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WooCommerce Blocks 3.5.0: New Version of the WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

October 9, 2020 | 4 Minutes Read
Pankaj Sakariya
October 09, 2020

Why Choose WooCommerce Development?

While building an e-commerce store every retailer thinks about selecting a hostel or self-hosted platform. WooCommerce Development services make the process of building an e-commerce store much simpler as it is flexible, availability of features, and user-friendly. It is a plugin that helps in creating and managing online stores. It is one of the best plugins for WordPress as it allows integrations of so many features easily.

What’s new in WooCommerce Blocks 3.5.0?

The latest update is all about the bug fixes and enhances some payment methods. Let us look at some updates:

Light Default Background Color

The drop-down menu for the country or state earlier had a default dark background which made the text difficult to read. This has been resolved with this update, you can check it as follows:

Light Mode

  • Enable the Dark Mode inputs option and publish
  • Check the frontend of the checkout page and expand the state or country input. 
  • It will handle the background and text color. 

Light Mode

  • Add the checkout blog into the page. Disable the Dark Mode inputs option and publish it. 
  • Check the frontend of the checkout page and expand the state or country input. 
  • It will handle the background and text color. 

This makes sure that the text is clearly displayed and can be read easily by the visitors. 

Express Payment method in checkout block

The users who were logged out or using the incognito method in the Express Payment method faced issues earlier. In this update, users have the option to switch the payment methods, verification for COD, and also swift movement between the new payment methods and saved payment methods. 

Let’s see How you can Check:

  • Add product to the cart
  • Get into the checkout block
  • Select the convenient Express payment
  • Select the account details and submit them. 
  • Verify that the checkout process is correct

State Label of Spain

The label for the state in Spain is Province which has been taken care of in this update. You can see the result of this resolved bug:

  • In the checkout block, change the country to Spain
  • The field below the country changes the label from state to province. 

Error While registering the Payment method failed

WooCommerce has the best collection of online payments. It has made sure that the process of registering a payment method will simply fail for the shoppers, and a notice will be sent to the admins. Perform the following steps to check if the process works:

  • Ensure to have admin users with and without saved payment methods.
  • Check the checkout page with both the users in the frontend and also keep the checkout page open in the editor.
  • Check for the following details for both the users:

The User with Saved Payment Methods

With API key

  • Displays the saved payment method
  • The credit card payment method is shown below the new payment method
  • No error notice displayed

Without API key

  • Does not display the saved payment method
  • No error notice
  • Displays other payment methods

The User without Saved Payment methods

With API key

    • No saved payment method is displayed
    • The credit card payment method is shown 
    • No error notice displayed

Without API key

    • Does not display the saved payment method
    • No error notice
    • Does not show the Credit card payment method
    • Displays other payment methods
  • In the settings Enable payment via Saved cards and ensure to add the API keys
  • Start your buying process with a saved payment method used and reach the checkout block. 
  • Verify-in the payment method options that the saved credit cards are not displayed.

Will you Require a WordPress Development Company for the Bug Fixes?

WordPress is a popular platform used to develop flexible and functional online websites. WooCommerce services enhance performance and add more power to the platform. You will need proper guidance to manage or build an e-commerce platform that achieves your business goal. We can easily help you in theme customization, integrating payment gateways and plugins, and many such services. Being a professional team with great experience in giving the best development services we can build a great strategy together for you. Contact Us Now, and let us discuss the business idea together.

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