Elsner’s New Indian GST Magento 2 Extension: Display GST Pricing Separately

GST, an act that has entirely revolutionized the Indian Taxation System. Known to each and every common man, Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax that was passed in Lok Sabha on 29th March 2017 and came into effect from 1st July 2017.

The GST act has replaced various indirect tax laws previously existing in India. It has many benefits for the customers, but at the retailer level, it is mostly difficult to sagregate the pricing and GST. So, to help out those online retailers, Elsner has come up with a newly developed Magento 2 Extension, .i.e. Indian GST Magento 2 Extension that will help you to display the GST prices separately.

Magento 2 extensions by Elsner are always helpful to the online store owners in one or the other ways. When you have this latest magento extension by Elsner, the admin of your store can easily show the pricing of the products in both the ways, one with GST and other without adding the GST.

With the help of this extension, the admin is allowed to show the GST pricing separately in Cart & Checkout pages. Admin will be given rights to set the GST percentage for his own business. Owning our extension, the admin of your store will be given the following rights.

  • Easily enable/disable the module.
  • Set the minimum price for the GST application on certain products.
  • Set the GST rate.
  • Able to set the business origin so that it can help customers to see the IGST/CGST and SGST.

Has GST made the pricing difficult for your store as well? Download our Magento 2 extension today and make it easy for the admin to display the pricing of your products. Contact Elsner Today!

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