Ease Your Customer’s Shopping With Smart Mentor & Increase Sales Growth

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Ever faced some struggle while making a purchase online? Your customer might have got so many options to choose from, and the customers are not getting which one will look better on them. Gone are the days of having confusion regarding shopping items from online stores.

Elsner has brought a permanent solution to your customer’s confusions; Shopping Mentor. A tool that guides them at the time of online shopping. All the clicks by them will be done smartly with this tool.

This tool acts as a mentor for any kind of online shopping regardless of the products you are selling

Still confused about how will it work? Let me explain!

First of all, our mentor will ask some of the questions related to the product they are looking for. Next, this will ask their usage for the product.

Our mentor is such an expert that it will ask them everything regarding their needs. Whether they are buying a kitchenware electronic item or an accessory for the party dress, here, they will be able to find every kind of question. Answering them, they will automatically find a collection that is actually meeting their requirement. From this, they can easily select a product of their choice as well as according to their requirement.


Also, they will be given 4-5 options to choose from, so that it can meet their requirement appropriately. When they have answered all the questions, it will analyze the entire requirement and then few products will be displayed to them. These products are the effective recommendations that are entirely based on the answers given by them.

This will save their time that is used for selection of the product. If we look at its’ other benefits, it will also provide informative content to the customers regarding the product and hence educate them more about the product they have selected.

Also, it will explain features and major benefits of the product to the customers. Ultimately, the decision path of the customers is made easier by analyzing the need of the user. It integrates with the third party solutions with which they can get to know the most appropriate product that is entirely relevant to their requirement.

Here you go! Your customer has selected his/her favorite product. Now, all they would need to do is to add it to the cart and wait until you deliver it to them. Grab the extension for you today. Keep Selling!

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