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Maintenance and Support

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Maintenance and Support

Our Software Maintenance and Support Solutions/Services

Our IT support and maintenance services are always aimed at providing short or long term technical support for software products or services and include the following ones.

  • Virtual assistance – Troubleshooting of a variety of issues is done mainly by voice and chat-based support. This can be assistance for migration of a software product or regarding its installation and so on.
  • Bug Fixing & patch release – Any bugs if detected in a software product are fixed by eliminating the same. We also facilitate our clients to keep their software products updated by our frequent patch releases.
  • Product extension – New capabilities are added to an existing software product and this includes peripheral development support too.
  • Code Optimization – We have experts exceptionally well in programming skills who optimize the product code effortlessly to reduce the lines of codes or to standardized the same. Our code optimization solution largely helps to convert a non-scalable code to a scalable code.
  • Version Upgrades – We firmly believe that support for a software product should be continual and hence provide version upgrades so that our clients can have an access to enhanced product features in a hassle-free manner.
  • Changes in UI/UX – The UI expectations are changing and our skilled designers’ helps in meeting the needs by doing the necessary changes in a time-bound manner
  • Enhanced security – We know the fact that mobile applications are now more prone to security compromises and need to be safeguarded against hackers and viruses of all types. Web-based software products are also not an exception and are subjected to security vulnerabilities that we eliminate by our enhanced security protocols.
  • Business support – This includes a whole spectrum of support services like internet research, B2B survey, logistics management, etc.

We offer cost-effective global IT support and maintenance services without compromising on the quality aspect as we know that cost of software maintenance is now skyrocketing and is quite a burden for small and medium size businesses.

Our strong team of technicians, designers, developers and testing professionals hence are committed to offer effective support and maintenance services whether it is onshore or offshore. For availing our support and maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (607) 524-4040.

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