Superior WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins For Your Online Store

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows the user to sell anything, beautifully. The main benefit of the WooCommerce is that it is built to integrate seamlessly with Woocommerce WordPress plugin. It is the world’s most preferred eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

It provides basic store functionality right out of the box, with a free plugin available from the plugin repository, or right from the users WordPress Dashboard. These plugins add new features to the eCommerce store and help the user’s business to grow. Below is the list of best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress that user can try right away:-

A. Moneris Direct Payment Gateway for WooCommerce:-

This plugin allows the user to accept payments in WooCommerce via Moneris. It is a leading processor of Debit and Credit card payments. Using the Moneris direct Woocommerce payment gateway plugin, it allows the merchants to decide what their checkout process will look like while keeping the customer on site for the entire payment process. This gives maximum control, providing a seamless checkout process for the customers.

Benefits :

> Fraud Prevention Tools

This extension features completely updated security checks and AVS?CVV handling for increased security. Addresses can now be completely customized by the shop owners and card security checks directly from their WooCommerce settings page for both AVS and CVV errors.

> Direct On Page Checkout

As mentioned above, using Moneris extension allows the merchants to decide what the checkout process will look like while keeping the customer on site for the entire process. The user can also optionally use a hosted checkout field if enabled in their Moneris account to gather credit card details.

This reduces security risks, as it prevents credit card detail from being passed through their servers.

B. Moneris Hosted Paypage Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This plugin allows a user to accept payments via Moneris Hosted Paypage solution in WooCommerce. During checkout to a payment page, the hosted page will redirect cardholders. This page is hosted on a secure server of Moneris and then will return to the merchant’s web store. Store owners can get started with their online payments with just few lines of simple coding.

Accept Payments In

> Canadian Dollar> U.S DollarFeatures :

The minimum payment is required to accept payments within an online business.

Fraud reduction tools such as Transaction Risk Monitoring Tool, Visa verification, address verification, Mastercard SecureCode and so on are provided by this plugin.

This Moneris Hosted WooCommerce payment gateway plugin collects and submits sensitive payment details.

C. Monetico Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Payments can be accepted in WooCommerce via Monetico Payment Classic Package plugin with much more efficiency. Monetico is a customized payment gateway that is integrated into an online store and adapted to the industry and sales volume. The merchants can customize the look and feel of Monetico WooCommerce payment gateway page from Monetico account dashboard.

Accept Payments In

> Canadian Dollar> EuroMonetico payment gateway for WooCommerce

allows the merchants to perform payment process without any hassle and problems. It is the most preferred plugin by the most business owners.

D. Stripe Woocommerce Plugin

Stripe is a famous and most popular payment service provider for e-commerce stores worldwide. This new and popular development has enhanced the experience of working with WooCommerce and stripe. The WooCommerce Plugins Stripe allows the user to accept payments directly from onsite and includes the option to accept Payment Requests.

Benefits :

  • Support For Faster Mobile And Desktop Checkout Option :Stripe payment gateway for Woocommerce plugin comes with built-in support for faster payment request API to speed up checkout for their customers on desktop and mobile.
  • Better Fraud Protection And Support :Advanced machine learning fraud protection tools are offered by the stripe that helps the merchants to detect and prevent with Stripe Radar. Business owners can enable CVV and AVS as well as custom fraud detection rules right from their Stripe Dashboard.
  • Conclusion :The latest payment gateways for the WooCommerce Plugins is already making headlines because of its wide benefits. Business owners prefer this payment gateways as it has that transparency which allows the business to grow.
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