Shopline: What Are The Best Features And Benefits?

Shopline:what Are The Best Features And Benefits

Did you know that Shopline stores will increase 133% year-over-year in 2023? Businesses planning to make a strong presence in the digital platform must-have a complete commerce solution.

There has been a drastic increase in demand for Shopline developers in recent times. Before you make final decisions, it is essential to explore the tool’s features, uses, and benefits. This insight will help you make informed decisions and scale your business efficiently.

What is Shopline?

It is a user-friendly tool that enables merchants to create a professional or stylish online store without indulging in any code. The platform uses a drop-and-down website builder to make it seamless for the users to create their store.

The platform is a SaaS (Software as a Solution) model that helps businesses appeal to various businesses. With a wide range of feature, it enables you to have a platform that represents your brand value and engage more audience.

What are the Unique Features of Shopline?

Order Management

The tool lets you control everything from a centralized inventory order management and pricing. Shopline developers help you to focus on various elements like:

  • Order Management System: Some segments help you manage orders cleanly and organized. Users can add filters like order number, date, product name, or contact details.
  • Splitting Order: Merchants, if required, can split a single order into parent or child orders when managing the order status. There might be no more canceling orders or requesting customers to place the order again when a product is out of stock or delayed shipping.
  • Abandoned Email: If customers have logged in to your shop and added items to the cart but did not buy it within 24 hours, the system will automatically send a reminder email to the customers. The aim is to encourage them to return to the shop and complete the order. 

Great Marketing Tools

This includes social media integration, email marketing, and other marketing channels. This helps to promote your products and services by increasing their online visibility. Some of the plugins and tools are:

  • Facebook business extension 
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp plugin
  • Google Ads Tracker
  • Google Tag Management 
  • Google Analytics Tracking 
  • Centralized Message center for broadcast

Also, users can promote the products with multiple campaigns management, discount campaigns, gifts, and free shipping if required. 

Seamless Payments

Whether global or local, the store provides an option to complete transactions easily and deliver a smooth customer experience. Here are some of the benefits of handling payments on this platform:

  • Shopline payments: With seamless Shopline integrations, customers can easily complete payments through ApplePay, GrabPay, and GooglePay through a single platform.
  • Buy Now Pay Later: This lets the customer complete transactions later with or without interest. Businesses can easily integrate payment methods to handle payments.
  • Payment Links: If required, users can share payment links and ensure to complete transactions hassle-free with minimal redirection. This helps streamline the checkout process and reduce user friction, which ensures better user retention.
  • Partial Payments: The tool offers a pre-order application to secure deposits for high-value items, ensuring customers do not lose a product due to sales, delayed payments, or cancellations.
  • Product Subscription: Customize and handle recurring payments effortlessly and ensure timely customer shipments. The tool also allows business owners to automate reminders and update subscriptions.


It is crucial to sync the data and purchase history of the customers to ensure better store management. Here are some of the sections that you must focus on:

  • Profiles: Collect valuable information about the customer sources, registration, subscription, and spending capacity to tailor the marketing strategies. 
  • Database: It is essential to maintain consistency in eCommerce, messaging centres, brick-and-mortar stores, and social commerce. 
  • Track Order History: With expert Shopline developers, users can easily monitor sales information and track order history from a central system. This simplifies the process of analysis and reporting for the store owners. 
  • Segmentation: The tool offers powerful marketing tools that help create and segment customer profiles for remarketing campaigns. 

Loyalty and Affiliate Marketing

Running a loyalty program is essential to retain customers and provide them with better services at your store. Here are some methods that Shopline offers to handle this:

  • Membership Tier: Engaging with top customers by offering them exclusive benefits and tailored rewards depending on their membership program is important. 
  • Referrals: At some point, it is crucial to increase customer base and retention using a referral program for existing and new customers. 
  • Gift Cards: When you want to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty with unique gift cards for self-purchase or gifting to others. 
  • Score System: Business owners must build by giving store credits and defining usage periods. 
  • Store Credits: It is essential to gain customer loyalty by providing them with store credits and defining a strategy for the usage periods. 
  • Interactive Messages: Remind your customers by displaying pop-ups that guide customers through reward redemption, referrals, and sign-ups for a smooth journey.

Quality Promotions

When maximizing exposure, you can rely on Sholine’s advanced toolkit to deliver a great user experience. Here are some strategies that you can use:

  • Discount types: When you maximize customer satisfaction using targeted promotions like Buy A and Get B, member pricing, flash sales, and more to tailor the audience’s requirements and preferences. 
  • Product Bundling: Investing in cross-selling opportunities by bundling system, optimize discount bundles, and add-ons to build revenue growth is important. 
  • Instagram Feed: When you plan to increase brand exposure and build social proof with integrated Instagram feeds and product tagging. This makes the customers share and discover your products easily. 
  • Product Customization: Shopline offers easy-to-use templates that will help businesses create personalized products, increase engagement, and build long-term customer loyalty.

Flow Automation

It is essential to have a custom workflow to handle your tasks easily, be it inventory management, customer journey, and after-sales support. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Scenario Workflow: Shopline offers over 20 pre-built flow automation templates that help customise the triggers, actions, and conditions for multiple business requirements. 
  • App Integration: Integrative with SmartPush for email automation and campaign execution, eliminating the requirement to switch between applications and features. 
  • Inventory Management: Shopline offers automated tagging for out-of-stock or low-inventory items, triggering timely email notifications to the users for faster resolution. 
  • After-Sales Management: You can share email alerts with yourself or employees when orders are cancelled or refunded to reach a specific threshold. This helps to monitor products and service quality for regular improvements. 
  • Visualization: When it comes to design and workflow sequences, it is important to have user-friendly actions, movable connectors, and rules to ensure better returns on the store. 

What are the Benefits of using Shopline?

  • Ease of Usage: With the drag-and-drop platform makes it easier to create and manage an online store without any coding skills. 
  • Highly Affordable: There are a variety of pricing plans that will fit your budget. Even the basic plan provides minimal features to start an online store. 
  • Reach Globally: The tool allows you to sell the customers around the globe. There are a variety of payment gateways and shipping providers to provide a hassle-free customer experience. 
  • Strong customer support: The team has experienced support available around the clock to handle your issues and provide instant solutions. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Shopline provides detailed reports to track online store performance and make informed decisions to scale your business. 

Summing it up!

There are experienced Shopline developers helping many businesses design and develop the right e-commerce store based on their target audience. Their experience will help you unlock many features to bring better returns.

Getting support from experts before you start the journey or improve your current business is highly recommended. Connect with us now, and we will help you strategize the growth of your business.

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