Easy to Download

Just like all the web application, it is very simple to get hands on the application. The application is freely available to download on Google Play stores and IOS Stores for Android and Apple mobile respectively.

Mobile Application available on both Android and Apple Stores.


User Friendly Interface

The user interface is the first thing user interacts to, after downloading the Mobile App. The user interface of the mobile app defines if user finding ease to use the mobile app or not. As the resources are pre-installed in the mobile the app results faster than the web browser. Going through Menus, Product Browsing, Product Search and other features work so smooth that encourage user to stay on app and browse more available on the site. In fact user can go access and review multiple products in short time as compared to website.

Product Listing

The placement of the product is crucial for any site. User should able to find ease to search product easily through browsing. Common features that effects the product listing includes Product Listing by Categories, Tags and Product Filters. You will find all this at one place i.e Admin Product Management. Any modification in product management will reflect the changes on App across platform.

Product Filters

Product filtering enables customers to quickly find what they are seeking by letting them refine their product search according to different filters such as for instance price, size or color. Thereby the customers are able to search for products within a certain price range or/and of certain sizes and colors.

Proficient Product Page

Product page is the heart of the website. Product landing page is devoted to sell a unique products. The page advertises the product in such a manner that should reveals complete and descriptive information on the product. Product can be either added to the cart for purchase or can be added to Wish list/Favorite List for the later purchase.

Order Placement

The Mobile E-Commerce App process order placement with very easy and in an efficient manner. The process includes:

  • Select the Product Quantity
  • Add Product to Cart
  • Click on the Cart
  • Click on Checkout for Payment process.

As Mobile E-Commerce has resources pre-installed, the process is more robust and faster as compared to website on the browser.

Cart/Checkout process

Cart is nothing but a small bucket where users add their favorite products for purchase. The Cart shares following features:

  • Add/Edit/Remove multiple product to the cart.
  • Product stays until user removes it manually from the Cart.
  • Cart Page facilitates user to add more or other products to the cart even after product added to the cart using “Continue Shopping” button.

Cart becomes ready for Checkout once user finalize the cart. The checkout process is the process that a customer must go through when checking out the items in the cart. The checkout process. The checkout process includes: Adding/Editing Shipping & Billing Address, selecting payment Mode and process to Payment.

Provide great User Interface on all platforms

As an ongoing trend most of the mobile applications are built for all the platforms, out of which popular are Android, Apple and Windows. Hence whatsoever mobile the user will be using it will have easy access to Applications through stores.

Faster Access

The mobile application come with most of the resources developed and installed during Application installation. Hence there will be no lag or buffer while accessing mobile application.

Push Notification

Notifications are very important when users are registered on your Mobile Application because this work for user as an alert just likes SMS or Email Notification.

99% users pick up their phones to see new notifications rather than promotional Emails. You can send new notifications to your customers on new sales, best offers and discounts. This kind of alerts can help user to drive E-Commerce site traffic to increase sales.