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Pay using Stripe is a Woocommerce plugin that provides an easy way to accept payments over the internet. Pay using stripe plugin provides you deep integration with Stripe API for your daily Woocommerce needs.
Elsner offering this Woocommerce stripe plugin with 24*7 customer supports. If you need any help while using stripe or want additional refund functionality then feel free to contact us. You can gain your customers pay through credit cards in a faster and secure way. The payment processing allows your customers to stay on site.
| Enterprise: 1.8.x

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Product Description
You can very well guess from the name itself; this ingenious add-on is especially for WooCommerce users. The fantastic thing about this extension is the fact that it is available free of cost.

It allows store owners to collect payments directly on their website with the help of the Stripe Payment Gateway Wordpress Plugin. While iOS users already have the support of Apple Pay, internet users, in general, will breathe a sigh of relief as they will not bother about typing in payment details connected to their devices. The reason is that this plugin also supports Web Payments API too.

Another amazing thing about this ingenious plugin is that it addresses your data concern issues as the data it collects reaches the secure Stripe servers directly without any interference of the servers.

It utilizes a set of customizable Stripe elements, which assists customers to type in error-free info into forms in a swift manner.

The other benefits of this plug-in are:
  • It assists in swifter checkout with the ability to add a Stripe Payment Request Button right on the product detail or cart pages
  • It ensures a smooth transition between your WooCommerce store and the Stripe account.
  • It gives Stripe customers an option to save their card details on your store’s website.
  • It consists of different types of filters and hooks that can be used to reflect login status, review orders, and much more.

The wonderful part is that Stripe WooCommerce Plugin is 100% freely available. Can it get any better than this?
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