9 Proven Tricks to Boost Your Shopify Sales

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How does it feel when you have given your blood and sweat to a project, and it does not work as per your wishes?

Suppose you took an industrial loan for a shop and filled it with all grocery items. You hired an interior decorator to add an aesthetic appeal and charm to the shop.

You have promoted your shop in local newspapers, and yet, you are not getting enough walk-in customers to your shop.

How does it feel?

Similarly, when you have invested your time, money, and efforts to develop an online store and don’t get enough sales, you will feel nervous and depressed.

However, not getting enough leads and sales on Shopify stores is common. However, you can take many measures to boost Shopify sales.

There are tricks and tips that you can follow to boost your sales for the Shopify development store. This post will discuss these tips and tricks in length.

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Before we delve into how to boost your Shopify sales, let’s check out a bit about Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most notable ecommerce development platforms that has carved a niche for itself.

As of 2022, Shopify owns almost 20% market share.


Shopify Market Price
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The best thing about Shopify is that it offers store owners endless customization and integration options. You can customize the store for your business interests and requirements.

Hire professional Shopify development services, and you can have a store that represents your business perfectly.

In addition, it has more than 100 free and paid customized themes to give an impressive user experience to your customers.

Choosing the Shopify platform for your online business is the best thing.

However, expecting your store to be “the talk of the town” is not practical.

For example, some store owners want 100k hits in a couple of months, which is rare but achievable. However, you need to invest so much time and energy into it.

If your Shopify ecommerce development store is not minting money as you expected, there are two primary reasons.

  • Lack of traffic
  • Low conversion ratio
  • Product Page Issues
  • Mobile Optimization Issues
  • Checkout Process Issues
  • Not Targeting Your Audience
  • Store Navigation

Lack of traffic

When your store fails to rank on the top search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

In this case, you need to evaluate your SEO strategy, find issues, and address them to get more traffic to the store.

Low Conversion Ratio

A low conversion ratio means visitors come to your website without action.

It is a problematic situation for any store owner.

It means that some issues on your website need to be fixed. You need to hire Shopify developers for website audits.

Make sure that all product pages are SEO-optimized and proper.

Product Page Issues

How does your product page look?

Remember, the average conversion rate for any ecommerce website is 2.86%. If your product page has issues, the conversion rate might go below that.

What to do to make a product page user-friendly?

  • First of all, add images. Try to add at least 5-6 images to each product page. Images are the first thing that users will notice when they land on the page.
  • Optimize the page title and ensure that it perfectly describes the product.
  • Your product description must include all the features you want to highlight.
  • Let users review on the product page.
  • Don’t clutter your product page with too many CTAs. One or two CTAs would be enough.

Mobile Optimization Issues

Do you know that 79% of all global Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices? If your store is not mobile-optimized, you might not convert leads into customers.

To boost Shopify sales, it is vital to ensure that your store offers an enthralling experience to users when they access it from their smartphones.

Checkout Process Issues

Mark was impressed with the ecommerce store and added multiple items to its cart.

He went to the checkout page, and alas, he abandoned the page as the checkout process took too much time.

Make sure that Mark does not have a similar experience at your store.

A report suggests that improving the checkout process might increase your conversions by 35%.

It is a good number.

Some of the things that you can do to optimize the checkout process are:

  • Ensure that you resolve all technical glitches.
  • Optimize the checkout page’s design if needed.
  • Make sure that the payment gateway is smooth and quick.
  • Don’t ask users to sign up on the checkout page; it isn’t very pleasant.

Not Targeting Your Audience

The first thing to do before you want to sell anything online or offline is to find your target audience and niche.

For example, don’t target all sports lovers if your target audience is football lovers.

It will not serve the sole purpose.

Ensure that your keywords are highly relevant to your target audience only. Start with a list of specific products and then keep adding more items.

Store Navigation Issues

A Hubspot study revealed that 38.5% of visitors leave the store if the store navigation is not up to the mark.

You cannot let this happen, especially when putting your blood and sweat into driving more traffic to the store.

The best thing is to keep the navigation as smooth and flawless as possible. Users should be able to navigate seamlessly.

Ensure that the banner image of the website does not overlap the menu.

Keep the menu in a manner that displays all the major categories you offer.

Tips and Tricks to Boost Shopify Sales

Check out some proven tips and tricks to boost your Shopify sales.

Design and Implement a Well-crafted SEO Strategy

Do you know that 48% of people type on Google when looking for something online?

Furthermore, as per the research by Semrush, 37.5% of ecommerce traffic comes with white-hat SEO efforts.

Hire an SEO services company with a proven track record and a promising portfolio.

Remember to hire an agency that has helped ecommerce clients in the past. You would be able to explain your requirements easily.

Some of the things that you can do as per your SEO strategy:

Keyword Research:

Researching potential keywords your target audience is searching for is the first milestone to achieve.


For example, if you are into winter wear, you can start your keyword research with keywords shown in the image.

Here, you will get a list of keywords your customers might type. These are keywords Google automatically created as per your query.

Apart from finding keywords manually, there are many keyword research tools that you can use, such as Keyword Planner.

For your shopify store development services, choose keywords relevant to your offerings.

Next, choose primary keywords based on search volume and intent. You must add these primary keywords in your product title, meta titles, and descriptions.

If you have hired an ecommerce SEO agency, ask the team to audit the store and optimize for SEO.

Some other SEO measures that you take are:

  • Ask the agency to add the sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Work on 301 Redirects
  • Add keywords to key areas of all products, such as product titles, descriptions, meta titles, and descriptions.
  • Do technical SEO for the website.

Ensure That Your Store Loads Fast

Visitors don’t like to wait.

This is a shocking truth. You need to accept it.

No matter how impressive your store or your offerings are, they will go to the next search result if they have to wait for the website to load.

A survey predicted that 47% of online shoppers want the store to load within 2 seconds.

Just two seconds, can you imagine it?

If your store does not load in 2 seconds, out of 100, 47 visitors will leave.

To boost Shopify sales, you must ensure that your store loads instantly.

Ensure that you take all the measures to improve the store’s loading speed.

For example, compressing images might reduce loading time if you have too many images on the landing page.

You can use Google Page Insights to check out all aspects of the landing page of your Shopify ecommerce store.

Go For Paid Campaigns

For quick sales for festivals or holidays, go for Facebook ads and Google Ads for paid campaigns.

You can select target audience based on different criteria to reach out to the right people.

Go For Email Marketing

You might find an email marketing an outdated marketing approach.

But it is not.

Research suggests that you can get an ROI as high as 4200% with an email campaign.

Email marketing, when done correctly, can boost your Shopify sales to a great extent.

However, first, you need to develop your email marketing list.

Here is a list of tips to start:

  • Add a pop-up for an email subscription on your website. Ensure that your visitors don’t miss it when they visit the store.
  • You can also give some signing-up bonuses or referral coupons for joining the list.
  • Come up with out-of-the-box ideas to lure customers into giving their email ids.

However, avoid buying an email list from any agency.

It might blacklist your IP and the domain associated with it.

Also, too many emails might irritate your audience.

Work on Shopping Cart Abandonment

When people add products to the cart and do not checkout as expected, it is called Shopping Cart Abandonment.

It is worrisome as visitors come to the store interested in products but are not checking out.

According to the research, in 2021, 59.22% of people abandoned shopping carts.

It is a number you cannot ignore.

You need to do something about it, or it might get you in trouble.

What can you do to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

  • Give your visitors multiple payment options to facilitate fast checkouts.
  • Offer some discounts if they complete the checkout process.
  • Come up with offers such as free shipping or coupons.
  • Make the checkout process fast and easy.

Retargeting Can Work

Some visitors came to your store earlier but left without any action.

You can retarget those visitors by Facebook retargeting ads.

You can even use some Shopify retargeting marketing tools such as Socioh for the retargeting campaign.

Retargeting works to convert your visitors into buyers. It is one of the remarkable strategies to boost Shopify sales.

Make Their Experienced Personalized

Personalization is the new normal, especially when you are selling online.

Giving your customers a personalized experience can help win their hearts.

A survey by Think With Google revealed that people are 40% more likely to buy more than they have planned if you make their experiences personalized.

  • You can send them personalized emails.
  • Make personalized offers
  • Try to grab their attention with personalized videos
  • Add quizzes, surveys, and other meaningful activities while they are in the store.

Create an Optimized Landing Page

An optimized landing page will serve many purposes, including more conversions and sales.

Ensure that your landing page is SEO-optimized and per Google SEO guidelines.

Here is a list of things you can do to optimize your landing page:

  • Have high-quality and optimized images
  • Add original, engaging content
  • Have clear CTAs
  • Make sure that the page is mobile-optimized.
  • The page should be easy to navigate.

Product Page Optimization

If your product page does not offer a superior user experience, all your efforts will fail. To boost your Shopify sales, ensure that your product page is excellent.

  • An ideal product page must fulfill all the SEO guidelines.
  • Have proper images, content, and CTAs to lure your visitors.
  • It should have high-quality images with product descriptions.
  • It should have a user reviews section.
  • It should redirect users directly to the checkout page.


With so many customization and integration options, Shopify is one of the most promising ecommerce platforms for developing a store. However, if your Shopify ecommerce store fails to drive more traffic and sales, all you need to do is to amend your strategy a bit.

Follow these tips and tricks mentioned in the article, and you can see a noticeable change in traffic and sales. To develop a Shopify store, you can contact Elsner, one of the top-notch companies offering the best shopify web development services.

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