Enhance Your Sales Opportunities With Testimonial Magento 2 Extension

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Not everyone in the sales knows, how to harness the power of good word-of-mouth. There are dozens of ways for increasing sales online but using a testimonial on your store is a quick win among all. For an online retailer, new competitors emerge in the blink of an eye.

Being honest might seem a bit painful to online retailers but it’s important to let your potential customer know the actual product. For this, you definitely need to include customers’ testimonial given for the product.

Potential customers give a lot of attention to the opinions given by others. Buyers will value a highly praising testimonial over every wording mentioning the product. They sought after the products based on the testimonials.

Including customers’ review and testimonials acts as an invaluable marketing tool that enhances the credibility of your store. Using testimonials in the text, audio or video you are able to transform your sales pitch into an unbiased recommendation for your product. You can use the Testimonial Magento 2 Extension available in order to perform the task. This extension facilitates the admin to allow customers and guests to write testimonials. There are various configurations to manage the testimonial by the admin like

  • Can show/hide testimonials
  • Can set the number of testimonials to be shown as per personal requirement.
  • Allow/Disallow guest to add testimonials
  • Approve/Disapprove the testimonial given
  • Admin can thank the testimonial giver from front-end.
  • Separate page for testimonials and many more

Customers need a greater reassurance that the product they are purchasing is up to their expectations. They need social proof to make a good decision. Do not leave your customers in any doubt. In fact, this is the first thing a customer will visit on the product site. Testimonials help you build trust in your brand. If the customers don’t trust your brand they are likely not to purchase the items.

As rightly said, Testimonial’s aren’t “sales”. Because they are written in the customer’s voice and not your own, they sound more candid and positive. Choosing the right testimonial for your product is also an important aspect to take care of. By using Testimonial Magento 2 extension the admin has the authority to select the testimonials that you want to publish. Always select the benefits driven testimonials as they are likely to turn a visitor into a customer. The customers relate more easily to a testimonial written by the audience to whom they can relate easily. The right praise from an influencer can seal the deal for you.

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