Zoho Inventory Integration with Magento

Customer Relationship Management is a significant aspect of the business throughout history. It refers to a tool and the technical system that is used to perform optimal customer relationship management.In this technologically advanced world, CRM software helps Businesses build a relationship with their customers, which in turn increases loyalty and customer retention. A Customer Relationship Management tool helps to create a simple user interface for collecting data that helps businesses recognize and communicate with their customers in an exceedingly scalable way.CRM is a management strategy that helps to get increased profits for a Business.

Why Magento for Your Business?

Magento is the most preferred eCommerce platforms built on open source technology. It empowers thousands of retailers and brands to innovate and grow rapidly. Magento has been proven as one of the most flexible, robust, and scalable open-source eCommerce platforms on the market. It offers an enlarged array of powerful tools for building and managing your online store.

Why should you use Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is an award-winning web-based CRM solution that helps businesses manage customer relationships customers and boost sales. Many big organizations in the world use it to manage their sales process. It automates the entire process. The cloud-based CRM uses customization, analytics, process management, and other features to help businesses monitor their leads and sales.

Below mentioned are some essential features of Zoho Inventory:

  • Automation: Zoho Inventory can help you automate standard business tasks, track sales, and communicate with customers’ cross-platforms.
  • Secure and Reliable: With the help of advanced security features such as encryption, IP restrictions, audit logs, and two-factor authentication, Zoho Inventory effectively protects your data, only allowing access to the users you authorize.
  • Multichannel Experience: Zoho Inventory integration with Magento helps you connect with customers across all channels in real-time. You get a robust notification system that notifies you when a customer interacts with your e-commerce website
  • Leads and Contacts System: With Zoho Inventory, you can gather customers’ information to analyze and split these users into leads and contacts.
  • Support for 3rd-Party Integrations: Zoho can be integrated with other popular business applications such as Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Google Apps, etc.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Zoho provides a mobile version that allows you to stay connected through your mobile devices.
  • Advanced Business Logic with Functions:  Map your organization’s Business processes inside your CRM using advanced functions to drive business.

Advantages of Zoho Inventory Integration with Magento eCommerce Website

A CRM software removes manual work of maintaining the data, helps any Business owner to become more productive, and improves the ability to make decisions. Some of the key advantages of integrating Zoho Inventory with the Magento eCommerce website are mentioned below:

  • It helps Businesses streamline processes
  • Sales forecasting
  • Improves sales performance
  • Website Integration forms
  • CRM workflow management
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhanced Marketing and Promotion
  • Increase profitability

Why Integrate Zoho Inventory with the Magento Store?

Nowadays, almost all businesses are exploring online through eCommerce platforms. Therefore, it is essential to have well-organized customer relation management to improve customer experience. Integrating Zoho Inventory with Magento makes your store create a smooth flow to maintain customer relationships and effectively organize the business. It automates the entire process of the Magento store. The automation helps store owners save a lot of time instead of adding data manually on Zoho Inventory, significantly reducing workload for store owners. There are extensions available to connect the Magento store with Zoho Inventory

Essential Features of Zoho Integration with Magento

Below are some of the crucial features of integration with Zoho Inventory:

  • Sync and update Order data from the Magento store into Zoho Inventory Sales Order Module.
  •  Sync and update Invoice data from the Magento store into Zoho Inventory Invoice Module.
  •  Sync marketing campaigns
  • Sync and update Promotion rules from the Magento store into Zoho Inventory Campaign Module.
  • Synchronization of various features of both Magento and Zoho Inventory
  •  Sync Magento product inventory with Zoho Inventory: You will be able to sync all the product types available in Magento by default:
  • One of the most vital features of Zoho Inventory Magento 2 is synchronizing all products without any restrictions in the product types.
    • Simple products
    • Downloadable products
    • Grouped products
    • Bundle products
    • Virtual products
    • Configurable products
  • Customers from Magento 2 will be synced into Leads, Contacts, or Accounts based on their behavior
  • The product information, including basic information, price, and especially stock information, is auto-synced and updated into Zoho Inventory Products from your Magento store if any new product is created, edited, or even removed.
  • The information of Orders and Invoices in the Magento panel will be archived in the Magento store. Then synchronized into the Zoho Inventory modules as Purchase Orders and Invoices. These modules will be synchronized with Order information with a friendly interface, which is very convenient.
  • Income tracking: It also provides income tracking. It transfers income data from Magento to a CRM system and back if the CRM platform requires it.

How does Zoho Integration with Magento Works?

  • As soon as the customer record is created in Magento, that record will be synced to Zoho Inventory as an Account.
  • When a customer will order in Magento, that order syncs back to Zoho. You can view the order against the customer via a related list.
  • When an order is shipped in Magento, the shipping status of that order is synced back to the order in Zoho as well.

When your customer pays through Magento, that invoice will be synced from Magento to Zoho with paid status.


Having an eCommerce store isn’t sufficient enough for running the business. It needs to be managed efficiently to get maximum benefits out of it. From the above discussion, it is clear that integrating Zoho Inventory with the Magento store enables you to have an organized way to manage your online store. Defining your goals and objectives for integrating Zoho Inventory with your Magento store is essential to get maximum ROI.

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