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Avoid Human Errors with Automation Testing!


Are you planning to introduce Automation Testing for your application? But still, wondering how to implement and from where to start?Well, someone said it correctly, “If a software can do anything then, why can’t a software test a software?Yes, we at Elsner provide you the complete solution for your Automation requirement. We have a team of QA Automation professionals who can provide you the best cost-effective solution as per your requirements. Let’s discuss few things to understand Automation Testing.

Why Automation Testing?

Let’s take an example, you recently hired a QA Engineer for your ongoing e-commerce project. E-commerce application contains hundreds of pages and thousands of products. You ask newly joined QA to begin exploratory testing by opening a shopping category containing around 500 different products.Imagine you as a QA engineer trying to select random products from the list, which took around 10 minutes by applying different filters. Then you press add To Cart. Hurray!! A Page Error is observed while adding it to Cart. You are excited now as it’s your first issue. You report it to the bug management system. Great start! You continue in the same fashion and find out some more issues. “What a great day!” you thought.On the second day, the developer fixes issues and assigns them to you back to test. You verify everything and make sure no issues are left. You close those issues and mark them as resolved. Thus, Quality is improved!After a week, a new feature with the latest revision is introduced. You are supposed to test all existing and newer functionalities to avoid regression issues with the same steps. You would start feeling boring to perform the same steps again and again!!After a particular time, you will definitely get bore, less enthusiastic performing the same actions. You will lose interest and avoid steps while testing. It will increase the chance of bug leakage and compromise on overall product quality. Sooner or later, it happens! We are humans, and we cannot do repetitive processes with the same energy, speed, and accuracy every day for a long time. Don’t feel bad because…This happens with 90% of the manual testers out there. You are not different.

I hope you get my point!!

To avoid this, Automation Testing is Bliss!

When you have repeated test cases, you should automate those. It will save you time and energy. Automation testing will help you with regression while you can focus on newer functionality testing. It will also ensure the same accuracy and quality each time. Automation scripts can generate reports which will be easy to trace and find any regression issues with all information.

This is why – Automation Testing – A Cost-Effective Method to avoid Human Errors!

How can you Automate your Application?

Automation Testing costs are on the higher side initially. It includes the cost of the automation testing resource, the cost of the tool, framework creation, and training. It also consists of the price for Test scripts Development, Execution, and Maintain. But once the framework with automation scripts is ready, it can be executed multiple times a day. This will save manual testing efforts. So as time goes and you have a robust automation framework ready, you will observe very little time required to do regression, which ultimately saves you time, energy, and money!Finding out correct automation framework for your project is the first essential step.

Various Framework/Scripting Techniques are Generally Used:

  • Linear 
  • Structured 
  • Data-driven
  • Keyword-driven
  • Hybrid 

It is Responsible for:

  • Develop new scripts
  • Execution of scripts 
  • Maintain scripts
  • Reports  on pass/failure


Now you are aware of how crucial it is to have Automation Testing to ensure the best quality of your product. If you are keen to implement automation in your project, feel free to contact us! Till then, Happy Testing!

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