How To Handle Customer Support For Your Ecommerce Business Effectively?


In today’s digitalized world, providing seamless and exceptional customer support is crucial in every business. Especially in ecommerce, customers have various queries and require support to resolve them.

According to Nextiva, around 96% of consumers say customer service directly represents brand loyalty.

So businesses must keep their support service more effective and responsive to ensure brand loyalty and drive conversions. However, it’s becoming a big challenge to provide excellent support to a large base of customers.

So if your ecommerce business also faces this challenge and needs help to set up exceptional support, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we will explore some best practices to build excellent customer service effectively and get your business to grow with higher customer satisfaction and conversions.

So let’s dive in!

What Is Ecommerce Customer Support Service?

E-commerce support is a service that businesses provide and help customers with their queries by resolving their issues.

Its support system builds multiple channel options to let customers reach the business as per their suitable medium.

Customer service plays a major role in business success. If your ecommerce business has a great support team, it builds loyal customers, higher conversions and growing brand value.

On the other hand, having a bad support team can lead to a brand’s bad reputation, lower sales, and overall business downfall.

Here are some recent stats about customer service:

  • According to Microsoft, 95% of consumers said customer service is important for brand loyalty.
  • 84% of customers say that customer service helps them to make buying decisions.
  • 68% of customers are ready to buy products/services from those companies which provide excellent customer service.

With all these stats, it clearly shows the importance of having excellent customer service in your business.

That’s why it’s important for e-commerce businesses to build a great support team that helps customers to resolve their queries immediately.

The best customer service gives a quick response, provides the best possible solutions, and makes the process of reaching out to your support team easier.

7 Best Practices For Building Effective Ecommerce Customer Support Service

Ecommerce support service is more than just resolving customers’ queries. It builds the overall company’s reputation, increases sales, builds loyal customers and long-period customer association. So Investing in building an effective support system can bring numerous benefits.

Here are seven best practices to build an effective customer support service:

1. Offer Multi-channel Support

It’s essential to have a multi-channel option for customers to communicate with your support team. It includes email, phone, live chat and social media platforms. So that customers can choose any medium to communicate as per their suitability.

By offering multiple ways to support customers, the reach-out process of customers to your brand becomes easier. It shows the brand’s commitment to helping customers and resolving their queries.

So it makes the reach-out process easier and more convenient for customers, leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

2. Build a Great Support Team

No matter how best technologies are implemented to make the customer journey smoother while reaching customer support. In the end, the support team plays a crucial role in handling and resolving customers’ queries.

So it’s important to build a strong support team that helps customers most effectively.

To build a strong support team here are some key considerations for building an exceptional support team:

  • Hiring the Right Individuals: The first step to building a strong support team is hiring the right Individuals. You need to look for those candidates who are skillful, excellent in communication, pass the tests and have a customer-centric mindset. By passing a set bar, you’ve already filtered some skillful and good candidates for your support team.
  • Training and Upskilling: Once you’ve shortlisted some best candidates, it’s important to give them the training to prepare them for real-world experience in dealing with customers.
  • System and Processes: It’s essential to build a framework in your team to implement processes effectively and give customers the best experience.
  • Tools: Leveraging the power of technology will always be beneficial. Using customer support tools can help you track performance and optimize with data.

3. Add a Personalized Touch

Personalization plays a crucial role in today’s world if you want to stand out in your brand and build loyal customers. You need to build a great support team that gives a personalized touch to customers while resolving their queries.

There are very small things that can change the conversation and make it personalized, such as addressing their name, listening to their queries carefully, referring to their previous order history and providing the most relevant and best possible solutions that satisfy them.

By addressing a personalization touch, customers feel more friendly and happily share their queries with patience. It builds a good image for your brand and becomes a loyal customer.

4. Enable a Self-Service Option

According to statistics, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to agents. Customers nowadays prefer to solve their queries via websites, apps, videos, or blogs. Among all the self-service options, customers mostly preferred the knowledge base option to resolve their queries.

So it’s important to build multiple self-service options and ensure these ways provide easy navigation to solve customers’ queries.

It also requires regular updates for the latest issues that arise, along with solutions. The best benefits of having a self-service option, i.e., reducing overburden to your support team and enabling customers to get their answers themselves to ensure there are no repetitive queries by giving solutions in the form of guides.

5. Improve the Response Time

Ecommerce business is all about speed and fast response. If your customers want to buy something and have some queries, they want an instant answer to make their buying decisions; otherwise, they need to buy something. So businesses need to improve their response time to satisfied customers.

Setting up multi-channel options makes reaching easier for customers, and you need to be prepared with a great support team that can solve the queries immediately.


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6. Measure, Optimize and Repeat

There needs to be a perfect framework or system for customer support. Each business sets up its support system based on experience, learning and optimization over time.

To set up an excellent support team, you must face the day-to-day challenges, understand the weak points, and optimize the support system.

There are various ways to track the performance of your support system, i.e., customer feedback, and satisfaction rate, identify patterns and challenges, then use ecommerce development services to find the best possible solution.

So, it’s all about measuring, optimizing and repeating the process to build an excellent support system.

By embracing a data-driven approach, you can enhance your support team and increase customer satisfaction, which leads to building loyal customers and more sales.

7. Provide Real-time Live Chat Support

Real-time live chat support is now one of the most important parts of any ecommerce website. It allows customers to share their queries, get responses immediately, and any product recommendations anytime instantly.

It builds real-time engagement with customers and makes their buying experience smoother. It’s a far better option than sharing automated emails or general FAQs.

According to statistics, 30% of customers preferred live chat to connect with the support team instead of contacting agents for faster response.

By implementing live chat support, you can get customers valuable insights into their needs, what they’re looking for and what challenges they’re facing. These insights will help you to overcome these challenges and make your e-commerce business more effective. So you need to hire ecommerce developers and build a live chat support system for your ecommerce website.

Benefits Of Excellence Ecommerce Customer Service

As ecommerce is the fastest-growing market, the number of online users will increase. So it becomes difficult to handle a large number of customer queries if your business doesn’t have strong customer service.

In simple words, having excellent support service is not an option anymore. It’s a need for e-commerce businesses.

However, there are several benefits that come with ecommerce customer service:

  • Build Loyal Customers: Providing excellent customer support, immediate response, and the best possible solutions for their queries with a personalized touch can lead to building trust for your brand, and such seamless experiences make them loyal customers to your business. Also, it helps you to get word-of-mouth marketing that leads to long-term growth.
  • Increase Revenue: When your support team can quickly respond and resolve customers’ queries, it leads to faster buying decisions and higher revenue for your business.
  • Valuable Insightful Data: Customers share their queries, challenges, needs and requirements. Then there are valuable insights you need to analyze and find something valuable to implement in your business and optimize your processes. It helps to grow your business exponentially.
  • Stand Out Brand Identity: Customer satisfaction can do wonders for your business. It can stand out your brand identity and get you more customers, sales and growth in the business.


By following our seven best practices, you can set up a strong customer support service for your ecommerce business and drive amazing results. Providing excellent customer service is essential for any business to survive.

As the world changes towards digitalization, e-commerce businesses should understand their customer’s pain points, address their queries and resolve the issues that ultimately lead to building loyal customers, driving sales and exponential growth. There are chances that you might need to connect with experts to handle multiple segments of a quality customer support.

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