Google Fuchsia OS: A twister for all Android Users!

Google Fuchsia OS
  • Google is coming up with a capability-based operating system named Fuchsia. This is Google’s Android-Chrome hybrid Operating system. Google’s Fuchsia is yet less in number and mystery to most. This will be a universal operating system that powers all gadgets. It is still unknown if this operating system is the replacement of the other operating system including Android.

    • It almost seems like Fuchsia will support Android applications. Fuchsia OS developers are finding ways to comply with Android App development. Google surprised everyone landing the Fuchsia OS on the popular platform Github. Let’s know a bit more on Fuchsia operating system on which tech giants have been waiting to get their hands on.


    • The word is a name of a color which is the combination of Pink and Purple color. Fuchsia has the capacity to handle all Internet Of Things. Fuchsia comes up with Artificial Intelligence. Google started working on it in 2007 as an open source project. Very less information is available online for the shortcomings of Android. The question still prevails is: Will Android program run side by side or would it be an end to the Android era?


    • Fuchsia will definitely provide controlled framework over mobiles, laptops and other IOT devices.

    Google's Fuchsia OS

    • Unlike Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is based on Google’s own custom foundation “Zircon”. It is embedded with an extra layer of security and also has the ability to eliminate situations in which apps go incompatible with Operating system updates.


    • To run over Android applications, it will use a specially designed version of Android Run time(ART). Written using the Flutter SDK, Android devices will be able to run chunks of Fuchsia. The launch of Fuchsia is Google’s fresh attempt to unite the entire ecosphere under a single and unique operating system. Google’s plan is to fit Fuchsia on ever possible Google’s tech umbrella.


    • Google is yet reluctant to speak or give an official statement on Fuchsia OS(as of now) may be because they want to focus completely on the OS or it is a “Senior engineer retention” project. The two distinct but connected interfaces, “Phone-centric Armadillo” and desktop UI ”Capybara” comprises Google Fuchsia.


    • Fuchsia is more focused on a card-based interface. Google wants Fuchsia to be the best cross-device operating system, unlike other Android App development.


    • It’s too early to speculate anything about Fuchsia and its whereabouts, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Google comes out with an announcement this year. The Fuchsia OS will not be a normal updated but will push developers to have two-one models.
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