Shopline 2.0: What Does it Have for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs?

Shopline 2.0 What Does it Have for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Shopline, one of the most reputed E-Commerce platforms, has a vision to be adopted immensely all across the globe. Therefore, the platform has undergone critical upgrades over time by adopting various technologies and consistent evolutions to adhere to the needs of budding entrepreneurs.

However, over time, the e-commerce shift also saw an inclination of entrepreneurs towards omnichannel strategies. Therefore, Shopline solutions for E-Commerce is now focused on marketing its new update, which is made especially to meet the omnichannel needs of the sector, alongside other noteworthy features.

You can count on it as Shopline 2.0!

This article is all about shedding light on some of the core features or functionalities that Shopline 2.0 brings along with it to promote the omnichannel proficiency of the platform. So, if you have considered Shopline as your E-Commerce platform, do read this article till the end to determine what this new version brings to the table.

How is Shopline as an E-Commerce Platform?

If you are about to hire an E-Commerce development company and instruct them to get started with building your Shopline store, you should first know the platform in brief. Before you dive deeper into its recent updates, you must know it is already an all-rounder solution for you to start your online store and sell your products socially.

It comes with customizable blocks and apps for you to scale the functionality of your store and make it align with the business necessities. The transaction costs are lower at Shopline, and the payment or order management aspects are also streamlined, irrespective of the sales channels you operate from.

However, in the standard Shopline version, the omnichannel proficiency was a bit scattered, and some other feature loopholes led some platform users to have a bad experience. Therefore, Shopline 2.0 is introduced with some improved features or functionalities. You will know more about it later in this article.

What are Some of the New Features of Shopline 2.0?

To give you a glimpse at the efficacies of Shopline implementation for your E-Commerce business, here are some of the features that it brings along with the new omnichannel-centric update:

1. New Pricing Plans

A lot of different types of merchants rely on Shopline to start their E-Commerce business, ranging from fresh startups to established enterprises. Therefore, Shopline 2.0 comes with a revamp of all the existing pricing plans. The platform isnt anymore segmenting the features into different custom plans.

Instead, it has now introduced 5 different pricing structures, which include Lite, Starter, Essential, Standard and Premium. The price for availing Shopline solutions for E-Commerce starts at $16 per month, which is the Lite plan. Starting from the Lite plan, you will get the features associated with social commerce, and you will also have the liberty to create a one-page online store.

If you want access to all the features that you can acquire out of Shopline implementation, you must go with the Premium plan, which costs $350 per month. The Starter, Essential and Standard plans cost $39, $93 and $201 per month each, with a considerable amount of features ideal to support different business requirements.

2. Built-In Omnichannel Features

With this revamp and introduction to Shopline 2.0, every pricing plan will now be embedded with the omnichannel functionalities. It means you will now be able to sell your products through social commerce, online store, marketplace integrations and POS integrations.

As a merchant, you won’t have to buy any specific plan to start listing and selling your products on social media platforms or building an online store. You will now find these features implemented in every plan.

With Shopline 2.0, it is the commitment of the platform developers to enhance business efficiency for entrepreneurs with better omnichannel experiences. With the built-in features, implementing Shopline solutions for E-Commerce and adopting omnichannel profoundness will not be a tough job for the experts.

3. Introduction to the New App Marketplace

Just like Shopify, Shopline 2.0 also introduces its own official App Marketplace. The features are quite similar to what Shopify has to offer, as this marketplace tends to work with both third-party as well as in-house app developers. If you rely on Shopline for starting your E-Commerce store, there is a scope for you to add new and unique features with ease.

This way, growing your E-Commerce business with Shopline implementation will be easier! You will find a great array of highly functional apps, such as the Intelligent Product Recommendations module. It makes use of AI to recommend the best products to your targeted customers. With more accurate recommendations, you will acquire better conversions.

Not just that, but you can also integrate your Shopline store with apps like Yahoo, MailChimp, TikTok and others to improve sales and marketing efficiency. As an E-Commerce business owner, these apps will help you manage and run your store more effectively while ensuring better customer engagement.

4. Immensely Customizable and Flexible

With the updated Shopline solutions for E-Commerce, you can expect the store to be immensely responsive, customizable and flexible. Keeping aside the official marketplace, you will also be able to modularly integrate various features, such as new designs or themes, available with the platform.

All of these new design templates are highly responsive, enabling the E-Commerce Shopline development experts to help you customize the store for diverse elements. This way, you will be able to present your brand products uniquely. It is undoubtedly one of the major updates associated with Shopline implementation, especially for established enterprise clients.

And that’s because all the established online store owners often demand unlimited flexibility as far as the design or theme customization aspects are concerned. This way, they make sure that the store aligns with their brand image.

5. Added Payment Methods

When your customers don’t find their desired payment option on your store, they exit the browser tab with a bad impression of your brand. It is one of the most common reasons for businesses to experience a high cart abandonment rate. The sad part is that most of the visitors who abandoned their cart due to the missing payment methods might not ever return to your store at all.

Considering this fact, Shopline intends to support diverse payment methods for your customers to find your store reliable enough for making the purchase. With this latest version of Shopline implementation, you will be able to add all the commonly preferred payment methods to your store to attend to the needs of all types of customers.

You can let your E-Commerce Shopline development experts know about the preferred methods, and they shall enable the same while configuring your store. Among the payment proficiencies made available for your customers, Shopline now introduces the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) feature as well, which is gaining immense popularity across the globe.

6. More Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

When seeking E-Commerce Shopline development, you must be backed with the right tools for assessing the performance of your business in the long run. Therefore, you get a built-in analytics dashboard that provides you with real-time insights for making data-driven business decisions.

As a store owner, you will be in control of the performance data with different metrics such as page views, conversion rate, AOV (Average Order Value), sales volume and others. Not only that, but you will also be able to create custom reports to get a better understanding of how your business has performed within a specific time period.

Traffic acquisition, most searched phrases, cart abandonment rate and other such reports can be easily created while you are running your online store on Shopline. Using the analytics dashboard, you will also be able to keep a tab on new customers you acquired and the return purchases you recorded as an outcome of a marketing or re-marketing campaign.

7. Introducing a Unified Message Centre

Shopline 2.0 has now also revamped one of the core features, which is the Message Center. Upon seeking E-Commerce Shopline development, you can ensure your store’s message centre will be now integrated with Instagram, WhatsApp, Shopline, Facebook and LINE platforms.

It means that upon gaining a one-click access to the official Message Center of Shopline, you will have a tab on all the customer communications. You will be getting notifications and responses to all the customer messages easily. Not just that, but you will also be able to make the customer remarks or tags more convenient for segmenting different communications and assigning them to your varying team members.

With this feature, you can now use auto-reply templates for all the commonly asked questions. This way, you will save the business time in answering the common queries of the customers. Apart from streamlining customer communications, the Shopline Message Center will also enable you to create manual orders or even track the existing requests for closing conversions with respective buyers.

Shopline, with its fresh update, is soon going to introduce a mobile app that will also have the Message Center for all your merchants to streamline communications with the customers.

Parting Words

With Shopline 2.0 in existence, your E-Commerce web developer will make sure your store stands out in the crowd of competitors. Not only that but utilizing an omnichannel E-Commerce strategy will now be easier with every pricing plan of the platform.

In short, Shopline implementation with these upgrades will make your store more powerful, immensely customizable and astoundingly modular. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established E-Commerce business owner; Shopline is now ready to meet your diverse business goals with ease.

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