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How To Allow Your Customers To Cancel Order In Your Magento Store?

Many stores offer offline payment option due to which many fake orders are generated. The payment status of such orders is pending.

Sometimes even due to technical errors, payment is hindered which leads to pending payments.
Such orders need to be canceled.

Even due to unavailability of product in stock, there arises a situation where the order needs to be canceled by the merchant. There are modules and extensions which facilitates automatic cancellation.
Customers have the right to cancel the order before it reaches the address. This is one of the luring advantage of shopping online.

Customers generally cancel their order for the following reasons:

  • A late realization of not comparing prices on other online stores.
  • Out of irritation as the shipment got delayed and now the order is of no further use.
  • Ordered out of excitement looking at the discounted prices and realizing it is of no use.
  • The customer is not going to be in the city for any personal reason.
  • Coming across with a better deal for the same product.
  • A bad review from friends/family.

A customer can also cancel orders along with invoices, shipment and credit memo conveniently with Cancel Order Magento 2 Extension.
Cancel Order extension automatically cancels all pending orders and pending payment orders after a particular time set by the admin.

It also gives notification of re-stock product of the canceled order. You can set up a cancellation time for each payment method.

Admin has the authority to approve or disapprove the cancel order request. Unless a genuine reason is provided for cancellation, the order is always processed.

Following features are offered by cancellation extensions available:

  • Customers can easily send cancel the request for the orders made by them.
  • The final call is given by the admin who can see all the cancel requests.
  • Authority lies in the hands of admin. The further processes of the request are done by Admin.
  • Customers get notifications when the cancellation has been processed.
  • Admin Panel has the facility to change the messages when required.
  • Cancel Order Magento 1 Extension is easy to manage and install.
  • Extensions are compatible with almost all custom themes.

This cancellation extensions are helping admin cutting down the time wasted to change order status manually for each order.

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