Do You Own a Tiles Business? Here are the Hidden Facts You Must Know!


A tile store sells, installs, and repairs tiles of various styles and shapes. They are responsible for delivering the right products to the customers. Mass-market brands aim to step into the digital age to leverage potential buyers. An

Online tiles store is becoming the fastest-growing distribution channel. Today people are more dependent on online platforms to access amazing products and services. 

Are you ready to start a tiles business online? Do you have a strong plan to grow your business? How about the target audience of your tiles business online? We are here with our Tiles eCommerce development services.

Get ready with your training wheels, and we will be disclosing the best path to achieve your targets smoothly. 

Where should you Begin for Opening an Online Tiles Store? 

You need to know the current status of your

online tiles store to begin this journey: 

  • Social Media: The number of followers you have on your social media profiles
  • Mailing List: The count of people signed up to receive your updates and recommendations 
  • Website Hits: This is the number of unique visitors you get every month 
  • Search Data: The number of people who searches for your brand name specifically on search engines 
  • Social Listening: The count of people talking about your business online

If you have this information, let us take the next step:

Plan your Business 

A clear idea of theonline tiles store helps present a better market approach. You will be able to map the vital parts of the business and discover something new. A few things you might want to consider are: 

  • Know the approximate cost in the development and other segments. 
  • The selling, installing, cleaning, or repairing services for tiles. 
  • Pricing plan based on location, items, manufacturer, quality, and quantity
  • The approx. profit and the time is taken to generate it
  • Find out the procedures to make your online business more profitable. 
  • Decide on your brand name and logo 

Build a Business Website 

After defining your online tiles store name and creating a professional logo, it is time to create a website for your tile business. Web technology has made huge advancements in the past few years, making the website development process effortless. The main reasons to start with your website are:

  • The size of the industry does not matter when it comes to online platforms 
  • Social media profiles help to build a strong customer base 
  • Online tools have made the process to grow your business easier 

The website will bring you a step closer to your customers. It enables sharing of all the necessary information and increases brand awareness. The SEO services in the digital world help make your platform search engine friendly and grab better rankings, which means higher user engagement.  

Promote your business 

This is where you get to increase your online tiles store visibility. A few methods you might want to explore are:

  • Offer relevant information about your services, products, venue, and business background. 
  • Connect with the local vendors, corporate organizations, or any connected networks for effective growth. 
  • Take active participation in social or charitable events to get exposure on a large scale
  • List your business in the Google Maps and web directories to make it more accessible for the visitors 
  • Add social links, location, product details, and relevant information to your website 
  • Build professional flyer, brochures, and business cards for your visitors.
  • You can also indulge with PPC management services for driving the right traffic on your platform

How to Boost the Performance of your Tiles Business Online?

1. Word of Mouth 

There are multiple methods to show your products, but personal advertising effectively promotes your

online tiles store. For your tile business, this is worth your investment. All you need to do is encourage brand discussions. Then evaluate the things that are talked about your brand and utilize the insights to provide better services. 

2. Build a Blog Section 

This helps to share relevant information with your clients and visitors. It is effortless to create a blog section, increasing your user-engagement rate. Ensure you post content regularly, and the topics are relevant to your business. It might help to connect with businessmen, potential buyers, and bloggers. 

3. Take Benefits of Social Media 

You must have your business presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Focus on the ones that will help you connect with the right audience. Perform various promotional activities and add visual materials to engage your visitors more often.

4. Referrals and Rewards

This can take your business to a better path. As an

online tiles store owner, you should ask for referrals from your clients and connections. To make this process better, you can introduce rewards for the people bringing potential leads to your business. This will help in boosting the sales and reach a wider audience. 

It will help you stay updated with your industry’s recent trends and demands. Even the search engines change their algorithms regularly and you need to change your content accordingly to maintain top rankings. 

6. Focus on User-Intent 

It is important to understand your customer’s interests and intentions for your store. This will help you give them the exact answer and engage with them better. Build your content based on user intent to make your platform more interactive. This ensures to decrease your bounce rates and increase customer retention. 

7. Indulge in Brand Partnerships

Linking with other reputable brands is more than just combining the organizations. This helps to gain more trust from the audience. This increases your brand awareness with your partner’s customer base, and they will be interested in knowing more about your business. So, partnerships are a good idea to grow in your industry. 

8. Make Sharing Effortless 

When you are offering something, make it easier for the audience to share with others. This might be products, blogs, offers, videos, social media posts, or anything on your platform. This is the most effective method to gain the trust of the customers. 

What are the Technical Platforms to Ease your Journey of an Online Tiles Store?

Once you decide to build a website for your tiles business, it is the right time to know which platform would be perfect based on your requirements. Let us tell you the benefits of the three ruling tools used to develop websites:


The main idea of this platform is to sell products both online and offline through a single platform. It will help to launch and sell the products to the right audience. Some benefits of choosing Shopify Development for your

tiles business online are:

  • It gives you a quick development process with the help of great tools and resources 
  • Shopify has great security to handle sensitive information of your customers safely
  • The platform provides you with PCI compliance to make it easier for you. 
  • You get customer support around the clock in case you get stuck or need any answers
  • It has a wide range of mobile-responsive themes 
  • Shopify developers can easily customize the store based on your business requirements. 

This is suitable for people who do not want to indulge in coding too much. It is an excellent choice for Business-To-Business and Business-To-Customer.  


This is a Content Management System that is becoming highly popular in the website development industry. It is an elegant solution to build an ecommerce solution with great features and functionalities. Some advantages of using WordPress development are:

  • It has a great collection of plugins to support the best features for your tiles business online.
  • Ease of integration for extensions and plugins 
  • You get to choose between the free and premium versions based on your requirements 
  • An extensive online community to provide you with better solutions and handle issues 

This is perfect for building an online store to sell physical products. It can be customized effortlessly based on your requirements and expectations. 


It is an open-source platform that has great features to build e-commerce platforms. The best part is that users get the overall control of every element on the website. Some benefits of preferring Magento development for your

online tiles store are:

  • It gives you great scalability to encourage store growth on large 
  • The platform is simple, and the interface has great customization support 
  • The marketplace gives you access to great extensions and plugins to improve your store performance
  • It has an enormous online community that will provide you with the best solutions if needed

This is the perfect technology for businesses still dwelling in the market and aiming to achieve higher goals. It is also an affordable option for the business. You might want to read the Casa39 tiles case study developed using Magento to handle four different front ends from a single backend. This will give you a clear idea of how online presence changes the business perspective and bring effective results. 

The Last Note!

Even after so many efforts in your

online tiles store, everything boils down to:

  • Increased SALES
  • Higher PROFITS 
  • More Influence

After having an

online tiles store, you need to begin with marketing, connecting, and nurturing your customers. These three work perfectly to grow your business. Define your strategy based on your business requirements and targets. 

If not sure, Reach us now! We will tailor the best strategies to meet your goals and bring returns.

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