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One thing that the pandemic has favored is the boom of the digital market. It has resulted in an unprecedented acceleration of the digital market and the initiatives for that transformation. Recent research about the changing landscape shows that 96 percent of the B2B marketers surveyed have adapted strategies and models to favor the online and e-commerce selling platforms. This adaptation on average has proved to be bounteous for around 65 percent of merchants who say that the new sales model is more than effective as what they were doing before the pandemic. While on the other hand, around 80 percent of B2B marketers are seeing drastic shifts in sales.

On one side the business landscape is changing dramatically, on the other side the shopper behavior on the digital platform has been persistent and is increasing rapidly. To meet the changing needs of the market, merchants need adept digital platforms. The latest Magento commerce and Magento open source 2.4 gives the merchants to grab new opportunities and escalate their digital sales.

Magento 2.4.0 was released on July, 28th

Remarkable features of Magento 2.4

  • It has an enhanced 2-factor authentication
  • Efficient purchase approval workflows
  • Effective seller-assisted shopping to enhance customer service
  • The best In-store pickup
  • New media gallery
  • PWA development that is faster and easier
  • Headless commerce
  • Asset managements

Efficient purchase approval workflow

Supporting and guiding through varying purchase policies and requirements of the customer is the key to boost up sales instantly. The Magento 2 migration can be done easily. Magento 2.4 has improved and efficient purchase approval workflow functionality that allows the B2B companies to customize their approval processes just using simple forms. This functionality helps them to define approval rules based on the order value, a number of stock-keeping units, and shipping costs. It can specify multiple approvers and the rules for specific roles. As it is highly efficient, the purchasers are automatically notified at the time of the review requirement. Also, it can easily approve, reject, or comment on their purchase. The purchase approval workflow gives complete transparency to the purchasers by enriching them with notifications at each stage of the process.

Magento Commerce is recognized as the top vendor in the paradigm B2B mid-market combine report.

Seller assisted shopping

The B2B companies should guide the customers to use the online purchasing and acquire management capabilities. This ensures a smooth transition to digital commerce. The Magento B2B seller-assisted shopping functionality allows companies to improve customer engagement and deliver outstanding services. This also allows the sales and customer reps to login to their website as a customer from the Magento admin. This will give the company reps access into the buyer’s experience which is supportive in many ways

  • It gives a clear insight into the buying process and finds whether there is any problem in the process.
  • You can support the customer to use the custom functionalities
  • Create orders and quotes on behalf of the customer and save their time
  • Add administrative tasks on behalf of the customer.

In-store pick up

There has been a spike buy online, pick-up in store orders since the start of the year. With in-store pickup functionality the physical inventory location options available for the customers as pick up locations in the inventory management can be easily managed by the merchants. The customers can easily find out the pick-up location that is nearby during the checkout.

The customers can also review other important information like the store open time. The store associates can easily notify the customer when the order can be picked once the order has been placed. Also for the customers who want curbside pickup of their purchase, this comes handy. All these advances are available in both Magento Commerce and Magento open source.

The latest Magento update has a brand new completely rebuilt media gallery that performs thirty times faster than the previous updates. The number of online shoppers is increasing day by day and the merchants are in a position where they have to stand-alone from the crowd in the way of communication based on their values. To do this new content that is fresh and engaging has to be built which is time-consuming.

The new media gallery comes into play here. It manages and streamlines the creative flow of your work. It completely reinvents asset management and saves time and resources for the stakeholder.

  • Mange the images that are used in throughout the site with new image details
  • With the new image, attributes search and filter images quickly
  • The updated Adobe stock integration that moves the licensing and management workflow into the media gallery saves a significant amount of time.

Quick and easy headless commerce and PWA development

The Forrester wave announced that Adobe is a leader in both the B2B and B2C platforms. The PWA studio has a new experience for the storefront by lowering the cost and complexity of the PWA adoption. The new version of the progressive web app introduces new Venia for storefront experience which is built using a page builder. This increases the workflow and improves customer experience.

  • Faster launching of the storefronts in a cost-effective manner
  • Support expanded for headless commerce

Security and performance of the platform

The common expectation that doesn’t change ever on the online landscape is a user experience that is faster, secure, and reliable. The merchants have to prioritize these factors to attract more customers. Magento 2.4 keeping this in mind bears several options for enhanced security and quality.

  • Default 2 FA for Magento admin panel
  • 30+ Security fixes to block threatening vulnerabilities
  • Improved content security policy
  • Security patch only to fix the vulnerabilities in the previous version
  • Supports PHP 7.4 and PHP unit 9.x
  • The elastic search is replaced by MySQL catalog search engine
  • Composer update plugin to automate the manual upgrade steps in the previous version

Bottom line

The Magento development services are on the constant development of new versions that are better and efficient than the previous one. To win the game of business in the current scenario, get the latest version of Magento 2. Magento 2.4 is a definition of sophistication combined with efficiency.

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