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In this world full of advanced technology, Magento is the fastest growing and latest open source eCommerce platform that can be customized according to the requirement of the organization. Magento involves a clarity of scope of work along with well defined project delivery timeline. The main reason behind its’ popularity is due to the success of its’ Magento Enterprise Edition. This edition has entirely changed the concept of eCommerce businesses and is a very fruitful solution to every eCommerce business problems.This edition is especially for the passionate eCommerce store owners who aims at achieving success in the business and making his brand famous globally. This edition combines everything an entrepreneur desires for .i.e. Features, practices, modules and functionality that makes an online store a superb place to shop from. This edition has certain features that will make the entrepreneurs choose this edition above all.Solr Search is AvailableThe most important feature of Magento Enterprise Development is it makes the availability of Solr Search which ensures custom search and makes the search process easier for your customer. This avoids the obstacles found during the search process and provides relevant results in the search even if the user enters the keyword closer to the desired word.Secured eCommerce Payments & StoresThis can be a very important benefit of the Magento Enterprise Development. When using this edition, the payments made on the eCommerce store are provided a great level of security. Not only the payments, but the stores of your eCommerce shop are also secure. The Magento Enterprise Edition comes with Payment Card Industry standards that make the store more secure.Re-Indexing is Easier and FasterThe Magento Enterprise Edition offers 80% faster re-indexing when compared to previous editions by Magento open source eCommerce platform. WIth this feature, you can ensure that your online store would be perfectly running and working on its functionality based on the specific requirements made by your business.A Perfectly Managed BackupThe Magento Enterprise Development manages the backup operations on its’ own and with every update, it automatically takes the backup of the recent version of your database. They store the information in such a way that if the updated one is not according to your desire, you can replace it with the older versions.Offers Rollback ServiceExcited about the update? But then realized that the update is not suitable! No worries, when working with magento enterprise development, you can easily get your older data back without affecting the database.Hence, in today’s business trends, the magento enterprise development is a very important concept for the online store owners.

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