weekly, monthly, and annually.


  • Subscriptions option available
  • Deposits and Pre-Orders can be done
  • It provides a secure server handled by PayFast
  • Auto-Fill option if the customer details are saved earlier
  • You can use is internet banking, cash, or credit card securely

Use a flexible WooCommerce payment gateway plugin in your e-commerce store. You don’t require an SSL certificate for the transaction as it is done on PayFast secure server.

21) Westpac (PayWay Classic API) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Westpac Payment Gateway

This WooCommerce payment gateway has a digital key to secure your online payments. It supports major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.


  • PCI compliance ensures that customer data is not on your e-commerce store
  • Stores sensitive data using tokens
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Multiple payment channels available
  • Convenient for customers
  • Cash flow is improved

With all these features it ensures a fraud-free server and analyses the business trends. Get a faster way to complete your online payments.

22) PayMill Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


One of the popular payment gateway extensions used for online payments on your e-commerce store.


  • Easy to set up
  • Accepts MasterCard and Visa payments
  • No registration fee for the account
  • No monthly charges for PayMill account
  • Complete transaction without leaving the e-commerce store
  • Supports refund API
  • Easy to track all the funds and orders from the dashboard.

PayMill for WooCommerce is a payment plugin that lets you accept credit payments from your website. Why rush into other third-party platforms just integrate PayMill Payment Gateway.

23) WorldPay WooCommerce Payment Gateway

payment woocommerse

Want to have a platform where payments can be done anywhere and on any device? Well, the WorldPay WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin provides a solution to this.


  • Everything is done onsite
  • Transactions are hosted on a secured payment page
  • No SSL certificate is required
  • Payments can be done by all major credit and debit cards
  • 3D secured transaction
  • Stores payment details for future usage

With all these features it offers a stable platform to the owner and the buyer to perform actions on the WooCommerce websites. Easy to manage orders, refunds, and payments.

24) eWay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

eWay Payment Gateway

The customer is just required to add the card details and the rest is handled by eWay. It uses a merchant hosted setup and provides a secure purchase on your WooCommerce website development.


  • SSL certificate required to keep sensitive data safe
  • Has WooCommerce subscriptions
  • Supports Refund API
  • Includes token payments
  • Offers order management
  • PCI compliant

The use of DNS technology to ensure that it selects the correct country of the buyer. A secure and safe mode for online payments with many more features.

25) WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway


This woocommerce payment gateway plugin offers to pay and receive money through the Adyen account. It supports a wide range of payment methods with different currencies.


  • Payments can be done globally in your store
  • Accepts payments of all kinds including credit and debit cards
  • Automatically inventory updates
  • Refunds can be processed easily
  • Certified Module
  • Increased security

When you integrate WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway in your online store, it provides you the guarantee of security, compatibility, and functionality. And with access to reach globally it brings more traffic to your e-commerce store.

26) Conekta Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


This WooCommerce payment gateway makes it easy to accept payments through the card, bank transfer, or cash.  A personalized experience for the buyer gives it more attention in the market.


  • Sensitive data is saved using the token
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Save your card details for future
  • Cash payments in real-time
  • Manages order status automatically
  • Notifies updates through Email

The Conekta Payment gateway removes the hassle for online payments and provides you an easy and fast registration process.

27) ANZ eGate Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Want an easy and convenient method for online payments? ANZ eGate payment gateway accepts and processes your credit card payments securely. It is easily integrated into your WooCommerce website.


  • On-site card processing
  • Refunds can be initiated easily
  • SSL certificate required
  • Accepts major cards
  • Uses tokenization
  • Easy customization and integration

The plugin supports Merchant Hosted (2-Party) and Bank Hosted (3-Party) which gives control over the experience of the transactions.

28) Moneris Direct Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Why limit your WooCommerce store payment methods? The Moneris Direct Payment gateway offers 3 billion credit and debit card transactions per year. It increases the quality of service in your e-commerce store


  • Currency available based on merchant account
  • Processes refunds in the WooCommerce website
  • Secures data using hosted tokenization
  • Mobile friendly process
  • Customer can add saved payment methods
  • Verification of cards to avoid frauds
  • Supports WooCommerce subscriptions and refunds

The SSL certificate is required for high security and keeping sensitive data safe. With so many functionalities integrated into the Moneris Direct payment gateway, online payments are more easy and secure.

29) Monetico Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


By integrating Monetico Payment Gateway you gain additional software license and support services. The payment can be processed directly from the administration interface.


  • Supports Capturing
  • Cancellation can be done
  • Refunds are made easy
  • Compatible and secure
  • Manage transactions through your e-commerce store
  • Unlimited time license for a single-store

It is a classic package that is customizable and easy to use. It adapts to your industry and sales volumes which brings more traffic to your store.

30) Moneris Hosted Paypage Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Moneris Hosted Paypage Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

It allows your WooCommerce platform to accept payments through Moneris Hosted Pay Page. It redirects the user to a payment page for payment and returns to Merchant’s store after the completion.


  • Accepts payment in Canadian dollars and US dollars
  • Payments can be done by credit and debit cards
  • Sensitive data is handled by Moneris
  • Robust API available
  • Available with fraud protection
  • Recurring payments

These features make it highly flexible and customizable, which makes it more reliable for customers. Get a wide variety of integration options with Moneris Payment Gateway.

What do WooCommerce Plugins provide?

There are various reasons to opt for WooCommerce plugins, some of them are:

Data Control

Using a third-party platform for your business is always a risk, where you can lose your data. WooCommerce makes you in charge of data. The data consists of customer details, store data, product details, and purchases. All these are kept under your control and can easily access data whenever you want.

Features for Shopping Cart 

The plugin comes with a full package from customers viewing a product to the checkout. It consists of features like:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Geo-location and taxes
  • Customized Checkout process
  • Default currency as per customer
  • Redirection to cart once the product is added

Control on Products 

WooCommerce gives the freedom to add products, bulk products, and variants of products. The user can do the following actions on the products:

  • You can add unlimited products that can be constrained by the hosting solution.
  • The products can be e-books, simple, grouped, virtual, or stocks of products. Each one of them can be added to your online store.
  • The products can be of various size, shape, color, and cost depending on the availability of it.
  • The admin has control over stocks, email notification, and what to display to the buyer.

Easy Shipping  

A shipping process should use minimal efforts of both the seller and buyer. Shipping can be selected out of local or international shipping and local pickup. Hide or display the shipping rates to the consumer.

Tax Management 

The admin can add custom tax rates depending on location, products, and shipping type.

Marketing and SEO tools 

The WooCommerce is a plugin that runs on WordPress which makes it a significant plugin for SEO boosting. Marketing can be done by providing discounts and promo codes. Necessities can be taken care of by keeping a note of the reviews provided by the consumers.

Updated System 

WooCommerce Plugin lets you view traffic, order status, reports of your net sale and gross, track growth, latest trends in sales.

Customer Management 

Using this plugin, you can auto-generate usernames and passwords from the visitor’s email address. This makes it easy to reach out to more people without consuming much of their time.

All these benefits are a backbone for your online business. These can save time and give results effortlessly.

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