How To Enhance User Engagement With A Whatsapp Bot?


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming the next popular thing in the market as people are being used to get instant solutions. Businesses constantly seek innovative methods to engage the audience and bring better returns.

Around 80% of small businesses are improving their customer services with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp bot has brought an easier method to generate qualified leads and deal with potential users hassle-free. But how do you make the right investment in this? How will ecommerce development services make your approach unique from the competitors?

We will focus on the strategies that will help you increase user engagement through WhatsApp bots.

What Is A Whatsapp Bot?

The aim is to generate leads and connect with users in real time through automated conversational experience through direct messaging. A rule-based or NLP (Natural Language Processing) can give a more human conversational effect.

There is a WhatsApp business APO that allows businesses to take advantage of the platform and more business-friendly features. Reviewing the WhatsApp commerce policy to ensure you are not breaching any rules in setting up a business on WhatsApp is essential.

How To Create Your Whatsapp Bot?

Choose the right platform

When creating a chatbot, you have two options, either coding or using a powerful platform without coding. There are already implemented chatbots that help you deal with all industries and use cases to reduce your time to market. 

Pre-Requisites for deploying

  • Get access to WhatsApp Business API, which will be provided through their partners.
  • It is important to have a verified business on Facebook
  • It is important to register through a phone number for your WhatsApp business phone number
  • WhatsApp will call on this number to confirm and activate it for the WhatsApp business account.

Configure WhatsApp

Add your WhatsApp business number, then generate your WhatsApp API key. Save the changes.

Test your Chatbot

Once you have entered all the details and are ready to test the WhatsApp chatbot, you can access the HTML code added to the website and create a WhatsApp bot widget. You can also generate a QR code and click to chat option to share with others and connect easily.

How To Use A Whatsapp Bot To Boost User Engagement For Your Business?

Multi-Channel Support

When planning to reach more customers, it is important to offer Omni channel support for ease of access. The AI-based WhatsApp chatbot can boost your presence without investing any costs. Customers are getting solutions to their queries without any delays. It increases user engagement by delivering a seamless customer experience through contextual conversations. 

Automating customer services

If you plan to boost brand loyalty, this method ensures that you connect with the customers with the right prompts and they are not on hold for longer. Here, you might want to hire ecommerce developers as automation comes a long way to handling customers without relying on any human support.

Personalized Selling

Making a presence on WhatsApp means you do not have to present everything available on the website or application. It is all about making the service personalized and engaging with seamless customer support. It is easier to understand the users by reading the previous conversations.

Marketing and Promotions 

Many businesses have a database that has users’ phone numbers, so using a WhatsApp bot, the company can easily market your business to unlimited numbers through a direct message. Using bot messages can help you automate conversations. No convincing is required to let the user visit a website, and there is less chance of users losing interest due to slow responses. 

Lead qualification process

Earlier customers had to collect information manually, which was time-consuming. With the right tools, users get personalized and engaging text to reach your business. Chatbots have become tools for lead qualification as they can nurture the leads with their ease of availability. They can understand the context of the purchase journey while enhancing the chances of sales. With the help of contextual conversations, customers feel more connected and engage for longer intervals.

Post-Sale Support 

When people connect with your brand to make the final purchase decisions, offering after-sales experience is important to boost customer retention and loyalty. Many

ecommerce development services help to strategize your approach by sending reminders to the customers, recommending several products or services, connecting on varied channels, and collecting feedback for improvements.

What Are The Best Practices For Using Whatsapp Chatbot?

Being available across 180 different countries with 20+ different languages, it brings a great opportunity to engage with the audience globally. Here are some best practices that will help you take the right approach to scaling your business:

  • Valuable Information: Being an automated process, avoiding this pitfall and sharing only valuable and relevant information is important. It is highly recommended to use it for offering personalized recommendations, exclusive offers, and communicating essential product updates. 
  • Experience Personalization: Businesses can consume customer information to tailor the communication according to their preferences. Use variables to monitor data in real time and use it during the conversation. Showcase that you are paying attention to make them feel your professionalism. 
  • Interactive elements: Regarding engagement, the chatbot should not just carry a message or ask for personal information. Adding some interactive elements like button, poll, and more is important to keep them engaged until the end of the conversation.
  • Privacy Support: Businesses should never start messaging people, as WhatsApp is a private space. Never flooded with any messages, so respect their privacy. Ensure you are not spamming them, as it will likely lead to unsubscribing from the channel.

How To Measure User Engagement?

It is essential to understand that there will always be a scope to improve engagement with your target audience. Some of the metrics that you must consider are:

  • Open Rate: This deals with the number of users who will open the messages when you send them through your WhatsApp channel. 
  • Conversion Rate: When you use WhatsApp channels for lead generation or sales, it is important to monitor the conversion rate to know the success of your channel. 
  • Response Rate: It is important to track the response rate of the messages sent to check the scope of returns. If it consumes too much time to respond, it’s time to change your approach.

Wrapping It Up!

A WhatsApp chatbot is a powerful tool for businesses trying to reach their customers efficiently and get instant results. It is important to balance the number of texts and type of conversation as it might result in spamming your customers.

With the right strategies from industry experts in ecommerce development services, you can drive better engagement, increase customer support, and build a stronger brand reputation.

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