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Major Advantages: Laravel over other PHP Frameworks (Updated 2017)

Tarun Bansal
September 14, 2017

Laravel has been launched since just 5 years but has taken over the entire development field of the PHP technological world. Laravel development is one such framework which has made PHP even more useful than it is by making various advancements in the PHP platform.

PHP is a very dynamic language but since the arrival of Laravel, it has become more powerful, faster and simpler. The latest upgrade of Laravel was noticed in July 2017, known as Laravel 5.5. With every new release, it seems to make certain advancement in the PHP framework. The major aim behind the development of Laravel was to prevent faults from happening in the coding and security of the development. This framework was built with a purpose to strengthen security, database migration with lower data loss in order to make entire development process easy.

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Here, in this article, you will find various benefits of Laravel over PHP followed by the little bit drawbacks as well. Read the article!



  • Modular packaging with composer based dependency manager.
  • Class autoloader.
  • Eloquent ORM, the advanced active-record-pattern implementation
  • Query builder as an alternative to Eloquent ORM, for direct access to the database.
  • Support of database platforms including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer.
  • RESTFul state control over controller methods.
  • Blade templating engine, simple yet flexible.
  • Rapid automation with the inbuilt authentication mechanism, caching mechanism, powerful routing features, and session control.
  • IO component to handle requests and responses.
  • Artisan command along with sample codes line interface.
  • Unit testing support.
  • More secure to other framework and easy to implement.


  • The namespace is used everywhere, So it is necessary to implement it in the whole app.
  • The facades are just the alias of the class but it is used like the proxies.
  • Problems with changing the version of the application.

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