Customize your eCommerce platform with Shopify’s custom product builder

Customize your eCommerce platform with Shopify's custom product builder (2)

The world is seeing tremendous growth in the past few decades in the digital field especially the e-commerce field. And with each year, online platforms are seeing new trends. These new trends are essential for attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. Each and every day online platforms are focusing on the retail market and ways to change its face. They incorporated fast deliveries and personalized shopping experience. Apart from these updates, many platforms are providing customers with an exclusive custom product builder. This custom product builder offers custom product builder tools for the customers with which they can create their online products.

The custom product builder

The custom builder app or the CPB is a Shopify plugin with which the customer can customize the product that they want. It allows for selling customizable and personalizable products. There are three layers and three forms that correspond to the app. The forms allow the managing of interfaces for selecting the custom options including dropdown, inputs, uploads, color thumbnail, etc. that are presented to the frontend user. The layers allow preview image managing.

Let’s take the example of a bike to explain how a custom product builder works. Let’s assume that the price of a bike is 3,299 but few customizations like changing the wheel package can add up to 1200 dollars to the base price. Added to this when the customer makes a few more alterations the price will rise which is a profit for the platform as the sales also increase. If one product customization can do wonders then strategic options for all the products will result in a miracle. For this Shopify app development should be done properly for multiple product options. The app should fit any Shopify store and should readily change the product page layout to a product building tool with all the options at the right place

Custom options of the custom product builder

The custom product builder app has endless features that allow effective customization to create a complete product that meets the needs of the customer. Few features of the Shopify apps include color thumbnails, image upload, monogram field, and much more.

  • Color thumbnail: the product options will be listed as HEX color thumbnails. Also, recolor uploaded product images using HEX on the fly.
  • Image upload: this feature allows the customer to upload and preview and image in a predefined position that is logos and artworks.
  • Text monogram field: the customers can enter a short text with a preview in a pre-defined position with this feature. The user can select a fond on the front end from the custom fonts or any pre-uploaded Google fonts.
  • Whole order or size breakdown: this feature allows the customer to split the total quantity into multiple quantity fields. The total quantity will be calculated as the sum of several fields for the entered quantity.
  • Quantity breakdown: this feature offers price discounts based on the quantity of the purchase.
  • Deposit percentage: with this option the customer can deposit an amount of the total product as a percentage. The total price parameter will be added to the cart product details with the final price.
  • Image thumbnails: the product options will be listed as thumbnails.
  • Text thumbnail: the available product options will be listed as text thumbnails that are sizes
  • Drop-down: the product options will be listed as a dropdown menu.

Features of custom product builder

The Shopify product builder app allows the customer to fill in the text as part of an order, providing fields to upload a file for a customizable product like photo retouching or canvas prints. You can also add new option types and unlimited options for each product.

Also, save time by managing customization without any variant confusion. You can filter your products to get a list of products that are similar to customize. The best part of this app is that you can manage the options in one place and you can see the changes across all products. Also, remember that the custom product builder and clipping path service can work together to allow users to personalize products with edited images and achieve accurate and visually appealing customized designs.

There are varieties of template options to add sets of customization to new products. Also, add additional costs to the product based on the filling selected in the drop down choice.

Development of Shopify custom builder app

Shopify has become prominent e-commerce that has over 500,000 active stores which are generating over 40 billion worth of sales, this has made Shopify the most sought after e-commerce store by the new online merchants.

Page layout

The custom product page layout of the Shopify app has three parts

Part 1: the main product

Part 2: first level customization for the main product

Part 3: second level customization on the product

The final product is a combination of custom selections that are done in the above three parts. And the final price and combination of the product are decided based on the selections across three parts. The page layout is strategically designed to enable user-friendly navigation.

The main product is located on the left side of the screen which is locked through the scroll. The price of the product is present at the top of the product page as sticky headers which also includes total savings and add to cart options.

Custom cart page 

The cart page of the app is designed to be highly informative and controllable. The customer can add options that are required like product options, price, and quantity. Also, the users can perform various options on this page and change the price accordingly.

Managing multiple level price

The custom product builder gives the customer complete control over the storefront. They can add innumerable products, create Shopify product variant options, and customize the content. it offers a CMS like the panel to manage elements.

Final words

With shopify custom builder apps the customers and the admin can easily maintain the Shopify app store without any hassle. The potential of the app is broader and will take your sales to new heights. Get this latest eCommerce plugin for your store and see the miracle for yourselves.

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