Why Migrating from Volusion to Magento is a good decision?


When it comes to making a choice between Volusion and Magento, eCommerce store owners prefer Magento. Even though Volusion was founded in 1999 during the initial eCommerce boom, it is losing its market share to Magento and Shopify due to various reasons. However, one such reason was the security breach that happened in Volusion’s cloud-based infrastructure in 2019. Volusion is one of the prominent names in offering cloud-hosted online stores for small and medium-sized businesses and has become the talk of the town in the IT circles after it was attacked by the cyber-criminals in late 2019.

What happened was that hackers compromised the Google cloud infrastructure of the company by a trick which cyber-security experts call a Magecart attack or web card skimming. Here, instead of ATMs, cybercriminals steal payment card details from online shops. As per the reports, such Magecart attacks are increasing across the globe. Such card-stealing scripts have been spotted on more than 18,000 websites over the past few months.

As per the research report by Gemini, malicious JavaScript code was inserted on the company’s servers. In just no time, the code was loaded onto more than 6500 online stores, customers of Volusion. The code was efficient enough to record payment card details as it was being entered onto checkout forms of the websites. Hackers stole 239,000 credit card records and sold them on the darkweb for at least $1.6 million.

Though the event is a year old, it clearly points out the need to strengthen the data security protocols which can prevent such cybersecurity attacks in the future. Such attacks might not just destroy your reputation, they can harm your business to a great extent. Highly-secured, reliable and safe data security protocols are the need of the hour.
This is the reason why you should migrate your ecommerce operations to Magento, one of the most promising eCommerce platforms.

Some other reasons to switch from Volusion to Magento are:


When it comes to hosting, Volusion hosts and manages eCommerce sites and charges for the bandwidth the eCommerce site owners use. However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are many incidents when Volusion has had server downtimes and hosting issues in the past and it might jeopardize your eCommerce operations sometimes. In addition to that, if your store is performing well, you might need to pay more for your bandwidth usage as the traffic goes up.

However, when it comes to Magento, there are some better options available for site owners. If you want to opt for managed hosting, Magento offers a Cloud Edition. For others, you can host Magento with Magento certified providers especially optimized for Magento and offer superlative services to the users. You don’t have to compromise on the performance and loading time of the website.


The ideal plan starts at $15 per month for Volusion. Though it seems nice and good if you compare it with other competitors, Volusion will keep adding charges once your website picks traffic and increases the bandwidth use, as we discussed above.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to track bandwidth and you might not know how much you will end up paying every month to Volusion. Every month, the sum payable to Volusion will increase and you will not like this situation for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, when it comes to Magento, site owners know exactly how much to pay every month, especially in the Community Edition. There is a wide array of hosting plans available for you from different hosting providers.
Though it might look a huge upfront cost, you will get a tremendous value for the money you pay. You will get constant support and perks from Magento to skyrocket your sales on the site and also offers apps for mobiles and


Magento clearly is a more SEO-friendly platform compared to Volusion. It has more comprehensive SEO features and options compared to basic features available with Volusion. Also, the number of extensions available with Magento are more than Volusion. These extensions can help with better SEO, product reviews and site development.

Wrapping Up

In short, if you have not migrated from Volusion to Magento, it is the right time as Magento is way more competitive and convenient for eCommerce site owners compared to Volusion. With Magento platform’s unparalleled extensions and seamless functionalities, you will see a huge boost in your sales and traffic in just no time.

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