Looking Out For Ways To Make Your WordPress Trends for Site look Modern In 2019

The catwalk of WordPress is no different than Fashion Week’s runway shows. Few trends will remain the same and other trends will rise on the top.

WordPress continues to grow in popularity with almost 27.5% of all websites worldwide running on WordPress. Each year the trend change, showing signs of improvement and staggering new and incredible features.

In 2018, we had WordPress trends like one-page themes and hamburger menus. Also, the latest version 4.8 was offered by WordPress which gathered much attention.

The trends evolve keeping WordPress dominate the web. This is probably because the website building through WordPress is an easy and hassle-free task.

Let’s read further to know which WordPress trends will follow in 2019?

Video Headers:

Videos influence the content a lot. It is predicted that video titles would succeed in 2019. WordPress has received great accolades for its capability to loop video headers with its release of version Vaughn 4.7.

Being always supportive of innovations, WordPress has taken customization to a whole new level. You can use ready made plugins to incorporate the video and customize them further.

Most of the WordPress themes are capable of a video-first feature on the website and thus we expect this trend to create miracles.

Strong and vibrant colors https:

People feel an emotional connect with colors. 90% of our assessment regarding a product is solely based on colors.

Bold and contrasting combinations are becoming common and the choice of theme color can surely be a deciding factor of how we perceive the brand or the website. The vibrant colors, sharp contrasts gives an artistic vibe and can pull off well.

Drag and Drop Page Builders:

Being available on the WordPress themes for quite a sometime, this trend will gain popularity as even themes like ‘Newspaper8’ have started adopting it.

For a novice to web designing, this feature will be a boon as it allows to create pages just by dragging the widgets and dropping on the page.

Mobile Friendly Designs:

The use of mobile phones for browsing has grown at a phenomenal rate in the past. The number of users exceeded even that of desktop users.

Use a mobile-based theme for your site and customize it further to give the best user experience. You can use WordPress Plug-ins that passes the search engine’s standards and create an exceptional WordPress website.


Wouldn’t it be a great feeling if all your emotions are expressed even while typing or texting?
This trend is becoming increasingly popular and gives your site live and tactile feeling. Facebook reaction emoji is one such example.

Having them on your website gives the user a feeling on an interaction with the page. This technique also enables you to use texts in innovative and engaging ways.

This allows users to interact in real-time mode.

Avoid Pop-ups:

It has been observed that most of the people avoid pop-ups and get irritated if they appear in an array on the website. Designers nowadays have started adopting the method of using sticky elements which either are seen on the top or the bottom of the websites.

Isn’t it a smart choice? Because only the ones who relate themselves to the sticky bar will open and interact.

Responsive Grids:

Responsive grids are the ones that change depending on the display of content. They have surpassed the self-imposed limitations offered by the custom grids. The shrinking of a page element and reorganize based on the size of the window is getting in trend and becoming popular.

Minimalist Web Designs:

Flat designs focusing on simplicity have been famous. Adding minimal elements in the website can help you create uniqueness. The usage of plenty of white spaces, flat colors helps you to focus more on the content and ensures that the website will load faster

The list doesn’t get over if we don’t mention which trends will go forward no matter what:

  • Gutenberg will rule;
  • Password authentication will not change anytime soon;
  • AI is going to influence the website;
  • Blogs will keep adding value to the site.

Hope this content was useful in defining some of the splendid ongoing WordPress trends in 2019. It is the right time to formulate the WordPress website strategy with these trends and create amazing websites.

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