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Wordpress Vip

A big brand or a huge digital marketing company stresses more on hosting, security, flexibility, and control. In order to make this task easier, WordPress has introduced WordPress Vip.WordPress Vip is nothing but a new digital marketing hosting service which focuses on large scale digital company, huge websites, and so on. The ultimate objective of WordPress Vip is to offer security to the sites and handle the traffic in an efficient way. This ensures that you are always the top of your game.

What is Wordpress Vip?

WordPress Vip is the most used, secured, and bug-free service. It is recommended for those companies that are looking for an end-to-end digital marketing expertize.Unfortunately, there are certain companies that do not use this type of service. Reason? It has high coding standards and processes.Generally speaking, WordPress Vip is an expensive service in comparison to other alternatives in the market.

Who can Use WordPress Vip?

WordPress Vip is a powerful tool designed in such a way that it can handle millions of traffic in websites. It even secures the company’s database in an very effective manner.This surprised us: There is no pricing detail available in the official Website of WordPress Vip. The cost of the service is estimated at between $5000 to $25000 per month. The only limitation being, it is possible to opt for only 5 Website. All in all, WordPress Vip is not a great option for a to have for a smaller scale company.On top of this, the setup fee is $5000 per site for all those who want to get this high-tech Digital service.

Services Included In WordPress Vip

You might think WordPress Vip is too expensive. But, it still offers an extensive range of services with great accuracy.When it comes to speed undoubtedly it is one of the fastest application you will ever see in the market. If your ultimate objective is to handle traffic on your website then look no further than WordPress Vip.It comes with various other benefits like:

  1. Unlimited storage capacity;
  2. CDN and Bandwidth;
  3. Specialized skills to manage your website effectively.

It does the job in a seamless manner. How? By ensuring that your staff can concentrate on different business chores without worrying about website management.

Pre- Eminent Brands Using WordPress Vip

Certain major brands are employing WordPress Vip. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the list contains some of the biggest names like Facebook, USA Today, Techcrunch, and so on.Let us now look at the list of the Brands using WordPress Vip for day to day functions and other digital marketing activities.

  • Techcrunch
  • Facebook
  • USA Today

Major Benefits Of WordPress VIP

There is a need for robust services. The reason being, the scale of digital marketing companies are getting bigger while the database is slowly growing higher. On top of this, the internet has surely become a huge business these days. In order to satisfy the need of enterprises, WordPress Vip is truly the magical tool. Let us now divert our attention to the benefits of WordPress VIP.

1. Mind Blowing speed

Since the WordPress platform consists of a network of 20 data centers across the globe rest assured to get the best speed in comparison to other services.On top of the already high speed, you even get the security of SSL, care from DDOs attacks, latency and many more critical problems. Can it get any better?The speed of this great product is a perfect example that the work is done with utmost clarity and with flexibility.

2. An Advantage of uncomparable Security

The foremost thing in terms of security is handling the traffic. WordPress Vip possesses an encrypted database for each of its websites.Each and every custom code is rechecked by a person so it is again one of the top benefits of WordPress Vip.Due to the presence of custom build infrastructure of this service, it is possible to protect your services from viruses and hackers.

3. Strategy Relating To Website Development

The WordPress team is one of the best when it comes to completing the task as per the specifications in a timely manner.The planning and strategy of this team make your work easy and you can be stress-free in the context of the website development.The amazing part is that the team knows each and every need of the client and work as per the direction of the company. The WordPress team even decides the theme and WordPress Plugins as per the requirements of the clients. This makes them choose an exclusive theme each and every time.

4. Includes all Technical Aspect

The performance is monitored often for hassle-free working in the system.Updates are available for the core software.The work of the third party plugin is done with the direction of custom code.All in all, it is the best service in terms of security. It even helps the company affiliated with them to become a profitable partner.

Substitute for WordPress Vip

Not every company can afford WordPress Development Service because of its high price and other operational method and long procedures.Thankfully, there are other services which provide hosting at very reasonable price and simple proceedings.Below are some of the very near substitute of WordPress Vip, have a Look!

1. Liquid Web

Another WordPress hosting service, Liquid Web is a service provider which works for well-known companies like Motorola,Red bull and ESPN.The most interesting part of this service is that they own their data centers across the globe. On top of that, they even provide 24/7 services in the USA.There are various deals of plugins provided by Liquid web services. Select the best one and use the Plugins as per the requirement of your blog or website.The best part? Charges of the Plugins are quite reasonable. This makes it affordable for even a small scale industry. Alternatively, even a blog developer can create a website very easily.

2. Site Ground

New to the Business Site Ground is also one of the WordPress Hosting Service Provider.They provide many custom design as per the need of the client. The great news is that they are very professional when comes to the overall management of the websites.They provide services 24×7 and are available on Email, chats and Phone calls.

3. Wp Engine

Wp Engine is a very dedicated service provider. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best alternatives of WordPress VIP. Reason? They have set a very high benchmark for themselves.It provides the best security on top of managing the crowd of the websites.Its clients include; Armour, Soundcloud, Thomson Reuters, and many more biggies.

Final Verdict

Though the WordPress Vip services are damn expensive, we still suggest you consider it if you are developing new business on a large scale with the help of WordPress developer.For handling less traffic you can use the variable services like Wp Engine, Site Ground and so on.Hope you liked this article about WordPress Vip, for more such similar and constructive write-ups stay tuned with us.

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