10 Recruitment Process Steps to Follow


The recruitment process is the process which consists of different sub-processes. Thus, to hire new employees, various processes have to be conducted in order to complete the recruitment process stages.Is it really as simple as it seems? Actually, it is not. For establishing an exceptional hiring process, each step should be carried forward with equal efficiency.Hence, before we start a discussion about the 10 recruitment steps, let’s have a look at the definition of a recruitment process.

What is the Recruitment Process?

A recruitment process is an organizational methodology for sourcing, attracting and hiring new talents. Generally, the recruitment process comes under the human resource department. Moreover, for executing the hiring process, a myriad of businesses prefer the third party service.

10 Recruitment Steps to Follow

So, let’s start with the 10 various steps of the recruitment process that should be followed by the recruiter, hiring managers and human resource department.

Step #1: Identify the Hiring Needs

A hiring process commences by identifying the vacant positions of the organization. The need can be a contrast of open positions, managing the team workload and expanding the organizational tasks—the needs of a newly open position.

Step #2: Planning

After identifying the exact need of an open position(technical and non-technical skills), it’s the time to make a plan of how to source the best candidates for the profile. There must be a concrete plan of hiring an employee from start to finish to ensure smooth and seamless recruitment. 

Step #3: Job Description

In a time when there is a labor shortage, generating an appealing job description forms a huge impact in the candidate’s mind.. The job description should be written in the section format. It must consist of job requirements, qualification, experience, skills, special skills and characteristics and so on.

Step #4: Job Advertisement 

After creating a draft of a job description, you need to promote it through various channels to attract the right candidates. There are two ways to promote your job, internal advertising where you have to inform your existing employees about the vacancy. On the other hand, external advertising is all about using social media platforms, job boards and career recruitment websites which allow such listings. 

Step #5: Review the Applications

Now, you need to review all the received applications and scrutinize them in order to find the best candidates. Make a short-list of candidates whose profiles match the job requirements. 

Step #6: Identify the Best Candidates

By the end of the screening process, you will still receive a bunch of candidates. From the long list of candidates, shortlist 5-10 candidates on the basis of different criteria or by conducting the telephonic interview.

Step #7: Interview

Interviewing the candidates is the most vital step of the recruitment process. Technical experts will check skills of the candidate and the human resources manager will check interpersonal skills, communication skills and other organizations skills. Here are some helpful questions to check out for remote interviewing.

Step #8: Background and Reference Check

Once a candidate clears the final round of interviews, conduct a search about his past professional and personal career. A background check will reveal any issues which might jeopardize your organization in the future.  

Step #9: Hiring 

Now, the human resources manager will give an offer letter to the candidate which must be read carefully and signed by the candidate. With it, the candidate also have to submit required documents and certificates to the HR manager. 

Step #10: Onboarding

The hiring process is not ended by hiring the candidate; it also goes further than recruitment. Onboarding means welcoming new employees in a professional way. This step of recruitment helps new employees to understand the vision and mission of a company and also the groundwork.

Final Thought about 10 Recruitment Steps to Follow

The detailed recruitment process is an essential thing to fetch the right human resources in the company. This methodology works best in the interests of the company and it is the standard practice followed by companies. Ensure that you hire the best employees that help you write your business’s growth story.

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