Laravel 8.62 Released: Get the Best Insights Here!


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps to build PHP applications. With

Laravel 8.62, the game has been changed. The popularity has been growing rapidly with the help of built-in extensions and packages. With the Laravel 8.62 released in the market, the 8.x branch has new updates and features.

What is the Best Section of Laravel 8.x Releases?

1. The Versioning Scheme 

The minor patches are released every week, which helps to handle the breaking changes. At the same time, the primary framework releases every year around January. 

2. Exceptions 

The backward compatibility guidelines do not handle the Named arguments functionality. They may plan to rename the function parameters to improve the codebase of Laravel. Using the name arguments during Laravel methods should be done with cautions and expect the change of names in the future. 

3. Support Policy 

Laravel provides the longest maintenance and support in the market.

Laravel 8.62 released with the general bug fixes, additional libraries, and many other effective measures that helps in Laravel Development.  

The Perfect Checklist that Covers Essential Elements about the Recent Laravel 8.62 Released:

1. The newly added elements 

  • Addition of singular syntactic sugar to the wormhole 
  • Dispatch events during maintenance mode enable and disable 
  • Addition of new RefreshDatabaseLazily testing trait 
  • Make the PendingMail conditionable for the developers 
  • Addition of few PHP 8.1 changes 
  • The new asserNotSoftDeleted method addition 
  • Pretend option for mode: prune command has been added 
  • The pest option during the usage of make: test Artisan command

2. The things that are fixed with the Laravel 8.62 release 

  • The getDirty method, which is used during the AsCollection and AsArrayObject 
  • Manage sometimes conditions that add rules for the sibling values in the array of data
  • Handled the database value formatting and custom date castable 
  • Fixed the Validation/Password/Illuminate/Validation::passes()

3. The updates and changes that come with the Laravel 8.62 release 

  • The mailable assertions are fluent 
  • It allows the views of index.blade.php  for the anonymous components 
  • Developers can ignore the trailing delimiter in the cache.headers options
  • Notifications assertions can be done with respect to the shouldSend method on the notification
  • Allows request input retrieval as a collection 
  • Change in the *of any for deciding the relationship name when null
  • You only need to look for the files that end with .php in the model: prune 
  • Conversion of middleware to the array during the JSON output in the /RouteListCommand

4. Reverted Section 

The possibility to compare the custom date/immutable_date with the help of date comparison 

What are the Incoming Updates with the Laravel 8.62? 

1. Getting Collection During the Retrieve 

This gives you the ability to retrieve input efficiently:


  1. // Before
  2. collect($request->input(‘users’, []))->each(function ($user) {
  3. // …
  4. });
  5. // 🔥
  6. $request->collect(‘users’)->each(function ($user) {
  7. // …
  8. });


2. Addition of Singular Syntactic Sugar into the Wormhole 

In the singular_wormhole, that appends the syntactic sugar in the wormhole to use the singular values. The alias now gets singular which defers to the original source. 


  1. // Before
  2. $this->travel(1)->weeks();
  3. $this->travel(-1)->weeks();
  4. // After
  5. $this->travel(1)->week();
  6. $this->travel(-1)->week();


3. Anonymous Index Blade component templates 

The use of index.blade.php in the default view specifically for the anonymous component pointing to a folder:


  1. {{– components/accordion/index.blade.php –}}
  2. <x-accordion>
  3. {{– components/accordion/item.blade.php –}}
  4. <x-accordion.item>
  5. {{– … –}}
  6. </x-accordion.item>
  7. </x-accordion>


4. Making “PendingMail” Conditionable 

This class uses the “Conditionable” trait that lets the developers use unless() and when() methods during the configuration of an email before calling queue()  and send().

5. The Maintenance Mode Events 

This is run when the maintenance mode is enabled or disabled. You can hire Laravel developersto get into the external services, which are helpful to ignore any monitoring or uptime alerts. 


  1. use Illuminate\Foundation\Events\MaintenanceModeEnabled;
  2. use Illuminate\Foundation\Events\MaintenanceModeDisabled;
  3. Event::dispatch(MaintenanceModeEnabled::class);
  4. Event::dispatch(MaintenanceModeDisabled::class);


There are many insights inside the Laravel 6.83 release. You can get connected with developers for better service.

Why Laravel Development should be your Choice for the Following Web Projects? 

Quicker and Simple 

Being in the market for a long ensures that a vast crowd is already familiar with this PHP framework. It provides a wide range of in-built templates that makes the

development process faster. This ensures cost-effective and quicker results for the business. 

Highly Secure

Security has been the most crucial factor for online business. With

Laravel 8.62 released in the market, it has brought advanced security features that are easily configurable to enhance the security to fight online vulnerabilities. It has excellent user authentication, which keeps the data safe and secure.  

Improve Website Performance 

Laravel supports caching for the website that helps to boost the speed and performance. It also uses the memory reduction and indexing database to improve the website. 

Handle Traffic Seamlessly 

There are chances that the traffic volume will grow after a specific time, and you need to provide a smooth user experience. Laravel has a queue method to put off specific tasks that can be handled later. 

Third-Party Integrations 

Every website needs third-party tools to add unique and practical features. Laravel makes the integration process clean and easy for the developers. 


Laravel 8.62 has introduced effective updates and changes for developers and businesses. This PHP framework ensures to keep your website secure and updated with the latest trends in the market. Do you not want to miss out on the latest release of Laravel? Contact us now! Our team of Laravel experts has the proper knowledge and understanding of the Laravel platform.

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