Kushals is an online platform that offers a convenient and exciting way to purchase Fashion and Silver Jewellery and Accessories. Built on the Shopify platform, it provides a smooth and user-friendly interface for buying a vast range of jewellery.
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What was the challenge?

  • Developed a responsive and mobile-friendly website.
  • Advanced Search Bar Functionality.
  • Configured social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Lazy loading to optimize the pages on the website.
  • Implemented ReCAPTCHA security during product registration.
  • Incorporated Google Analytics to track and get reports of website traffic.
  • Social login, such as Google and Facebook, is implemented.
  • Implemented Google ads for promoting products.
  • Multiple payment gateways are installed to Provide online payment, such as Paypal, Gpay, and Applepay.
  • Integrated MailChimp for the newsletter.
  • Added Privy for Mail marketing automation.
  • Incorporated ReCart abandonment functionality.
  • Implemented Google Maps for Store locator functionality.
  • For Live chat, WhatsApp & Facebook have been integrated.
  • Included Shopify reviews & Loox for review & ratings.
  • Added Discount card functionality for discounts & promotions.

The solution we provided

  • Elsner provided an end-to-end solution to the client through the development of the website containing all the required functionality.
  • It incorporated Advanced Keyword Search functionality that enables users to easily navigate through the platform by utilizing popular keywords.
  • For the recovery of potential lost sales, a Cart abundant feature is included.
  • To ease the payment method, we have implemented AmazonPay, GooglePay, Apple Pay, and PayPal payment gateway options.
  • In order to track the online traffic of the website, we implemented Google Analytics tools.
  • We have developed the book an appointment functionality for users to visit the offline store.
  • Integrated Google Maps for store locator functionality.
  • Elsner has integrated Privy for mail marketing.
  • Implemented Privy for Mail Marketing.
  • For user authentication, social login such as Google & Facebook is integrated.
  • Mailchimp Newsletter subscription included for enhanced user experience
  • ReCAPTCHA Security to enhance the security of the website.
  • Google Ads to promote products.
  • For customer support & user-friendliness, WhatsApp & Facebook Live chat.
  • We have integrated Shopify reviews & Loox for reviews to display customers’ product reviews.

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