How to Manage Stock Levels for Multiple Warehouses Using Shopify


Online businesses are putting efforts in

Shopify Development Company to increase their reach globally with multiple inventories. It is essential to have an organized and clear inventory to provide a better experience for the customers. 

Businesses focus to increase e-commerce sales by increasing the significant volumes through multiple channels. Your stock levels are easily higher if you have managed the products and services efficiently.

Why do you Need to Invest in the Shopify Multi Warehouse Inventory?

Dealing will the e-commerce business means making product supply across the globe effortless. Shopify supports multiple locations, which makes more space for your business. The default features of Shopify might not be enough for some online companies. You need to break things into a simpler number like:

  • Available Quantity
  • Expected Quantity
  • Minimum Stock levels

As a business owner, you must structure all this to ensure you deliver smooth customer satisfaction. Several functions that you can use with the help of Shopify Development Company are:

1. Shopify App for Various Locations

The app helps clients to expand to multiple stores based on the plan they have purchased. While a custom Shopify Development can help in removing such limitations. You can add as many stores as your business requires and unique features to grab customers’ attention.

2. Product Management in Warehouses

The critical challenge is to manage multiple warehouses. A merchant will

manage stock levels to know if each warehouse has the right amount of products. The extensive list of products, the more complicated it might be to monitor product quantities.

3. Manage Stock Levels in Safety

Demand for the products and services might fall or rise. Merchants need to build strategies about the minimum and maximum units available in the warehouse to meet the demands. Shopify gives an easy panel to manage safety stock and stock levels.

4. Refills of Stocks

One of the primary reasons the clients want custom e-commerce applications is to make product monitoring simple. Once you have the product quantities and the minimum stock level, you can use it to calculate the number of orders expected.

Why Use Multiple Locations for your Shopify Store?

As people move towards the digital world, the number of sales channels is increasing in the marketplace. The location can be retail stores, drop-shippers, warehouses, or any place where inventory can be managed and stocked. This will also provide your business with better visibility and help you reach customers quickly. Various plans offered by Shopify are:

  • Shopify Plus: 20 locations
  • Shopify: 5
  • Shopify Lite: 3
  • Advanced Shopify: 8
  • Basic Shopify: 4

These locations help to fill the orders and increases customer satisfaction.

What are the Factors you Need to Consider While you Manage Stock Levels?

Now that you have decided the location for your warehouses. It is vital to remember the factors that can improve your sales in the market and bring better revenue:

  • Location: You understand that targeting a particular area where people will be interested in buying your products is essential. Like you can never sell winter clothes in a place that never has a winter season.
  • Channels: As there are multiple channels, it is essential to know they will highly demand which one in the market. Make a powerful presence on these sales channels with the help of the right strategies of digital marketing.
  • Efficiency: You might want to increase the demand for your store. So, that when you have the inventory at their location, they are distributed to the customers effortlessly.  

How to Analyze the Demand for Your Stocks?

Under Stock

It would help if you looked for the answers to some questions like:

  • Where do you need more stocks to meet the customer demands?
  • Is it possible to transfer the stocks from one place to another?
  • Are there enough stocks to meet customer requirements?


As a business owner, you should know some answers like:

  • Do you have too much inventory?
  • Is there a location that has higher sales for the product?
  • Is it the proper use of time and money to have an inventory at some locations?
  • Are you thinking of considering a better merchandise distribution?

This is an important section to keep your business rolling in the market:

  • Which products are getting higher demands?
  • Have you noticed a decrease or increase e-commerce sales?
  • Do seasonal sales affect a specific location?

That Is All, Folks!

Being part of a

Shopify Development Company, we know that the new multi-location system helps grow business. E-commerce businesses can have new distribution points, optimize inventory, manage stock levels, handle sales demands, or maintain a warehouse. You can always reach us! This entire process might need a touch of expertise to gain success and grow at a higher rate.

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