The Perks Of Booking Taxi Through Online Portal

The Perks Of Booking Taxi Through Online Portal

In this era of fast growing technology, customers come with the requirement to grow their taxi business by developing the mobile app. It has opened a new opportunity for taxi business and changed the choices/ options. The client requirement must include below things:Greater Transparency – There should be transparency for customers while hiring cabs manually as it gives too much-unwanted problems and needless difficulties to passengers.Rapid and Proficient Cab Hiring – The service of hiring cab should be fast as when the customer needs it the most they can get a cab easily by using the portal. Moreover, the driver as well to find the loyal customer has faced some timing issue.There are three important parts of the online taxi portal:

  1. Passenger App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel      

Passenger Panel

  • Book vehicles for airport arrivals & departure.
  • Wallet Management.
  • Schedule future ride.
  • Book rides for another person.
  • Book ride on an hourly basis.
  • Manage upcoming and previous rides.
  • Manage membership plans for the rides.
  • Manage free rides, referrals, discounts and other deals.
  • Multiple Demography
  • Flight Verification
  • Pick-up Airport Selection
  • Track Driver Location 

Driver App

  • Accept and complete the job assigned by admin.
  • Transfer their request to other drivers.
  • Accept the request for its nominated drivers.
  • See the route map for the job.
  • Driver-friendly user interface.
  • Advanced Notification of the rides.
  • Live Chat Services between drivers & customers.
  • Broadcast request (paging) is available.

Admin Panel

  • Manage master data of facilities, location details (country, city, vehicles, etc.).
  • Add new users like drivers, customer & staff.
  • Manage reservations.
  • Manage jobs and bookings.
  • Admin can direct chat to drivers.
  • Define different rates for different customer types.
  • Manage driver’s account for different transaction types.
  • Add transaction for drivers and customers.
  • Manage Transaction reports, Job reports, Payment history & App booking consumption.

Challenges by Our Developers:

  • The app must be helpful for both passengers and drivers as there should be user-friendly layout and functionalities.
  •  Provided customized features for improving the efficiency of cab service for customers.
  • Supportability of spontaneous fare calculation and best route possibilities.
  • The customers can connect to nearest cab driver easily by using the app.
  • Provided safe and secure authentication routine for user login, as it is quite a difficult task in the rapid development process.
  • Implemented required checks and validation on the server side by not affecting the app performance and updated all the things on the central server as well.

Solution ProvidedFor successful accomplishment of the client’s requirement need to consider below points:

  • To ensure that the app could download, install and run efficiently it has been developed using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation format). It should be supportable on different OS platforms like iOS and Android.
  • The application should have an advanced custom form having inputs fields like pickup place, destination, and search field for getting nearest available cabs.
  •  App should include the feature of showing the types of cabs available and can select options like AC/Non-AC, Car size, Number of seats, etc.
  • The App will be able to display below things on the screen:
  1.  The distance between nearby cab and user
  2.  Starting and Destination Points on a map
  3.  Automatically calculated cab charges
  • Integrated a range of payment selection option within the app, containing the debit card, credit card, online banking, PayPal, and Wallet.
  • Integrated various additional features within the app, comprising –
  1. Ability to make multiple bookings for different places from the same phone
  2. Ability to reschedule the ride timings
  3. Cancellation of ride and money can be paid in advance and refunded easily.
  4. Provided service/driver feedback with suggestion option.
  5. Valuable features directed to the drivers, letting them find customers, creäte bills and get most favorable route suggestions.

The ResultsWill be able to get below-mentioned profits on completing the app development successfully:

  • App comes with the variety of efficient booking functionality that can be used by all types of the users equally.
  • The taxicab app is extremely helpful for customers who need cabs at odd timings and at an unfamiliar location.
  • Provided full transparency related to the cab fare and bill to the customers.
  • App assists cab drivers for growing more business, as they will not need to wait for the customers and look for the best route.
  • Provided transparent cab hiring process for passenger, driver as well as the operator
  • Provided user-friendly interface that can be easily operated.

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