Diamond industry and E-commerce

Recently we were developing a diamond brands e-commerce site for our client. I must say it has been fascinating experience learning about client’s requirement, the industry they operate in and the challenges faced by them. Leveraging on their strengths and strategizing their website according to it. It took us an ample amount of time but as we knew the diamonds to get in shape needs minute details, a steady approach and talented hands to make it shine. We took all this things into consideration in our organization and made the efforts in the right direction. Let me share with you some of the things:

1.) Diamonds requires care, so does your website

When it comes to selling diamonds and jewellery made with them, seller takes utmost care and precision when showcasing it to the client. This was replicated by us providing clients with a layered navigation option in site. The categories decided by working together with client reflected the whole business while providing an easy to navigate path for end consumers.

2.) Diamonds are bought on purity, so does your website

Diamonds are bought based on their purity (carats). A pure diamond is rare to discover and is valued the most. The opposite applies to your E-commerce Website: it should be discoverable but still valued the most. The discoverability of the site was done by us through building on-page SEO and link building, keeping in my mind the strategic vision for the client and working hand-in-hand with them.

3.) Surprising your loved ones by gifting their favourite jewellery

We have developed an extension in- house where the end consumer can gift jewellery to their loved ones from the products they added to the wishlist. A powerful gifting tool: bringing sales to the client’s site.

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4.) Customize jewellery for the designer minded customers

We have developed a tool where the end customer can design their own jewellery using different products creating a style statement of their own. The customer is happy due to this unique offering and the client is happy because of their increased sales on account of use of products.

5.) Physical store display and online store display

Display of unique items of jewellery at the front of the physical store helps to lure the customers into the store and creating a unique perception of brand. We provided an extension for slide show in the online store where the admin can select the pictures from the product photo shoot of jewellery and display it to the visitors on the site. A marketing tool for the client to sell product according to season, occasion etc.

The fundamental difference to grow online is the vendor of Magento Development Company you choose to partner with. We are committed to provide tailored-made services according to client’s vision and strategy for the business. This is an example of just one industry where we have done a great job (that what client said to us) .We are eager to help you within your industry. Reach us out on [email protected] and let us discuss how we can help you.

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