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7 Quick Design Tips That Will Increase Your Online Conversions

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Optimizing a website according to our requirement is a necessity for every business. When the website is optimized, it allows a growth in business by engaging the digital customers more effectively. With the advancement in technologies and increased competition for online businesses, most of the customer base is moving towards the digital world. Always keep in mind, if your customer has liked the interaction with your brand, he will surely visit it once again and be your potential customer. The first impression of the website matters highly in the sales growth of a brand.  The business owners out there should consider their website as a platform for driving conversions, and for the transformation of the website into a business tool, it should be optimized accordingly. In the below article, you will find seven tips for the optimization of your website which will let your website business increase conversions. Read on and find them out!

  • Include the Social Proof

Social proof of your work encourages the customers to trust your website and your business. This proof may include certain testimonials and reviews by clients, reviews on social media. These social proofs are the quickest ways to establish trust among the customers. For gaining trust from the customers, you can create a transparency through the process of asking for feedback from the customers. There are a lot of ways to create the social proof for your business and hence enhance the customers to make a purchase.

  • Ask for testimonials and reviews and showcase on your website
  • Showcase logos of major brands that your company has partnered with
  • Show the media outlets that market your product or services
  • List the awards won by your business
  • Write something interactive for satisfaction guarantees or warranties

When the social proof is highlighted on the website, it creates an easy decision for the customers to trust your brand and value the services provided by you.

  • F-Layout Should be Considered

According to some researchers, it is found that the visitor on your website checks out the screen in an F pattern. As per the below image, you can find out that people will look from left to right at the top of the screen. Moving downwards and making a glance over the content and then goes to the bottom which means that the right corner in the bottom is the area that is least concentrated.

f-layout-heatmap                                                                            Image Source Envato

You can take the most advantage of the behavior by keeping the most important content in the places where there are high visibility chances. Each and every area should be designed by keeping the F layout so that it can help you further in converting the visitors into customers.

  • A Responsive Web Design is a Necessity

Owning a website which is not responsive is no more worthy in this world full of technological advancements. The responsive web design lets you have a website that is supportive on all the devices along with a consistent user experience. The consumers these days, use devices such as Android or iOS smartphones, laptops, tablets and a lot more. According to a report, 60% of the searches are done on mobile devices, hence, it is important to have your website design optimized. If not, your website may lose a huge percentage of traffic and may lose the potential customer base.

  • Update Your Website Periodically

Regardless of the platform, your website is built on, it is necessary to update the website on a regular basis within a certain time. Updating your website will lead your business to an active website impression. Especially, when these days, the online shopping is becoming a trend to be followed, a website with the outdated version will not be preferred by the customer and is also not a trustworthy website for your customers. Having an up-to-date website is a proof for having a diligent brand and a potential business.

  • Load Time & Site Speed Should be Optimized

When having an online business, a speed of your website matters a lot. It is said that slow load times can kill conversions at times. Most of the users tend to leave the website if it has taken more than 3 seconds to load. The customers do not wait for your site to load, and therefore it is necessary to optimize the load time and speed of your website. The load time of the website should not be more than 3 seconds. This nature of the website helps you to have better conversions.

  • Site Navigation Should be Streamlined for Usability

Using a website that is entirely navigable makes the visitors stay back for long on your website. When they stay on your website, they will check out your services, products and may convert to purchase. On the other side, if it is difficult to navigate, it will result in higher bounce rates and will experience a loss of potential customers as well. Convenience is a source which converts the visitor into a customer of your website.

  • Excessive Design Products May Lead to Unappealing Website Design

Design elements are a good thing, but the golden rule “Excess of Anything is Likely Bad” is applied here as well. Excessive design elements may de-prioritize the user experience of your website. A unique web design is all you need for a successful business. Hence, the visual complexity of the website is highly important for higher conversations and therefore, excessive use of the design products should be avoided on any website.

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