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Personalize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience with Shopping Mentor

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The ultimate goal of any website, whether it is a blogger or eCommerce is to keep the customers satisfied. Assure them constantly that their needs are being personalized. After what’s a business without its target audience.

But sometimes even after every possible effort, applying new technique or themes, it sometimes becomes impossible to keep them engaged. Especially on an eCommerce store and the problem is you cannot run discount offers throughout the year or keep on introducing new products.

It’s time we take you out of the dilemma to please your customers. Read on to know about Magento’s shopping mentor adding life to your online store.

Shopping Mentor: Magento’s solution to personalized experience

Yes, you heard it right, a shopping mentor. This plugin is almost similar to having a salesperson assisting your purchase decision in a mall.

The only difference is, here the assistance is of virtual nature. While you onset on the mission to purchase from a store, the plugin will guide you through the buying decision.

How shall the plugin mentor?

In order to be able to assist, even the virtual helper needs to know the requirements of the buyer. Just like the salesperson would ask your interest and occasion, only the s/he presents you with the best mentor magento extensionSo it starts with when you first visit the website. There will be a series of question related to the product you require, only after analyzing them, the mentor displays a set of related products. Saving you all the trouble of browsing through the website to get to your desired product.

For example, if you are looking for an ethnic wear, precisely of red color, then just answer Shopping mentor’s related questions. The list of products will be filtered automatically as directed.

More you explore, more you get

The recommendations work just fine as far as the buying decision goes. But the plugin has more capabilities than just being a guide at the point of purchase. Elsner’s Shopping mentor is also designed to educate the visitor’s with details about various products.

So before you buy products like electrical equipments or working appliances, you would know what you are getting into.

End Result

There might be many tried and tested techniques to add richness to the customer’s experience. Hassle free checkout, uninterrupted payment system and improvising navigational features, but a shopping guide is worth any other experience.

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