Planning to Start With Laravel? Know Everything About Its Benefits Here

Laravel is currently on demand framework of PHP as it has many features that make development easy and faster than other frameworks.


Laravel development is better than other frameworks because its provide default CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery ) security. CSRF is used when form is posted from user to server at that time when token is generated in the form and server side laravel will compare this token with its token. So that it is protected with throats.


So that hacking chances becomes less, also it provide the many security things like encryption, route protection, hashed passwords, prepared statement sql queries for protecting sql injection, and authentication drivers.

We can build an application which is more secure than others. And application that has best and flexible architecture for suture enhancement.


From laravel, benefits for users, business and clients are as follows:


  • Best Authorization and Authentication system can be built using laravel. And it provides default script.
  • Separation of business logic (like SQL queries) and presentation logic view (like html) is very easy with laravel as it provides repositories feature for writing business logic and also provides blade templating for view logic.
  • Email and Notification Services which also allows queueable (Delay Configuration) pattern.
  • Laravel development has Cache drivers that can help to give faster performance to users.
  • Laravel also provides automation testing with PHPUnit. Ex. like we can say that its auto create test cases by browser extension (Laravel dusk).
  • Laravel provides scheduled commands for scheduling cron jobs. E.g. Every day newsletters will be send to subscribers.
  • Compiling assets is also possible with laravel with gulp and elixir for minifying css and js files for faster performance of the application. So its have auto compile feature in laravel. No need to do manually.
  • Laravel also provides passport (Feature) that helps to make APIs with OAuth server within very short time.
  • Laravel has migration feature for creating database tables that will create standard format of database.
  • We can use Laravel development along with Angularjs for large applications which will be very fast with user perspective.
  • Laravel also provides vue js support for creating dynamic elements for html.
  • Ex. like we can say that we can create dynamic custom html tag component and we can use this on our need as per requirement.
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