Find the Perfect Apps to Grow Your Business in the New Shopify App Store


Every online business has some unique requirements which evolve over a specific period. The Shopify App Store keeps this in mind and provides flexible solutions to grow your business. There are many apps available in the new Shopify app store, but the catch is you need to get the best ones. The

terms and conditions checkbox, product comparison, product reviews, and many more improve your performance.  

What Has Changed in the New Shopify App Store?

It is vital to have a smooth experience when you look for apps in the Shopify store. Shopify puts great efforts to improve user experience and engage them on the store. Let us look at some crucial changes that have been done in the Shopify App store:

Beautiful Design and User-Experience

The Shopify app store has improved the experience on both mobile and desktop. It is easier and simpler to navigate for the users.   

Streamlined Listings

They have focused on keeping the information that is relevant at the front and center. The app listing pages will highlight the critical information that helps compare the applications quickly. The app pricing is more transparent and helps to scale with your business. 

This is the required method to look for Shopify apps in the store. They have used the relevant data to ensure that users can first see the best apps for the business. This saves time and gives you information like free trials details, simplified descriptions, and ratings.  

Tailored App Recommendations

Shopify has improved the recommendations based on the success of the business. It will display the frequently purchased apps together to help users consider things they haven’t thought about before. This personalized recommendation helps to save time and present new ideas efficiently.

The Perfect List of Shopify Apps you must-have for your Online Store:

Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Place a terms and conditions checkbox in the store with a customized link and text to your terms and condition page. The app allows the store owners to put this checkbox in the checkout process in the e-commerce stores. This Shopify app has some great features and benefits for business owners. Some unique characteristics of the app are:

  • You can design the text as per your requirements. 
  • You can add multiple policies and links on the checkbox text and buttons. 
  • Instead of “I agree to the terms and conditions”, you can add a tailor-made process in the app. 
  • It gives you the freedom to customize the checkbox terms and conditions link, warning message, and text in any language
  • It also provides support to Buy it now button 

Advanced Product Reviews App Shopify

Shopify product reviews app plays a vital role to grow your business. To gain customer loyalty, you need to have positive reviews on your applications. This product reviews app on Shopify will help to display the essential section of your business. 

This app is where your reviews will be gathered. This helps to make the most of your online business. Some unique features of the app are:

  • Admin can flag, reject, and accept the review
  • Admin also gets the freedom to mark the best review, which is added under “Best Reviews.”
  • The admin can change settings whether they want to receive mail for the reviews posted. 
  • As a business owner, you can approve or reject the review through mail 
  • You can refine the style of reviews based on the list, slider, or grid


It is known as an email marketing solution for the e-commerce store. They have added channels to support SMS Messaging, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and more. Some prominent features are:

  • It is a one-stop to automate the workflow using multiple channels of communication
  • Robust segmentation will be done based on the shopping and email behaviors to target the right audience
  • Helps in synchronizing with Facebook and Google Ads to target your audience

Shopify Product Compare App

Before customers make their final decision, they want to compare the products. This app allows customers to perform an effortless comparison. You get to see various parameters of the products and choose the best ones that match your requirements. Some key features of the Shopify product compare app are:

  • Admin has the freedom to manage the button layout 
  • The application is highly customizable and managed by the admin
  • Customers can add new products to the list 
  • They can compare their features and functionalities 

Product FAQs – Advance Options

Product FAQs – Advance Options app adds the Frequently Asked Questions with the answers on your product pages effortlessly. It ensures that your customers get relevant and valuable information about the products. Some noteworthy features are:

  • Admin can create, read, delete, update, and enable/disable the FAQs on the web pages 
  • As a business owner, you can manage the FAQs and customize the block’s color, width, and font size. 
  • The admin can select whether you want to display the FAQ section on the product page 
  • It will save your time by giving helpful information 


We have focused on the vital Shopify Development which will help you grow your business. We know it isn’t easy to decide which application will be beneficial for your business. Not only that, but we have shortlisted some apps which might help. As a business owner, you have to face great challenges in order to provide great features and functionalities. You might have researched a lot, but still want to explore more? Reach us now! We have our Shopify experts who have great experience in the market and will help you jot down the best ones.

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