Complete Solution : Shopping Behaviour Analysis in Google Analytics

Shopping Behaviour Report Guide

Having an eCommerce website? Unable to track the behaviour of the customer visiting your website? Shopping behaviour analysis by Google analytics is a feature that lets you track to checkout channel add or remove at cart action, product review at sale channel, affiliates, coupons, promo codes, refunds etc. The analytics section has its subsection such as conversions and then shopping behaviour.

Here, in this article, you will learn even about enhanced ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics. It is just one step ahead towards smart and effective tracking of your customer’s behaviour on your eCommerce store.

Now, moving on, you will get a step by step guide for how to use this fantastic tool for analyzing the shopping behaviour of your customer.

Getting Started!

  • Your website must have Universal Analytics Code firstly, in order to begin with the the enhanced analysis of the shopping behaviour of your customer.
  • The next step is you must enable the enhanced ecommerce on the view level, similar to classic ecommerce. Click Admin option ->“Ecommerce Settings” and it will bring you to the below drop box.Shopping behaviour settings
  • You also have the options available to set up the checkout labels. For an example:

shopping behaviour settings


  • Now the important step is to remove all the old ecommerce tracking codes as enhanced and classic ecommerce tracking both can not work together.
  • Moving on, you need to implement the ec.js ecommerce tracking codes. Confused how to do the entire process? Here is the entire technical reference for GTM users as well as for those who do not use GTM.

Wondering what would be the role of keeping these labels in analytics? Here we go!

  • Analysis of Product Detail View will help you to track how frequently users have clicked on the products in order to know more about the products.
  • Analysis of Add to Cart actions lets you track the items which were added to cart, and lets you know about the items even if they were not purchased.
  • The Promotions Tracking lets you to track internal promotions and other marketing efforts
  • The Checkout funnel lets you to define funnel specific to the particular checkout process.
  • You can then import product data to provide the detailed information of all the products such as sizes, colors, etc. Along with this, you can also import refund data. But make sure that this refunding of the data doesn’t change the earlier ecommerce transactions. Hence, you can import refund data without any risk. And you will also see refunds data in your sales performance report.

Now, moving on, here we have another free eCommerce extension, which helped us to make the precise tracking.Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Extension is a free magento extension which lets you use this latest feature of Google Analytics easily. This extension supports five new reports and also support guest checkout functionality, internal search tracking facility, display advertising feature. Don’t know how to install this?

Wait, let me explain you!

  • Firstly, login to your Magento store’s Admin Panel.
  • You can install the extension via Extension key, which you can get from Magento Connect.

Shopping behaviour report

  • Once this is done, you need to re-login to the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Post that, you can got this way : Magento Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration.
  • Reached to the configuration section? Great!


Now select Google Analytics Enhanced Extension to configure it.

For further reference, you can click here. Once the installation is over, you need to put the GTM code in order to integrate both the extension and the GTM. If you are not a GTM user, this extension will generate its own GTM code and then complete the process of analysis.

NOTE : The report will not support all the data when you have only single page checkout.

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