Top 5 best tips to make your Woocommerce website more effective and premium!


WooCommerce development is a well-known thing for all the users of WordPress, as it is one of the most efficacious open-source plugins that allows anyone to run their stores online without any hassle. Running a store using the WooCommerce platform is a hassle-free operation and does not need to apply any rocket science. So, you don’t need any developer to maintain your stores with this.

The most thrilling thing about this platform is that anyone can have explicit management over the stores with the help of an Application compatible with both the IOS & Android. The ‘Payment method’, is one of the most looked factors by the customers while shopping through the E-Commerce website online. And hence it is dedicated to providing the most versatile payment methods to the users. Besides the payment method, it also allows the owners to design their stores to have an aesthetic feature.

Since WooCommerce is open-source, it is free of cost. But, if you want to add an extension to make your store look more professional and premium then, there are even options for that. So, I should say WooCommerce is a very reliable, effective, and versatile platform for running any type of online store.

But, at the same time, you might require some efforts manually to give perfection to your WooCommerce website development. Therefore, we are presenting some of the easiest tips that you can follow to make your website more effective and premium.

1. Implement flat navigation for your website:

Everyone prefers a straight forward person with a pinpoint motive, so does apply to the E-Commerce website. Don’t beat around the bush using unnecessary content that is only going to confuse your customers. Create precise content for the menu so that your customers will not have any difficulty in tracing the required products. Highlight first only those products which are most popular in your store and also mostly searched by the people in the search engine. So that it can act as a perfect fit for better SEO of your website. Let’s take an example: Suppose if your store is best or selling quality men’s clothing then, always highlight those pages in the first place.

2. Augment live search options:

You might be running a Grocery store, and since it is a grocery store there will be a bunch of products starting from small-big. And creating a separate page for each one of them could be hectic and impossible. So, always augment a search section on your WooCommerce website development. In this way your customers can easily search for the products they want, it can make your website very reliable to your visitors.

Let’s take some examples to have a more detailed grasp of this feature: If your customers are searching for a laptop in the search section, some recommendations will pop up which can be appealing to them or simply it will take them to the ultimate page for laptop. And in this way, they can have minimal time to waste in going around the pages for getting their desired products.

3. Make your website user-friendly:

Making the website user-friendly

just can’t be avoided, mostly when you are running an Ecommerce website. So, when your WooCommerce Development is still in the process, you must take note of this sincerely.

When I say making the website user-friendly, it sums a lot of factors. They can be the speed of the website, device screen compatibility, readability, etc. Who wants a slow website? I believe no one would suggest that. So, you should try to customize your website to a fast loading website. Another great option is opting for a WooCommerce website builder, like Elementor. Used by millions of web designers and online store owners, Elementor can be leveraged to create a super user-friendly WordPress-based store, without having to write a single line of code.

You can attain it in many ways, but the simplest way to do so is, to use well-compressed pictures or videos for any products when you upload them to your website. And at the same time, you should also edit your website to be compatible with the screen of many devices like the Tablet, computer, Smartphone’s. If your website is not well customized to be fit for viewing it in phones then, the viewers viewing it using their Smartphones will have the most irritable experiences, and chances of getting a higher bounce rate for your website. So, make sure that you take this little thing seriously if you want your website to gain reputation and Authority.

4. Expose your website reviews to everyone:

You see, whenever anyone tends to buy from your website it is obvious that he/she is going to do proper product research on your website reviews. And is they found out that your website review is disabled it could create negative vibes on them? So, always keep the reviews viewing options open for everyone. Let them have a broad mind about your website, by knowing all the good and bad features about your website.

5. Make authentic and legit product descriptions:

100 percent of your website visitors are going to have a deep look at the product descriptions, as it tells them about the products. So, don’t use extra high sounding technical words, but instead, write as authentic and simple as possible products descriptions. In this way, your customers can have an explicit exposure to your products, and more chances of purchasing it. If you are running an electronics store, always make the technical words easily understandable by any normal person. And when it comes to clothing, provide the most precise size, colors, and quality parameters.


It is estimated that the maximum of visitors comes from Mobile Phone users. So, don’t neglect the simple yet important factor that is making a user-friendly website. And adding a paid extension could a plus point if you want to make your website global and genuine, as it comes with a bunch of useful tools and features for your WooCommerce website development.

But, when you are doing WooCommerce development, if you implement all the above mentioned 5 factors sincerely as a part of your strategy then, we can assure you that you can have an effective and premium WooCommerce website.

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