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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world very hard and organizations also became vulnerable to run their operations from in-house premises. The new, innovative work-from-home culture developed and in just no time, it spread across the globe like a coronavirus itself. This pandemic has taught the importance of a real-time engagement platform with meaningful human connections. A tiny smile of a kid on a live video can make your day great. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught a very simple lesson- stay connected, stay safe.

When your loved ones are a thousand miles away from you, you can video call them and feel their smiles, love, and happiness. It gives unexplainable happiness when we see our loved ones smiling, enjoying, and healthy.

For organizations that want to encash this opportunity, we have the Agora SDK which can be integrated with any app for live video and audio calling. Being one of its kinds of products, Agora offers the broadcasting facility to the users. Agora is a JavaScript-based product. It used RTC for streaming services.

What are the features of Agora SDK?

1. Video Calling:

Embed real-time high-quality video chat and group chat into any app with our easy-to-embed SDK.

2. Voice Calling: Embed real-time high-quality voice chat and group chat into any app with our easy-to-embed SDK.

3. Real-time Messaging: In-app chat room, notifications, call signaling, and more. Global low latency and high concurrency.

4. Live Interactive Video Streaming: Add real-time live interactive video streaming into any application using our easy-to-embed SDK.

5. Live Interactive Audio Streaming: Add real-time live interactive audio streaming into any application using our easy-to-embed SDK.

6. Recording: Do more with your live audio and video streams with Agora’s cloud or in-premise recording solutions.

What are the benefits the Agora tool offers to users?

Agora offers all the video calling functionalities that you wish for. You can mute or unmute mic, turn on and off camera, and switch between these actions smoothly.

● If you want to share the screen with the user, it can be possible too, making it ideal for corporate conferences.

● If you want to record the full video call and broadcast it, you can do it with either cloud recording or on-premise recording.

● You can embed vivid voices and videos in any application, on any device, anywhere.

● Real-time messaging is also possible with Agora. You can chat with your loved ones without any security issues.

● Agora includes full support across a range of tech stacks making it easy to deliver deep integration of high-quality, low-latency calling across all platforms and channels.

● It can integrate with 3rd party SDKs and offer seamless and customized video streams and presentation styles. You can add stickers, face recognition features, and background segmentation.

● Furthermore, all the calls are encrypted end-to-end to ensure sound security and privacy.

Why Choose Agora?

  • Intelligent Network: They have the network that monitors activity in real-time and chooses the most efficient routing path for sub-second latency across 250+ data centers globally.
  • Access to all users: The tools are highly compatible with all popular development platforms and mobile device friendly too. Furthermore, battery consumption is minimum.
  • Hyper scalable: You don’t need to worry in case of sudden spikes in traffic as the tool is hyper scalable and addresses the high traffic with efficiency.
  • Flexible building blocks: There are third-party extensions, customizable UI, and extensive APIs which allow developers to create more unique and user-centric experiences.
  • Enterprise support: In case of any difficulties and issues with the tool, the support team will be there for you.


Human engagements are of utmost importance and it can be achieved swiftly and seamlessly with Agora. With its wide array of features and functionalities, you can offer real-time voice and video calling facilities in your app for users.

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