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If you are an event organizer or an owner of an event management company, you must know the hurdles of event management. In the era of digitization, you need to have a way to digitize things to have convenience whatever you do. You need to amend your strategies to reach out to your audience in a quick and efficient manner. How about having an app that can help you to create and manage events online with accuracy and efficiency? Elsner’s Event Management with Tickets App is one of its kind apps that allows you to create and manage your events with some other benefits too.

Clubs, restaurants, play companies and other social media enthusiasts who frequently organise events, this app can become their best friend. They can promote their events by listing them in the app and people would come to know about the events.

Event Management with Tickets app is conceptualized with the sole aim to help event management professionals and even people who want to create events online. You can create events on the app and manage them quite well with features such as accepting online payments and allowing customers to create their own events.

In addition to that, you can also preview your event listing with a fully dynamic calendar that also allows your customers to list events on your website once the admin approves.

Furthermore, subscribers can also book tickets for any event and pay ticket charges online too. The app also supports RSVP and it also allows users to see the people who are attending the event.

The app is user-friendly with the superlative user interface and offers the best user experience to the customers. The navigation is just like a smooth sailing offering seamless experience to the users.

Do you want to know some of the superlative features of the Event Management with Tickets app? Here you go!

  • The dynamic calendar is the place where all the events are listed. 
  • An admin has the authority to create events and also can manage all the approved clients. 
  • A smart dashboard that showcases all the details about all events including pending and approved events.
  • An admin can manage events as per categories such as films, food, festivals, concerts, social events and others. Users can then click on the categories in which they are interested in. 
  • An admin has the right to create, delete and update these categories, if a need arises. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the features that customers will get:

  • On the dynamic calendar, the customers can see all the events.
  • A customer can create an event. Once the admin approves the event, it will be shown in the dynamic calendar. The customer will get a notification whether the event was approved or rejected by the admin.
  • For different categories, customers can book tickets and pay online.

The Event Management with Tickets app

is your savior if you are in the event management business.

Install the app now and start creating events.

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