Zoho Bigin – An Effective CRM Solution for Small Business in 2024

Zoho Bigin

Have you ever imagined how a single hour can make the difference between securing the deal with a hot lead and losing it forever? When you are a small business owner, it becomes imperative for you to build the trust of customers, which is possible by leveraging an efficient Zoho Bigin CRM platform. 

So, if your current CRM fails to help you reach out to your prospective customers, then it is high time to replace it. One such fantastic option that you can choose includes Zoho Bigin, which is primarily targeted towards small business owners like yours. It offers access to all customer relationship data in a seamless platform, allowing you to close deals quickly and confidently. In this blog post, we will discuss Zoho Bigin in detail. So, let’s have a look:

What is Zoho Bigin?

Zoho Bigin is referred to as a pipeline-centric CRM that is powered by Zoho CRM. It is developed and priced by keeping the unique requirements of small businesses in mind. This CRM is especially designed for making your customer-centric operations more effective.

Small businesses are known to possess restricted resources, and for this reason, they need to juggle a wide diversity of business activities. So, as a small business owner, it becomes crucial for you to rely on different software tools, which include Spreadsheets, Help Desk, CRMs, and Project Management apps. By choosing an efficient CRM like Zoho Bigin, you can engage with leads, organise contacts, manage pipelines and analyse where you are failing or succeeding.

What are the Key Features of Zoho Bigin?

Here are discussed the notable features of Zoho Bigin that one should be well aware of:

  • Bigin lets you engage with leads in many different ways. With access to Webforms, Twitter, email and built-in telephony features, you get the flexibility to connect with your leads in a way that is comfortable for both you and them. You can make use of Bigin’s customisable Webform components for capturing leads. It also helps convert high-intent site visitors into contacts.
  • Once you have a few leads, you can try connecting your business email to Bigin. It is considered an outstanding means by which you can send mass emails to your customers. Thereby, it helps in saving time with email templates and signatures. You would also be able to view insights and reporting.
  • Bigin again offers you access to Twitter, which lets you get a complete history of your contacts’ likes, follows and tweets. You do not have to leave your CRM system for replying to their tweets. So, it helps in ensuring that the conversation keeps on going.
  • Any CRM platform should necessarily feature a visible pipeline. Bigin also comes with effective pipeline management tools that allow you to view every information about your deals at a glance. Not only that but by using this, you can efficiently manage individual deal pipelines for various processes in your day-to-day sales cycle.

It also allows you to tailor data with the addition of smart filters, which assist you in finding out what you require quickly. Again, this feature helps you maintain a clear overview of certain activities, including calls, tasks and events.

Some other features of Zoho Bigin typically incorporate the following:

  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Custom roles and profiles
  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Task workflows and automation
  • Industry-specific templates
  • Real-time notifications, along with sales signals
  • Integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces

Zoho CRM vs Zoho Bigin: What are the Key Differences?

Zoho Bigin Advantages

Are you confused between Zoho CRM and Zoho Bigin and unsure which one to choose for your business? If yes, then it becomes essential to get an understanding of the distinctions existing between these. Well, we will have a look at some of the most common differences in this section. So, let’s dive in:

  • Price: You can get access to most of the features that Zoho CRM is involved in offering, but at a relatively cheaper price. Zoho CRM Standard is priced at $14 and is billed annually. On the other hand, Bigin Premier will cost you $12 on an annual basis.
  • Features: When compared to Bigin Premier, Zoho CRM may have access to additional features. Zoho CRM software solutions can effectively cater to your unique requirements if marketing campaigns, sales forecasting or lead scoring are the things you are concerned about. You can call Bigin the “lite” version of the Zoho CRM, which means that, in this case, you will get access to most of the features but not all.


However, if you are concerned about the storage, then you can choose any of the options between Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM for small business. It is because both of these options offer 1 GB of storage, which you can use freely.

If you are a brand-new business owner looking forward to getting established and attracting new customers, you can leverage Bigin to get started. But, for those business owners who are already established and wish to grow their businesses further, you can use the Zoho CRM. If you are still confused about this, all that you can do is reach out to a professional Zoho CRM developer.

How can Small Businesses Reap Advantages from Employing Bigin?

Small businesses operate on constrained resources, so it is essential to make the best use of these. You would be able to ensure this by using Bigin. It possesses a simple user interface and robust tools that allow you to execute complicated business activities efficiently in the exact way you want.

Here, are discussed the significant benefits that small business owners can reap from this CRM. Read this thoroughly before you choose Zoho development services:

Helps in Effectively Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Zoho Bigin facilitates the management of your sales pipeline much better, which has proved incredibly helpful for small business owners. The sales pipeline typically involves a set of stages that the prospects are likely to undergo before they turn into your customers.

These are known for offering a visual representation of your business opportunities, which allows you to assess and manage your business process effectively. Without a robust pipeline, you would fail to make a deal with your customers. So, having an efficient pipeline in place is highly important to ensure the success of your business.

Caters the Need for Multiple Pipelines

Homogeneous pipelines are not considered to be suitable for small businesses that tend to have multiple business operations. For instance, a small business owner might be required to carry out certain activities, often requiring a small team to handle these. Here are some activities below:

  • Following up with prospects
  • Onboarding new customers
  • Issuing refunds
  • Addressing customer tickets
  • Amassing testimonials from happy and satisfied customers

So, in this case, a single pipeline is not that effective. It is where the role of Team Pipelines comes into play. It means that whenever you choose Zoho Bigin, you can get access to dedicated pipelines, which allows you to carry out different business processes efficiently. Along with that, you can customise them with pipeline-specific fields, stages, record types, and profile permissions.

Facilitates Automation of Your Business Processes

Irrespective of the business you are associated with, there are certain activities that require to be executed in a repeated fashion. Some of these include following up with a customer, assigning the salesperson follow-up tasks, and notifying the sales manager whenever any new contact is added. Although these tasks might look to be straightforward, carrying out them repeatedly can turn out to be a hectic task.

There is a high chance for you to forget some of these, which could ultimately create trouble for you. It is where automating these tasks can prove to be incredibly effective. Zoho Bigin facilitates the automation of your business processes so you no longer miss out on repetitive activities or tasks.

Captures Website Visitors as Contacts

Another significant part about employing Zoho Bigin is that it helps capture website visitors as contacts. Your customers are likely to know about your products through your website. Bigin lets you craft web forms and embed them on your site. As a result, genuinely interested customers can submit their details and be captured as contacts in your account.

Comes with an Easy Customisation Option

You would be able to customise your Bigin account easily. So, you can select what you want to see and how you would like to view it. You can even incorporate custom fields into your modules and see the data in many different ways. 

Helps in Creating Activities

As a small business owner, you must carry out many activities related to your business. Another important thing you should do involves keeping track of all these activities. In the case of Bigin, you will find that calls, events and tasks are all grouped as activities.

You can easily create a follow-up task and assign it to a sales representative, add call details with your customer, including purpose, duration of the call, and the outcome. Also, you can schedule an event if your customers wish to have an on-site demo. You can do all of these in the activities modules of your Bigin account.

Allows You to Stay Connected Across Channels

Due to advancements in technology, there are many different ways in which customers can get in touch with you. It includes phone calls, Twitter, email and support tickets. So, it typically requires switching between various applications, which helps get things done.

Bigin is known for consolidating all these elements into a single window that effectively allows you to manage every single aspect from a centralised location. All you need to do is open the details page of the record and view all the interactions between you and your customers. It also helps you receive notifications whenever someone tags you on Twitter, makes calls and replies to support tickets within a single and streamlined interface.

Protects Your Sensitive Business Information or Data

As all your data remains in one place, and so, it becomes crucial to safeguard sensitive data. In any business, limiting access to your organisation’s data to specific users often becomes essential. You would be able to effectively address this concern whenever you make use of Zoho Bigin.

It is known for offering a solution to this through “Profiles” and “Roles”. Each organisation is involved in following a hierarchy system based on roles like sales representative, manager, CEO, etc. For example, a sales representative may need a different data assessment than a manager or the CEO. It is possible to define this access by making use of Profiles.

Final Verdict

All in all, Zoho Bigin emerges as a dynamic solution for small businesses looking to elevate their customer relationship management. With its solid tools and user-friendly interface, companies can tailor processes, manage sales pipelines and automate repetitive tasks.

So, choosing Zoho for small business is a great decision to cater to your distinct business requirements. To learn more, all you need is to reach out to professional Zoho Bigin experts at Elsner. These professionals are highly qualified to assist you in the best possible manner.

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