How to Create a Shopify Store – The Ultimate Pre-Launch Checklist


Why is a Shopify Store Checklist Important?It is an outstanding achievement to have the products loaded and set all the social accounts. With so many things to complete before the launch, it makes it more important to have a Shopify checklist. This can help in reducing ambiguity and get an idea of things that need to be taken care of. Before building the final Shopify Store checklist know about your customers first: Shopify development drop-shipping is considered a great way to start an e-commerce store. An ideal drop-shipping service enables the retailers to select the products that exist in the database. The retailer will notify the drop-shipping service with customer details about the final order. 

The Shopify Checklist to Know About the Customers

While building an e-commerce store using the Shopify development method, it is essential to add the sales channel. This allows you to sell and market your services using different platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay. Shopify helps in managing the inventory and orders using the single Shopify interface.  As a business owner, it is your choice to sell the products using various e-commerce websites. Multi-channel retail is gaining attention in the market as it enables gaining customer attention from different websites. Customers nowadays compare price ranges and specifications on multiple platforms to make the final decision. Researching about the customers’ interests and recent actions on different sales channels can help in identifying the right sources to integrate in Shopify. Shopify already has social selling options like Facebook and Pinterest.It is a great idea to think from the customer’s point of view to understand their requirements better. Shopify app development company can help in giving better customer experience and match the customer requirements through your Shopify application. The Shopify applications can be integrated with the e-commerce store which can upgrade the store performance in the market. You can get help in currency conversions, product reviews, easy returns, or faster checkout using the Shopify checklist. 

Shopify Store Checklist Before the Launch

E-commerce Store Loading Time

The expected page load time is less than 3 seconds to make the visitors stay on the website. If your website is taking a lot of time to load, then it may cause users to exit the store and increasing your bounce rate. This can affect your digital marketing visibility on the search engines and lower your rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). You can use various tools available in the market to improve the performance of a website and provide lightning-fast speed in the page loads. 

Image Optimization 

Your image plays a vital role in a user’s decision to take your products or not. Ensure that you use attractive images and loads really fast on the website. There are chances that you may lose potential customers if you cannot provide faster image loads with quality assurance. Use tools like ImageOptimizer to work on the product images and enhance the performance of the website. 

Optimize SEO

Your meta description should have the right keywords that users might search to gain top rankings in the search engines. Make sure that your title is catchy and engaging to grab users’ attention. Always add the Image alt text to all the images which lets users get an idea of the image even before the image loads. 

Mobile Responsive 

If you don’t have mobile support in the Shopify checklist, then there are chances you will lose organic traffic. Make your online store mobile-friendly during the Shopify development process. Google decides your rankings based on the mobile response time. Make sure that your features and functions are visible on the different sizes and platforms effortlessly.    

Easy Registration 

Many e-commerce stores lose their customers when they have a complex procedure for registration that requires too many details. Users avoid time-consuming tasks and are in a hurry to make a successful purchase online. You can add different platforms to complete the registration process and provide guest checkout for your products. 

Add Wishlist Option 

This makes your store user-friendly as users get to save their favorite products for future references. It becomes easy to them to buy the products that have been added in the wishlist without searching for them in the store again. 

Add Contact Us Page 

This page should have the correct address, contact number, and email for customers to reach out. This shows that you genuinely care for your customers and are available to help them whenever required.  

Let us Make a Generic Shopify Store Checklist for you:

First Things to do:

  • Know your target customer and build a marketing plan 
  • Select your product lists
  • Get attractive images of your products 

Setting the Shopify Store:

  • Select a Shopify theme
  • Add products 
  • Set custom domain 
  • Organize the product pages, navigation, and categories
  • Manage the financial and shipping setting 
  • Enter store policies 
  • Review your website before launch 

Optimize the Shopify Store 

  • Customize the email templates of your Shopify store
  • Set a reporting schedule to track your website statistics
  • Add sales to increase conversion rates 
  • Make a list of your targets 

A Successful Shopify Development

It is important to achieve success by getting the right tools for your Shopify store. A Shopify development drop-shipping business is important to build a robust supply chain without any disturbance. All it comes down to building a simple Shopify checklist before the launch.

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