How to Choose a Content Layout for Your WordPress Website Blog


You might have heard that it is essential to focus on SEO, design, and content to achieve success in the digital market. There should be a balance between them to engage the visitors for long intervals and improve the conversion rate effortlessly. If you are considering custom WordPress development, that might be the best way to build a website that will match your requirements and expectations. Questions that you need to ponder before starting to select the content layout are:

  • Are the featured images heavy?
  • Does your blog have in-depth content?
  • Will you add the content frequently on the website?
  • Is the website an e-commerce platform?

The content layout is the real turning point that will attract viewers, so try making it clear, to-the-point, and easily understandable. The two key points to consider while deciding the layout are:Readability: The color and font combination should be rightly decided to display the content clearly, and they do not blur or make it harder to read. Easy Access:Make the layout responsive on different devices, and the clickable elements must be available easily for the visitors. 

Some Content Layout to Make your WooCommerce Website more Effective: 

List Content Layout 

This is a straightforward design template that might be used for blog posts. It includes titles, images, and a brief excerpt about each blog. Advantages of using this style in the WordPress website are:

  • It increases the content readability and provides easy navigation to the people ensuring they scan through the content faster. 
  • Applying this layout on the website makes it mobile-friendly as people prefer vertical navigation on their smartphones. 
  • Freedom to adjust the width of the list, which increases the readability across the devices. 

Simple is often considered the best choice for content layout. You may also hire WordPress developers to look more stylish by working on the featured images, buttons, fonts, and color scheme. 

Grid Content Layout 

This format will display the blogs side-by-side, and it will include featured images within the grid. It has a card-based design where each card has a post title, featured images, and excerpt of the blog. These are gaining popularity in the market because: 

  • You can use the space to display more content as posts will be added in several rows and columns. 
  • An experienced WordPress developer can add a custom background with unique shadows and color in the card-based design. 

This style might be complicated as you need to handle horizontal blog posts. Ensure that you don’t clutter the display, which may increase bounce rates as users will face difficulty navigating the website and getting access to the blog posts. 

Full Page Content Layout

This style will display the blog posts on the entire page of the website. As this style occupies the web page’s whole width, it will include larger featured images and text, which means increased readability. The benefits of using this style for the blog are:

  • This will be a great choice for personal and travel blogs 
  • Clear and easy navigation on the website 
  • It gives freedom to add fancy styles in the text
  • Featured images are more engaging on a large scale

The blog content will be easily accessible as it has an entire page to display the data. 

Masonry Content Layout

This is a unique layout that adds the grid boxes with different sizes in the same layout. This gives a better chance to engage the audience as it gives a more convenient method to display the content. Some reasons that this style is recommended are:

  • It enables the users to highlight the posts that will have higher chances of gaining users’ attention. 
  • The visual of the content is compelling, and developers have the freedom to use high-quality featured images to grab visitor’s attention. 

The major drawback of this content layout is that it does not allow to add excerpts of the post in some cases. This means that you need to

hire WordPress developers to make strong images and titles that will be convincing to the audience. There are grid plugins that help in supporting the carousels and regular grid. 

Let us Give you Few Tips to Select the Perfect Layout for the Blog Posts: 

Decide if you want a free or paid WordPress theme as it has both paid and free themes designed by experts, including the best features and themes. This helps in adjusting the website’s budget, and you can easily start with the free version and upgrade to premium later as per requirements. 

Decide your Blog Target

Be clear with the content’s objective as it will be making a huge impact on the chosen WordPress layout

Make a List of Features

This includes the blog post elements to get a clear idea about the best layout that matches this requirement. The basic features of this layout are:

  • E-commerce compatibility 
  • Social media Icons 
  • Custom fonts and colors 
  • Multiple layout options 
  • Comment or review section 

Simple is Best

Don’t make the content layout too loud with tons of features, animations, colors, and fancy text. Make the website design simple as it increases the accessibility and provides users the ease to navigate. If you stuff the content, it will create confusion, which might lead to higher bounce rates. 


The layout must be adjustable to different screen sizes and devices to make it user-friendly. This is essential to match the search engine’s expectations and gain higher rankings on SERPs. Work on improving the response time of the web pages, which should be less than 3 seconds. 

Browser Compatibility

This will help in targeting more audiences as users will be accessing the platform from different browsers. WordPress layout is generally compatible with the browsers, but there are chances some tools or extensions might not support it. 


We have covered all the essential segments required to make the final decision about the content layout. Focus on the

custom WordPress development, which will help update the layout as per the trends and business requirements. The content layout must be updated, engaging, and interactive to increase the chances of gaining potential viewers.

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