How to Design Eye-Catchy Gift Cards for Your E-commerce Store?


After starting an e-commerce business, engaging your customers and investing in strategies that bring returns is important. Have you explored the gift card segment for your business? Why are people relying on custom gift cards to engage audiences for longer?

Did you know that gift cards are expected to grow around $315.3 billion by 2027? In this content piece, we will help you strategise your approach to using gift cards in the e-commerce business.

What Are Gift Cards?

This is a card that might be considered as an online voucher that will help you buy or gift to someone to buy something. It gives freedom to the receiver to make a successful purchase on an e-commerce store hassle-free.

With minimal risk and investments, gift cards help to boost brand awareness and boost customer sales efficiently. This is an e-commerce solution that brings benefits to your online store and customers. They are often bought as a gift for relatives or friends, allowing them to choose something from the store per their requirements.

Also, in some cases, a code is generated that can be shared with other users to claim the specific offer. This makes it easier for the users to place an order from your e-commerce store and utilize the gift card perfectly.

What Is The Process Of Purchasing A Gift Card?

  • Some e-commerce stores let customers customize their gift cards for birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, festivals, and more. So, customers can choose the look of the gift card. 
  • Then add the amount, coupon, or services they want to access using the gift card. 
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Then the e-commerce store will process the order through mail or physically send the gift cards to the customers.
  • The receiver can use the gift card hassle-free and get its benefits.

How To Customize Gift Cards For Your E-commerce Business?

You must follow a simple process to create a gift card for your online store. Let’s explore it in detail:

Email Marketing List

If you have an emailing list, focus on investing some time in it, as they are easier to engage. You can utilize various opportunities like special holiday seasons or other festivities to attract them to your store. Mail is one thing that users access daily, and it might be easier to grab their attention.Gift Cards Market Value

Loyalty Programs

Business needs to gain customer loyalty through different strategies in their business. Many retailers customize gift cards seasonally and offer specific discounts to users. Such incentives encourage customers to spend more and invest in gift cards for future purchases.

Brand Awareness

It is an excellent opportunity to let the audience know about your brand. There are chances that users might have heard, and when you are dealing with ecommerce development services you can easily integrate custom gift cards to make their journey rememberable.

How To Create A Gift Card Program?

This might be a simple process, but there are multiple things that you, as a business owner, must consider to get effective solutions. Here are some things you need to focus on:

1. What will be your Gift card system?

Many Point-Of-Sale systems provide gift card integration with tracking, which includes redemption history, sales, and more. It is important to have a POS system that offers the following:

  • Redemption reports
  • Outstanding balance or offers
  • Transaction details 

Business owners can also create digital gift cards and share discount codes, barcodes, or other access methods. 

2. What is the program?

Gift cards come as closed-loop cards that can be used at a specific store, while open-loop cards are utilized at multiple locations. Most gift cards help gain customer loyalty by offering easy access to discounts, offers, or memberships for your e-commerce business.Working through a merchant bank might be an affordable way to start the gift card program requiring minimal investments. Closed loop card payments might use:

  • Credit Card: This is applied through the business to control credit limits, spending perks, and powers. 
  • Debit Card: It is issued with a prepaid balance that might be linked to a separate account. 

3. Customize your gift cards

After activating the gift card feature in your e-commerce store, it is important to customize them per your brand reputation. You know that over 42% of customers purchase a physical gift at least once in three months. This brings a great chance to reach them.

Select the right material, colors, and eye-catchy features for your card. This will help you make a strong impression in the market. 

4. Define detailed guidelines

All gift cards must follow the standards of the local and national laws. This process ensures that your business is abiding by the rules and easily gain trust from the customers. Ensure that if you hire ecommerce developers, they know the policies and the detailed process of gift cards to make your journey easier.

5. Start promotions

Once your design and features for the gift cards are finalized, it is time to sell them, and you can follow some of the below tips:

  • Ensure unique packaging that easily represents your brand and delivers a unique customer experience. 
  • Use social media channels to showcase the features and benefits of your gift cards.
  • Try the cross-selling strategies to promote and inform customers more about the benefits of investing in your gift cards. 
  • Advertise more about the cards during the festive and holiday season as customers eagerly seek discounts, offers, or custom gifts. 

What Are The Different Design Themes For Your Business Gift Cards?

Holiday Theme

You might be familiar with this approach as most e-commerce businesses provide custom looks based on the holiday season approaching. You must be in the market whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year.

Try sending e-gift cards to your email list. That will make it easier to access and redeem them directly from there. When you design e-gift cards, it is important to be highly creative and keep your palette inspired by the holiday theme that’s approaching.

Modern E-Gift Cards

It is a good investment in minimal and simple designs for your gift cards. There are already gift cards that have minimal creativity and texts. Creating a modern digital card that will make customers familiar with your brand is becoming popular.

These can be easily shared through email templates, messages, or links. It will also generate interest and curiosity among the customers.

Bold Prints

This might be a great idea when you want to stand out in the market, as bold designs easily grab the attention of the receiver or buyers. It can be elaborated print or even include illustrations as per your convenience. There are unique designs already in the industry, and you can use them as a sample to clearly bring out your business idea.

Wrapping it up!

With the increased demand for ecommerce development services, you can make a difference by offering personalized gift cards that highlight your brand value. You might need to connect with experts to build the right strategy for your business, we will help you curate a custom gift cards for your business. Just maintain a perfect balance between the colors, text, and features to engage the customers.

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