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Laravel vs WordPress: Head-to-Head Comparison

Vishal Kondhiya
July 13, 2018
Laravel vs Wordpress

There are two big groups based on PHP: Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal etc.) and frameworks (Laravel, Symfony etc.). Among these, we will talk about WordPress CMS and Laravel-PHP framework as they both are different from each other. WordPress provides a solution which is highly flexible with speedy development cycle which is most preferable for non-technical users. It offers SEO friendly CMS where a user can easily develop a simple website and specific content.


But if we talk about Laravel, it more secure, reliable and solid platform as compared to the Laravel. For developing a highly advanced and multifunctional complex website then Laravel will be the best option for users.


Laravel Development Service: It is extensively chosen by those business owners and developers who are looking to set together with a multifaceted business website or web application. It offers the comprehensive set of tools, packages, and plugin for building an advanced system. The coding required for this will be required to follow the guidelines and adjust advanced functionality.

WordPress Development Service: It is the most popular CMS having a wide range of plugins available that assists you by providing extended functionality to your website. So if your website comes under content-based portal then WordPress will be the best option for developing Blog, Newspaper, Courses and other informational websites.


Points need to be considered while comparing:



Security is one of the main points that need to be considered while developing the website. As we all know that WordPress Solution comes with security bugs which lead to susceptibilities in downloadable plugins and themes.


Though all the libraries are developed by recognized development companies, at times hackers can hide suspicious code in plugins and themes. Moreover, FTP account can be accessed by using combinations of different usernames and password. Though, the website can be protected by following some popular security hacks.

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Laravel provides improved security to your website. It restricts unauthorized users from retrieving and using any data. It provides AES-256 encryption to passwords by means of default authentication. Laravel offers security features such as:

  • Authenticating Users
  • Storing Password
  • Encryption
  • Avoiding SQL injection
  • Protecting Routes
  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Cross-site request forgery (XSS)
  • Ideal for User-based actions



WordPress comes with regular updates for resolving the security issues but on the other hand, a drawback is it may keep your site unprotected from the online threats and may down your site.


For providing advanced functionalities to the website plugin are required. But plugin developed in the WordPress developed by the third party. So every plugin will have their own security risks and issues.


Website developed using Laravel will have good loading speed when compared with the WordPress. WordPress website having bloated and the non-optimized code will always be open for hackers.

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