Easy Steps for Star Ratings in Google SERP with Schema Markup

Easy Steps for Star Ratings in Google SERP with Schema Markup

Ever noticed the websites on Google SERP that come with star ratings and various number of votes? Want the same for your website? There are no high-end coding required or the scripts required just to make your star rating visible on the SERPs or there is no need to contact any SEO services in USA.

Having star rating on Google SERP can have higher impact on your website. Mainly, it affects CTR of your website. Higher CTR can also lead to higher ranking as well as higher amount of traffic on your website.

– The first time visitors generally take the reference from star ratings and the reviews given to the website before clicking on the website.

– Reading online review is a major part of the entire buying process of the customer these days.

– These also impact Google Local Pack Results and Local Organic Search Rankings.

There are various ways to get star rating on your website. Here are the guides which will help you get the star rating for your website on Google Search Engine Result Pages.

– You can get them through the real time reviews you get on your social media profile and the third party profiles. You can use platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Glassdoor to get the real time reviews from your customers based on your website niche.

Here is the list of Online Review Sites for Collecting Business & Product Reviews.


Facebook Screenshots


– If you own an ecommerce website, you can ask for real time review for each product from the visitors, this can also provide star ranking to your ecommerce store in Google SERPs.

ecommerce review
– The next way to gain the star rating is using various third party tools. For an example, FEEFO is a tool that sends an email to the customer after the purchase and invite them to leave their feedback. And after the customer provides the feedback using the custom form, your reviews will automatically be changed on Google SERPs.


feefo reviews

– The last but the easy way is to put a simple HTML code on your website in order to get the star rating in Google SERP.

markup code


What is schema Markup?

It is a structured data or a set of instructions that includes the HTML of your webpage so that Google has the overview of your webpage and where to utilize it. Schema markup increases the chances of Google pulling out your webpage out of so many piled up websites. 

We, at Elsner, tried out to put a static block on every page just above the footer with Schema Markup technique in order to get the star rating on our website. It actually sounds more difficult than it is actually.

Here is the sample code we kept on our website.

<div class=”text1 ratingview”>
<span>Overall client rating is</span>
<span itemscope=”” itemtype=””>
<span itemprop=”rating” itemscope=”” itemtype=””> <strong itemprop=”average” id=”ratingValue”>4.7</strong>out of <strong itemprop=”best”>5.0 </strong>
</span>for <span itemprop=”itemreviewed”>Elsner </span>
by <span class=”client-project”><span itemprop=”votes” id=”totalClient”><strong>200+</strong> </span>clients</span>
on over <span class=”client-project”><span itemprop=”count”><strong>750+ </strong> </span>projects</span>

Put the best ratings possible on your site and enjoy the Google ranking as well as traffic on your website.

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The content displayed at position zero and grabs the users attention is known as featured snippets. They are the most relatable and best answer to the viewer’s queries as per Google’s guidelines. They can be in different format like a list, paragraph, or table of information related to the query raised.   The rich search results that appear in a box of content on the SERPS have high rate of conversions and engages more people. Have long-tail keywords and try adding questions with relevant answers in your website content. Hire an SEO expert and build a website with the best SEO strategies to reach position zero on Google SERPs.

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