Prevoir Paris

Prevoir Paris is the fountain of youth in the skin care industry. They have developed a technology that is Stem Cell like and powered by Bio-Organica which enables to boost the skin process of healing. Elsner helped them to build an online shopify store to sell their skin care products online and create an online presence.
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  • html
  • WordPress Development
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What was the challenge?

  • Multi-Currency functionality
  • Implementation of Web Search Bar
  • Social Media Integration
  • Marketing Partner Klaviyo
  • YouTube Integration for Video Playing
  • Integrated Klarna for Easy Checkout
  • Integrated FedEx and USPS as Shipping Method
  • ReCAPTCHA Security

The solution we provided

  • We have developed a feature for retailers where they will be able to register their product.
  • Integrated Klarna checkout where it splits the purchase in 4 equal payments where users will have to pay first payment and the remaining three every two weeks.
  • We have integrated Klaviyo for the newsletters, which is the best Email & SMS Marketing Automation Platform.
  • Integrated ReCAPTCHA security whenever a user registers the product to protect websites from any spam or abuse.
  • Developed a feature where the user will be able to write a review and ask a question.
  • We implemented Multi-currency switcher functionality to sell in multiple currencies. This allows the customers to complete payment in the currency they are comfortable with.
  • Configured Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) to redirect them to social media.
  • We have two Shipping Methods integrated FedEx and USPS for Domestic and International respectively.
  • SEO Friendly URL Implementation to Make the Website Easily Visible to Search Engines.

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